Readers' Hotline 5/7/12

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Veterans honored
I’m calling to thank The Gazette for publishing photographs of Carroll County Confederate veterans of the War Between the States. Thank you for reminding us that April is Confederate History Month in this Commonwealth of Virginia.
Editor’s note: You’re welcome. Our “Civil War Profiles” feature has proven to be quite popular, thanks to our partnership with the Jeff Matthews Museum in Galax. We will continue to feature these photos, though not in every issue as we did during April.

Doing a fine job
I am calling about the “needs fixing” call. I have been on Fries Town Council for many years until I left the town. The young men that work for the town are doing a great job. You don’t realize how many times this little thing has been fixed on Grayson Street. You are really blessed to have these two guys to work for the town. They are very knowledgeable. I would put them up against an engineer. They will do anything at any time for anyone. These guys work very hard. Instead of downing these guys, why don’t you jump in the truck one morning and say, “Hey, how can I help?” That would be the thing to do.

Learn from history
Does anybody remember how Hitler came to power in German during the 1930s? Times were extremely hard. Jobs were very scarce and people were hurting. Though Hitler found somebody to blame – people who had dark skin, people who had different religion. He taught the other Germans it was okay to hate. Then he made promises – shoes for the workers’ children, a good car that people could afford. That was the Volkswagen. And a good road to drive on. That road was the Autobahn, a huge highway he used for transporting troops and military supplies. People didn’t care much for the Jews in Germany. They tended to keep to themselves. When Jews and gypsies and Roman Catholics and political dissenters started disappearing into Hitler’s concentration camps, nobody spoke up until it was too late. We may still have veterans in Grayson County who remember World War II and the horror of Hitler’s camps. I remember the photographs in Life magazine – naked bodies stacked like cord wood ready to burn. Now, we have four hate groups in Southwest Virginia. Think twice before you vote for anyone who endorses hate for another race or creed or color.

Thankful for parks
I’m calling to commend the City of Galax on how wonderful the Felts Park area looks and the recreation center. I think as a city we should all be thankful for all the hard work that goes in to keeping it looking beautiful for all our children to enjoy. Thank you city, we really appreciate you.

Keeping us safe
I’d just like to comment on our law enforcement in Galax, Carroll, Grayson. Everyone calls in and says they are not doing enough and need to do this and that. I, for one, think they do a great job. It’s a dangerous job and I’d just like to thank them for helping keep us safe and just say a big thank you to them.

Landscaping love
I travel Glendale Road several times a week and when I go by the Consolidated Glass plant, it is a beautiful plant and I would just like to comment on whoever does the ground work and the mowing does a wonderful job.

A few days ago I went to the Woodlawn Post Office to mail a package. The young lady was so kind and helpful. As I was driving home, I felt so uplifted by her kindness and I realize the people of this area are blessed to have these friendly and helpful employees.

Trim the fat
The cuts that Obama is cutting from Medicare is only the wasteful spending and getting rid of that so we can have more of the free tests for seniors that has really been good and helped a lot of us out, including myself.

Bear in the woods
If I was the Virginia State Police I would be so ashamed of myself. They have to get in a church parking lot and hide behind a tree to try to catch somebody in a 35-mile zone speeding. I think you need to be doing something else besides parking in a church parking lot. Get a life, out of Virginia.

Thanks for meal
I would like to thank Mount Olivet Church for the wonderful spaghetti dinner that those of us that live here at Harmony Village received this afternoon. We really appreciate them thinking of us and thanks also to Norma and Norris for going and getting them and bringing them back to us.

Need diversity
Let’s face it. I guess all we want in this country is white men for president. If your face isn’t white, I guess you can’t do the job. Just look at the mess the men have put us in in this country. Great. Let’s have more of the same. Take away the rest of our jobs and now they want to make the Bush tax cuts for the rich permanent. And don’t even get me started on what they are doing to the U.S. Postal Service since 2005. It’s a sin.
Editor’s note: Well, there hasn’t been a woman president yet, but you are aware of who won the 2008 election, right?

Working for Fries
I recently heard about how hard a certain councilman and his wife had worked for the Town of Fries. I want to say thank you to them and let them know their efforts are appreciated. I also want to remind citizens that some of the hard work that the old guard has put in over the years, they have donated endless hours on your behalf on issues like sewage being dumped in the New River, getting Fries School reopened, getting a cell tower and many other things that didn’t necessarily make the newspaper. One councilwoman even purchased a dump truck for the town. Some have criticized them and called them inactive and unable to resolve issues but let me assure you, if that were the case, the Town of Fries would have ceased to exist years ago. I personally want to thank them for their efforts and for serving through some of the toughest challenges this town has ever had to face.

Oh no, APCo
Well, Appalachian Power is getting ready to blow some more smoke up our butts. People, wake up. We’ve had one of the mildest winters on record. Every one of these fuel generating factors needs to be checked. My gosh, they ought to have coal piled up everywhere around these daggone energy plants.

Power struggle
Just received Friday’s Gazette and read about Appalachian Power wanting another raise. Who do they think they are? Us senior citizens didn’t get a raise but every three years and then we didn’t know we got it. Other things went up – groceries, gas, you name it. I think we would be better off to just move to Glendale Apartments where we didn’t have taxes and the rent is real cheap.

Way to go!
Congratulation goes to sports editor Craig Worrell for his Virginia Press Association award. His unbiased, excellent reporting deserves praise. How about those action photos?

Falling behind
I’m calling in regard to the Grayson County deficit and the budget gap. I wonder if the people run their home finances like they do Grayson County? What a joke.

Standing up
I would like to recognize Rev. Ernie Smith and Sheriff Richard Vaughan for standing against selling beer and wine on Sundays, as well as the supervisors that voted against the law. Rev. Smith stood for what is right but I would like to know where the other ministers of Grayson County were.
Editor’s note: Despite Smith and Vaughan’s objections, the Grayson County Board of Supervisors voted to allow the sale of beer and wine on Sundays, ending a ban that lasted more than 70 years.