Readers' Hotline 5/29/13

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Best qualified
Thanks for Hotline concern about city council selecting school board members. There has not been an educator on the school board since the mid-1990s. Common sense would dictate that one should be selected if qualified and I know some have tried and failed to be appointed. On another note, we have had school board policy concerns to allow relatives to be hired in school system. The main concern for any board is put the best qualified teachers in our classrooms. Social status and whom you know should not be criteria for picking a school board member or teachers for our kids.

Google it
I was reading in The Gazette about the grades K-12 virtual academy for online public schools and am very much interested in finding out about this and if I could get my children involved in an online public school. Please let us know contact information about the program.
Editor’s note:  Information for the K-12 Virtual Academy should be found easily online at www.k12.com/virginia.

I recently took out a subscription to The Gazette, saving me money because I buy a paper occasionally. When I get my paper, I get all the sales papers with it. The next day I get in my mailbox a Gazette Plus and I have the same identical sale papers. Seems like it is a waste.
Editor’s note: The Gazette Plus publication goes to non-subscribers and yours should cease because your address will move to the subscriber mailing list. If it doesn’t transition over, contact (276) 236-5178, ext. 204, for assistance. Advertising inserts in the two publications are not always identical — that is the advertisers’ choice. Non-subscribers do not receive coupon packets, for one thing.

I’m calling in response to the editor’s note regarding the call-in about perks in Washington. The Hotline editor pointed out that the top 10 percent of incomes in America paid 70 percent of the income tax collected and that the other 90 percent paid 30 percent of the tax collected in 2010. Those facts are indeed wonderful. But, that 10 percent owned 95 percent of the wealth in America and that 90 percent owned just 5 percent of the wealth in America. So, from an equity standpoint, the 10 percent paid 25 percent too little tax and the 90 percent paid 25 percent too much tax. That means that the 90 percent are being taken advantage of pretty severely.
Editor’s note: We are allowing your response, but you provide no source reference to back up your statement. If you attribute the source, a reader can discern whether your comment is factual or opinion. Thanks.

Bring them home
I think we should pull all our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and the whole Middle East. We don’t need them over there anymore. We’ve done what we went over there to do. So, bring our troops home.

Can’t decide
Arizona is a commonwealth state like Virginia is. That’s why they can’t reach a verdict on that Jodi Arias case. All these commonwealth states don’t really know what they are doing. They make up their own laws and everything else.
Editor’s note: The caller refers to a prominent murder case in which the defendant was convicted of first-degree murder. The jury was deadlocked initially on reaching a unanimous decision about punishment. Jurors were debating whether Arias should receive life in prison or the death penalty. The caller is incorrect — Arizona is not a commonwealth state. The four commonwealth states are Virginia, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.