Readers' Hotline 5/28/12

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Time for a liquor store?
This is in response to the anti-whisky comment last week. I am a life-long citizen of Grayson County and there is no place inside of Grayson County that you can buy whisky, at least not legally. Maybe it is time now that Grayson County started looking at putting a liquor store in Grayson County so our tax dollars [stay here].

In poor taste
I am disgusted that The Gazette would have the gall to [allow a caller’s Hotline comment] about somebody making cat stew. Somebody needs to be fired on this. The person who even thought of calling this in, ought to be whipped and done something to. This is nasty. You need your heads examined. Use your head. I don’t want to see this in the paper again.
Editor’s note: Cows, pigs, chickens and fish probably find our recipe page just as offensive. Speaking of mystery meat...

Sniff the bologna
We are still waiting for the magic beans on the Fries Mill site to hatch and grow a big new mill that will take care of the town. The old-guard town council has waited for over 20 years, never changing anything. Their annual cooking of the budget is set for June 5, so come and see the mayor tap dance and hear the council cluck along. What they cook is a bologna sandwich. If you read the small print on a real bologna sandwich, you will learn that it is pig ears, snouts, tails and jowls. That is far better than Fries Town Council budget bologna, which is totally made of squeals. Fries voters seem to like this. They fired the three council members who were the finance committee and had questioned the budget bologna habit. So, please come on June 5. Let’s hear how the first audit ever is coming along. Sniff the bologna. Hope the beans hatch.

Doesn’t claim him
Carroll County Supervisor Bob Martin has managed to publicly embarrass Carroll County. Apparently, it was not sufficient to declare his willingness to resolve a difference of opinion during open board of supervisors meetings while serving on a previous board, by stepping outside to settle it. Now, he has chosen to air his disagreement of alleged harassment on regional television. Everyone from Roanoke and Lynchburg west could see this elected official ventilate on television. Why would he want this to be publicly aired? Carroll County does not need this kind of notoriety. We would want to improve the image of Southwest Virginia, not turn it back 40 years. He may represent some of the people of the Pine Creek District, but he does not represent me.
Editor’s note: Martin spoke to local newspapers and Roanoke TV stations to refute the claims in a harassment complaint filed by Nikki Shank, Carroll County’s assistant administrator.

Bring them back
To the person who took the chairs off the porch on Fries Road, please bring them back. You were seen. Also, read the sign on the door. “America, turn to God, our only hope.” Placed there by my late mother.

Some other means
Galax may be lowest on some taxes in Virginia but it is low on jobs and wages people earn. People, especially senior citizens, can barely get by now without raising anything else. Taxes are high enough. There needs to be other means to cover all the expenses. It is hard enough to get by these days and pay a light bill and get medicine and buy food. It is not right for just the city council to make a decision like this. It needs to be voted on or some other means. It shouldn’t be just the people of the council that get to decide this.
Edited: Virginia law does not allow for a local referendum on matters such as this. That’s what you elect council members to decide. But, there is another way to voice your concerns. Galax City Council will hold a public hearing on the budget at its meeting Tuesday night (May 29) at 7:30 p.m.

Quick to judge
To all the Christians and so-called Christians, just how much are you like Christ? Where is your love for your neighbor? How much do you know about God’s word? Doesn’t it say if you fail in one part, you are guilty of all? Think a minute before you are so quick to judge someone — particularly gays. I see a lot of gay couples today taking in homeless children and raising them in a good home and giving them the best of care and education and life. I know you think they need a mother and father. Okay, Christian, stop right there. How many homeless children have you taken in? How many empty bedrooms are in your house? There are still many homeless children for you to share all the blessings God has given you. Get the beam out of your eye before you try to judge and criticize someone else.

In a bind
I saw where someone said they were a Democrat and not voting for Obama. I also saw on the news this newscaster had a Mormon Bible. He was reading and said the Mormon Bible says they think they are superior to black people. If this is true, who do we vote for? Are we between a rock and a hard place? Is money going to buy our president? It sure does look like it, anyway. Our world is in such a mess.

Why so insecure?
You people who have put down the president for wanting equal rights for all Americans sicken me. I refer to same-sex marriage. Tell me how gay people being married will hurt you. You cannot, because it will not have any effect on your lives. People like you hate gay people because you fear them, because you are uneducated rednecks that do not understand. I am straight and do not understand why people are gay, but I am smart enough to know they cannot hurt me or my lifestyle. Are you so insecure in your marriages that you do not want the same rights for all? People like you did not think others should disagree with you or live their lives different from you. You probably are racists as well as bigots. Too bad you did not live in Germany during the ‘30s and ‘40s, because you would have made wonderful Nazis.