Readers' Hotline 5/8/13

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Prison level?
Regarding the person who wanted to know what the security level of the new Grayson prison is, at the open house, we were told it was level four.
Editor’s note: According to the Ben Wright, warden of the River North Correctional Center, meetings are still being held and the exact level has not been determined. The facility has always been characterized as a medium-security prison. We are waiting to hear directly from the Virginia Department of Corrections regarding your question.

Look in the mirror
I just watched some commercials about sending donations to help animals from being mistreated and killed. That’s all well and good, but who speaks for the children that are aborted every day? This is nothing but murder. I don’t understand how a nation can call itself a believer in God and let something like that go on. Think about it when you go to bed tonight. Then, in the morning, you ask who’s behind it and you look in the mirror and see taxpayers' money has been paying for it. God have mercy on us.

Stay involved
I totally agree with the person who suggested that the family go each day to check on loved ones in a nursing home. I have a family member at a nursing home and have found the nurses and CNAs do a great job. The problem is the lack of personnel to properly care for everyone. They do the best they can. Often they have to work double shifts because someone calls out. Working two shifts is tiring, but if they don’t do it, then their job is in peril. Some of the residents are not able to ask for something, so it is important for family to be involved and request the needed care. I could write a book on what I have observed over the past year. If you have a complaint, I suggest you get the ombudsman involved. Patients have rights.

Still around
The person that called in about the bread store being gone, then the editor said the Flowers store, that is the one that moved out to DMV. The old Flowers building [on Meadow Street in Galax] is now a produce stand. I just wanted to let the readers know that.

Get a grip
I’m calling about the $1.4 million shortfall Grayson County has. Maybe the county administrator could get rid of his helper and then his helper get rid of his helper to create a little more revenue for our county. They need to get a grip and maybe they can find the money — the excess money they had last year and didn’t know about and happened to find.

Successful benefit
Blessed, blessed, blessed. Thanks to all who left donations at Asbury Church on Glendale Road and also for making the benefit yard sale last weekend such a success. Thank you, everyone.

Find some savings
I would like to put in my opinion about stuff going on at the schools. This afterschool program seems to be a waste. They have more people working in it than looks like is needed. The buses have to run. That would be one way we could help the deficit we have in the county. Another way was to quit running all these buses up and down the road with no kids in it. Get smaller buses. Consolidate a little bit. Learn to save. We don’t need a teacher for every little sniff and every little snuff we have. I would like the kids to be educated well, but can we not consolidate some stuff and save some money instead of raising taxes? Our taxes are so high right now they are hard to pay and I would just like to help everybody in the county.

Necklace for Mongo
Mongo love Hotline. Me get good ideas from Hotline. Me going to tie Twinkie round Mongo’s neck so maybe me won’t kill Twinkies eating them night and day. Up to 400 pounds. Now, Hotline callers, please tell Mongo how to tie Twinkie round Mongo’s neck. Me love Hotline.

Elder abuse?
It is a shame that they would put in the paper that someone has been caught drinking and swearing, but they would not do anything to [someone] for beating up on an elderly woman. I am so mad about this. I just don’t know who to talk to. You call the police and they just keep putting you off and putting you off. Yet, this [person] is getting by with it. The next person might not be so lucky.

Striking out
Teens must have an issue with walkers and canes, all caused by a drunken driver years ago. You young guys go by whistling and think you are being cute. I have some good-looking granddaughters that I will tell them who you are because I have your tag number. I will tell them not to go out with guys like you. Just saying.

I am very disappointed in The Gazette. In January, in an editor’s note in the Hotline, you stated that the paper would be doing articles to answer the questions of what is the debt of Carroll County, how many employees does the county have, how much money has been spent on economic development (i.e., Exit 14). In the article you did, you did not expand on the budget increase of 17 percent, with the levy going from 59.5 cents to 68 cents. You continue to run stories on expected company location announcements with no follow up when those announcements never come to fruition. It is obvious that the Carroll County Board of Supervisors does nothing with the budget other than figure out how much to raise the tax rate to keep the status quo and the paper does the absolute minimum in reporting on those board actions.
Editor’s note: As we recall, The Gazette said it would report further on aspects of the reassessment, which caused what Carroll County officials have described as a “revenue neutral” change in the tax levy afterwards.