Readers' Hotline 5/30/11

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Gumming up the works
To my co-worker who chews gum like she is trying to kill it with her teeth, please stop. Besides being rude and disgusting, you are difficult to understand, especially while talking on the phone. Maybe you don’t know any better but I think you do it intentionally because you know it is irritating. Either way, you look and sound like a fool.

Round them up
Someone please tell the candidates in Carroll County the election is over. Get their signs down.

Washing away
I was driving around and going up by the school and it looks like something is washing away. These people on Circle Drive are washing their driveways down their street. Where the roads have been patched and all that — it is just mud and gravels and it looks bad. Some of the patching is black topped and it is washed away. They need to check that out and do something about it.

Come as you are
Jesus wants all people to come to him as they are. Any church should open their doors and hope anybody living any kind of lifestyle would come in. Because, when God takes hold of their lives, regardless of what’s in it, He changes their heart and they become a Christian. They start living the way they should. It’s hurtful to read that somebody would turn people away. Regardless of how they are living, Jesus wants everyone to come to Him. Hell was not made for any person on this earth. It was made for the devil and his angels. They shouldn’t worry about people’s sin, because the Lord will deal with their heart.

Unheard of
Grayson County residents in the eastern part of the county should be alarmed that some in the western part of the county want to have high school classes as Grayson Highlands with the current budget crisis in the county. Not only is this a waste of taxpayer money, it is unfair to families in the other part of the county who have to travel just as far and who do not have the luxury of high school classes with only five students.
Editor’s note: This call was received prior to the May 26 vote by the Grayson County School Board to eliminate high school course offerings at Grayson Highlands School.

I think it is actually against the law for a person to sell strawberries without a license or permit. But you also have about 85 percent of the government motor trucks made by General Motors, which we own approximately 60 percent of, running up and down the streets of Galax with one running-light or one headlight out and the officers ignore me and others as if we were ok, and we are breaking the law, also. So, why the free justice?

Stand up for us
A previous caller is spot-on about Rep. Morgan Griffith looking out for people in his district. Did he fight to keep the Veterans Clinic in Hillsville? Did he fight for FEMA funds for the tornado victims in Glade Spring? What has he done for us? My opinion is that there is not a better example of someone in the back pocket of big corporations. Next time, vote in someone that will stand up for us and not just be looking out for the big business people.
Editor’s note: The caller made several blanket allegations, some of which were deleted because they were not backed up with specific votes by the congressman. The Hillsville veterans’ clinic would eventually become obsolete with groundbreaking last year for a new clinic facility in Wytheville. Rep. Griffith’s predecessor worked on behalf of the replacement clinic that was seen as a positive for the region, and for which construction was well underway when Griffith took office in January. As for the FEMA decision, Rep. Griffith issued the following statement May 17: “I am pleased that Gov. McDonnell has announced his intent to appeal FEMA’s decision… We must get these folks the disaster relief they need and continue rebuilding. When the appeal reaches the President and FEMA, I strongly urge them to reverse their initial denial.” As for his relationship with “big business,” the caller may be unaware that on May 23, Rep. Griffith wrote to the State Corporation Commission to oppose Appalachian Power Company’s rate increase requests.

Qualifications matter
I agree with the Hotline caller about people that are trying to run for office. We need people to run for supervisor that are qualified and have a background that can help the county get back on their feet. We need someone to run for treasurer that is qualified and can keep up with accounting in the office and our money. And, we need someone for commissioner of revenue that is qualified. There are much-qualified people in Grayson County that could easily help us. We need all new offices filled. Let’s get good, qualified people to run for these offices.
Dyed burgers
Whoever called in the “hamburger scandal” comment, I agree with them 10,000 percent. I don’t care where you go shopping —Independence, Galax, Hillsville, Sparta — you go to buy meat and any burger is tasteless and tough. If you buy solid beef like a roast, better put it in the parking lot and run your car over it about six times to tenderize it. The ground beef they sell around here, there is nothing to it. I bought some ground beef the other day and when I got home and opened it up, red dye ran out of it. I’m not blowing smoke.

Science lesson
We have wars going on all over the world — people fighting each other and most don’t even know what they are fighting about. And, we are sending these rocket ships out in space — NASA — which is putting another hole in the ozone. The ozone doesn’t repair itself. The oceans control weather in the world and by fishing all the fish out of the sea, the oceans are going to wind up being nothing but a garbage dump, a cesspool. The reason for problems in the world is overpopulation.
Editor’s note: Oh, where to begin... Rockets DO NOT put holes in the ozone, any more than throwing a baseball puts a hole in the air. And are you implying that fish are somehow controlling the oceans, and in turn, controlling the weather?

Please be safe
This is for the woman who drives a green van and puts her hands over her eyes to avoid looking at her new vehicle. Why are you so angry? How do you see to drive? Last week you almost drove you and your kids into a cow pasture. Please, be safe and try a paper bag with holes poked out or horse flaps. At least you could see oncoming traffic. If you want to play monkey games, wait until you get home. And remember what the Bible says. Do not covet.

Reap what you sow
The other night, myself and a couple friends were parked in a store parking lot. We had been shopping. We moved to finish our conversation and so others could park closer to the door. We are all legal adults, hold full-time jobs and pay taxes. Suddenly, an officer pulled up and threatened to give all of us tickets for loitering. He was rude and I supposed had us confused with local teenagers. He said he had warned us all before but I had never seen him before, much less been warned by him or any other officer. Apparently, this officer has had difficulty before because he kept stating none of us respected him. I would just like to let him know that you reap what you sow. Perhaps if he didn’t profile groups of people he would gain respect and have better nights at work. I realize officers have difficulties with teenagers just hanging around the parking lot. None of us are teenagers, nor were we just hanging out. We were customers. Had he approached this differently, he would have known that.

It all comes back
Be careful what you say about others. God didn’t want us to look alike. It would be something to walk down the road and see yourself everywhere — red, black, brown hair; big or little size or small. What you say goes around and it will come back to you.

Israel left exposed
It’s a pretty sad state of affairs in this country when our president announces Israel should go back to pre-1967 borders and the terror group Hamas comes out in full support of this plan. Israel is exposed more than ever now to terror. Obama needs to be voted out of office in 2012. You Democrats should stop voting for bumper-sticker candidates and look closer at the candidates’ record and their past associations.

Contact info
I’m a veteran and the clinic moved to Wytheville. I think all us veterans out here need to know what the phone number is down there, and the address.
Editor’s note: The new Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Wytheville is at 165 Peppers Ferry Road 24382. Phone (276) 223-5400.

Wrong priorities
Somebody tell me why are we paying our Grayson school superintendent [so much] when the kids don’t even have current history textbooks. Something is really wrong with our priorities. The county budget is being drained by unreasonable school expense that cheats our school children and the county taxpayers. We elect our supervisors and they hold the purse strings for county school expenditures. We also elect our school board members and they all need to hear from us.