Readers' Hotline 5/25/11

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Another reminder to readers: no comments reflecting on specific candidates for local public office will be published in the Hotline.

Natives are restless
I’m sure glad I don’t live in Fancy Gap anymore. I was born and raised there and lived there over 50 years. When I got older I moved to town to be closer to everything. I can’t believe people put in the Hotline and make fun of people’s house and stuff. They can’t come in from all over the place — all different states — and try to tell people what to do and then be mad about it. That is crazy and it is really upsetting for the people that have lived there all their lives.

Best for the job
This call is in response to Carolyn Honeycutt’s letter. I would tell her why people who care about the operations of this county, whether independent, Republican or Democrat, need to vote. Me and my family are going to get off the couch and go to the polls to vote. I want to make sure the person of knowledge and integrity has our support. Even though I may have to step over some elephant dung, I will sacrifice that to try to make Carroll County a better place without having to raise taxes. Thus, I will have done this in my own mind and in our minds knowing I voted not because they go to my church or that they are kin to me, but because they are the best person for the job, Democrat or Republican.

Follow through
I would just like to give Steve Williams and the Hillsville Police Department a pat on the back for the good job they do. It is good to know they follow up on reports they work on and they all have time to answer any questions you may have. Unlike another departments that on occasion did not follow through on reports.

Paid their dues
I’m calling in defense of people with felonies. Places around here need to give them a break. My husband got in trouble when he was 19. He is 30-some years old. He hasn’t been in trouble with the law for 12 or 13 years. Yet, he can’t find a job around here because people keep judging. There ought to be a limit — like 5, 8 or 10 years — and if they haven’t been in trouble, they can find a job. People need to quit judging and being judgmental. They paid their price to society and it’s time somebody gave them a break.

Be an example
To the police officers who are nice and conduct their duties in a respectful manner, I say “thank you.” However, there is one state trooper who is tall in condescending attitude. Wise up. Don’t promote rebellion of the law by your attitude, but rather be an example by treating citizens as persons, not criminals.

Who’s in first?
I’m calling about the sports page in The Gazette. The sports writers cover the high school games but seldom have the standings of how the teams are in the district. Put the standings in there once in a while so we know how they are doing.

Get a life
This is a response to Monday’s  Hotline to “have one on me,” about the bus driver that had one of the kids buy him a drink. That kid was my son. I think you need to get a life and stay out of everyone else’s business. Have a great day.

Eye for an eye
This is to “try torture.” Where are you coming from? Did you lose anyone on 9/11? An eye for an eye. I just don’t know where you are coming from. Trust me, the Lord does.

Put ‘em to work
I was wondering why the prisoners that are held now could not clean up along Chestnut Creek. The side next to the factories is clean and beautiful. I feel like if they are incarcerated, they need to work.

Full ditches
If VDOT would clean out the side ditches along our roads in Carroll County, our roads would stay in much better shape.

Do some homework
I’m calling in regard to the Hotline call, “try torture” and the editor’s note. I commend the editor for not chastising the issue further by saying that because he was in solitary confinement, they probably couldn’t read George Bush’s decision points, or the Hotline without ITT night vision goggles. The caller needs to do his homework about “34 killed.”

Too much information
Customers, be careful. A store when taking checks is asking for information such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and dates of birth and entering this into their computer along with bank information.

Rude comment
How heartbreaking it was to read such a rude and selfish comment on Facebook by another teacher concerning the flooding issue at our school? Did she see the staff trying to cuddle the kids that were upset until 4:30 or did she see them answering the phones continually to keep parents calm or trying to move our cars before they were washed away? No, she did not or she would not [make] such a negative remark. We had to find a ride home at 7 o’clock. We had to deal with insurance companies until 9 o’clock. Did she? We had to clean our cars out that were salvageable. Did she? Thank goodness she was able to volunteer her time to clean the school.

A swell teacher
I would like to say “thank you” to Mrs. Hall at Grayson County High School, who teaches cosmetology. My daughter is one of her students and has learned so much from her as well as being a good role model. She does so much for her students. I just wanted her to know she is appreciated.