Readers' Hotline 5/4/11

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Four eyeballs
I was calling about that “standing by” article in the Hotline, about two policemen watching the creek rising from about 100 yards apart. Well, they say two sets of eyes can see things differently and they had two sets of eyes. Maybe they saw the creek rise differently.

Can’t hear it
Talking about someone that you like singing on the Internet, you can hear that. My two sons-in-law are truck drivers. They can’t listen on the Internet.

This is “gluttony” again. Clearly, you completely misunderstood my whole comment. It wasn’t about being thin vs. fat. It was about overeating and overweight being a sin. You totally defended your fat instead of realizing a problem. If the alcoholic came to you would you give him another drink? Yet, you keep eating the second slice of cake. God did not bless you to be fat. You did that to yourself. You can try to justify it any way you want but the truth is the truth. Wake up. I am not judging anyone. Just asking you to realize the same people you condemn have addictions – overeating is an addiction. It is called gluttony. Addiction is a sin, being it food, alcohol or drugs. Before you put another bite in your mouth, ask yourself: what would Jesus eat?

Giveth and taketh away
This is referring to teachers lobbying for full funding in Grayson County. I understand that the teachers and staff have not received a raise. And, you know what, that is understandable because neither has anybody else in America received a pay raise. Why should we, who live in Grayson County, be able to give teachers pay raises? I am a teacher and I also pay Grayson County taxes. Can you tell me what the difference is? Getting a 3 percent raise but they go up on our taxes 9.5 percent to be able to afford to give you 3 percent? If you live in Grayson County you should be waking up and looking at the factors. Paying more taxes vs. a 3 percent raise.

Burdening people
Just read about Grayson schools needing more money for school upgrades and teachers’ pay. All of the items mentioned need to be considered. Our schools are embarrassing for how outdated they are. I feel bad for the staff, teachers as well as the students of all the schools. Sometimes we forget that our students’ education is what it’s all about. They deserve a good educational environment and teachers and staff deserve a respectable place of employment. However, I do not agree that county taxes should be raised. People’s homes and land that are not used to produce income like tree farmers, cattle businesses, etc., do not deserve any higher taxes. Income-producing land should pay taxes based on the owner’s tree sales or cattle sales turned in for income tax purposes. Why not add or increase the food tax to help raise funds for schools? Eating out is not a necessity like having a roof over your head. If you don’t want to pay more taxes, don’t eat out. Out-of-state or out-of-county people would help support our schools with the food tax. Many teachers from surrounding areas work in our school system. We sure support Galax and Carroll revenue each and every time we eat or shop at one of these places. Get some industry in Grayson County, which would help with the revenue in our county. Open the prison. Wake up. Quit putting all the burden on the people by always stating you are going to raise our taxes.

Up for debate
The Bible says that God created the Earth in six days and rested on the Sabbath. He didn’t say what the Sabbath was. It could have been a Monday. It could have been a Tuesday. It could have been a Wednesday. Doesn’t say exactly what day it was, just that he rested on the Sabbath. Somebody needs to get their facts straight. It just says rest on the Sabbath.

Not in the schools
After reading the Hotline item, “another opinion,” I have to agree with the person that called that in. That is the reason I am against having any kind of religion in schools. There are too many different kinds. Let me teach my children at home and in my church. Don’t let other people teach my kids something I do not want and do not believe in. Let’s keep the schools out of it and the nuts out of it and let us teach kids at home and out of school and in church and leave it that way.

Fulfilling a pledge?
Well, it looks like our new congressman, Morgan Griffith, voted to do away with Medicare and Medicaid and reduce Social Security benefits, while at the same time giving additional tax benefits to millionaires and multi-national corporations. Mr. Griffith represents a district comprised of many seniors, soon to be seniors and the working poor. Mr. Griffith is not representing this area but is in fact an agent for the wealthy and big business. I will be the first to agree that we must live within our means, but to ride the backs of seniors, the poor and the handicapped in order to fulfill a political pledge or political philosophy is un-American and perhaps even immoral. Mr. Griffith needs to rethink his vote.
Editor’s note: The GOP plan supported by Rep. Griffith would revamp Medicare and Medicaid, not do away with it. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan proposes cutting spending by $6 trillion over a decade in part by privatizing Medicare and capping Medicaid spending. It preserves existing Medicare benefits for those currently enrolled or becoming eligible in the next 10 years (those 55 and older today). As those now younger than 55 become Medicare-eligible, it would create a Medicare payment initially averaging $11,000, to be used to purchase a Medicare certified plan. The payment is adjusted to reflect medical inflation, and pegged to income, with low-income individuals receiving greater support. The proposal preserves the Social Security program for those now 55 or older. Younger workers would have the option to invest more than one-third of their current Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts. Provisions call for such assets to pass to heirs and guarantee that individuals will not lose any money contributed. These proposals passed on the House side but have not come before a vote in the Senate.

Use a spittoon
What’s this world coming to? Are we going to have to go back to the old Western times and provide spittoons for this nasty, disgusting habit of chewing tobacco? I got out of my car in one of our local shopping centers this past week and I stepped in a nasty, disgusting pile of spit out chew on the ground. If they are going to have this nasty habit, then provide something to put it in and carry something. This is a nasty, disgusting habit and I have had so many different nasty encounters over the last year with this habit. I have had it fall out on my pants while emptying trash cans at a former job and now I have stepped in it in a parking lot because somebody was rude and nasty and had to spit it out on the ground. When I got out of my car, there it was and I did not see it. Please spit in a bottle if you are going to do it.