Readers' Hotline 5/30/12

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On the wide road
This is to who answers, “seeking votes.” Obama is not fit to be president. Anybody who would vote for two gay people to get married, that makes me sick. I was watching TV the night, he said he was for it. If he does get it again, they are on the wide road and you know what that proves. They need to get their Bible out and get on the narrow road.

Cat concerns
This is for the church-going person on Frazier Road who enjoys killing cats. The Lord is not done with you yet.

Wants the best
I am calling concerning Supervisor Bob Martin. He has worked here in Carroll County for a long time and has been an excellent educator and a fine representative for us. I feel like he has the citizens of Carroll County and our best interests. He is a good Christian person who cares about all his former students and all the people of Carroll County.

Going too far
Pay attention. Should we be voting for Obama when he never was required to prove his birth citizenship? He and Congress aren’t supposed to be making laws beyond the powers given to it by the U.S. Constitution. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid did that — threatened people to vote for Obamacare. We should be able to make our own decisions about healthcare and government.

Charging for air
I was trying to fill up an air tank. I spent $2.25 and still didn’t get but 60 to 65 pounds of pressure. It is ridiculous. They are charging us now for air? I’m disabled and the way everything is being taxed and everything, [the business] is pretty lucky to have somebody come in and use their services. I think we ought to charge them.

In sheep’s clothing
Mind made up Democrat because you have been a Democrat for a long time. Just remember, you will get people that are dressed in sheep’s clothing but they are wolves. If you vote for Mitt Romney, you may get another wolf, too. Good luck to you.

Asking too much
I went with my brother in Alleghany County, N.C., to some property there that we own. We went and got an application to drill a well. On that application, which I thought was pretty stupid, you had to draw a picture of the house and a picture of any outbuildings.

Sooner than later
If the budget plan by Rep. Paul Ryan goes through, people will die sooner rather than later. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? God, our creator, does not make mistakes and he does not make garbage. We are all God’s children, straight or otherwise.
Editor’s note: You might make your point better about legislation if you offered specifics to back it up. This applies to any caller.

Math explained
This is in reference to bad math. You misquoted me. I said Crowder won by 30 votes, not 40. With that error, my math would have been incorrect.
Editor’s note: The “bad math” headline on that call was referring to those who said Crowder won by more than 30 percent of the vote, which is not true. It didn’t refer to your statement about how many votes he actually won by. Whether he won by 30 or 40 votes, that is still far less than the 30 percent claim.

Good chow
I want to send a praise out to the Walmart deli department. I ordered a chicken tray and they did it up really good. I had to get some other things. Even though sometimes the wait is a little long, their food is always good and I always get a smile after my service.

Encouraged to vote
I would like to respond to the person who called about equal time for Congressman Morgan Griffith coming to Carroll County High School. It is a political forum but he is doing a town hall for his constituents. Morgan Griffith is doing a great job as our congressman and the caller needs to realize that those kids will vote in this next election and they should vote for Morgan Griffith.

Read closely
This is in reference to “can’t have it all.” He or she said after your wife dies you can’t get married anymore because then they will be all partners. If you read that real close, it says the husband of one wife. If your wife dies, you marry one woman, then you would be her husband. Read it good and before you call in, have knowledge of your Bible.

Solutions offered
Sounds to me like the person was talking about the bumpy carts in the big box stores in our community. I have also noticed those bumpy carts… You think they would do a little blacktopping and create a few local jobs and eliminate that roller coaster ride through the parking lot… Also, the fellow in Fries talking about the grassy bank, maybe he could volunteer and mow that from time to time. Volunteering isn’t a bad thing.

Great rodeo
Way to go, Carroll County rescue squads. You all put on a great rodeo and family entertainment [the annual Bullarama in Galax’s Felts Park]. I had a son that rode one of the bulls and I especially want to thank the rodeo bullfighters for protecting the boys that have enough nerve to get out there to risk their lives to save somebody. Keep up the good work.