Readers' Hotline 5/2/12

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What else?
I agree with the caller about town employees putting a roof on the water plant in Fries. What else do they do?

Enough police cruisers
Just curious. On April 23 about 6:30 p.m., we observed eight police vehicles parked behind Hillsville’s new office. Also, two other vehicles on the street — the chief’s car and a patrol car. Hillsville has almost as many vehicles as officers. Something to think about on May 1.

Beyond the search warrant
I read with great interest the story on the illegal synthetic marijuana raid. In the sixth paragraph, you quote Sheriff Vaughan talking about the two teenage drivers saying that they were “disoriented, incoherent, appeared intoxicated.” I’m surprised they were able to get a warrant since the future testimony of kids in that condition is going to be uncredible and unreliable. There were items taken in the raid [of illegal drug paraphernalia at Ted’s Market in Grayson County] which were outside of the purview of the search and seizure warrant for illegal drugs. The Coke can safe is manufactured by a legitimate security company. While I suppose a criminal could use the can to conceal something illegal, most people use the devices to store jewelry, money and important papers. The safes are cheaper than a bank safe deposit box and a wall safe and they keep grandma’s mattress from being lumpy. Likewise, JOB cigarette papers are labeled as cigarette papers. The kids even admitted they were smoking a pipe. Let’s just call the hound dog at the pump and the motor oil cans drug paraphernalia, too. The sheriff’s department should have gone after the drugs and left it at that.

Up for transfer
I’m calling as a grandparent. I’d always been completely satisfied with the principal at Carroll County High School and the way he has treated my grandchild. Seems like he is always friendly and interested in our children. He is focused on education and trying to do a good job. It’s too bad the school board refused to renew his contract. I’m urging all parents to get behind their principal and support him and let’s try to keep him because he is the best we have ever had at Carroll County High School. Remember this when the next election rolls around for the school board.
Editor’s note: At this point, Carroll County Public Schools officials are listing the high school principal’s status in the school system as up for a transfer that’s yet to be announced.

Energy taxes
President Obama is using the Environmental Protection Agency to impose regulations that amount to cap and trade energy taxes on America. Obama’s proposed energy tax will cost households [every] month. Senior citizens on fixed incomes will be among those hurt by higher energy taxes as prices on heating, cooling, electricity, household goods and clothing rise rapidly.

Do as I say
I read in the paper where Grayson County and Independence cops are going to really crack down on what they called distracted driving. They are naming eating something, drinking something or being on a cell phone and things that distract driving — listening to the radio, messing with the radio, maybe — but if that is the case, does that mean the cops have to obey that, too? Half the time you see a cop on the road, he either has a cell phone stuck in his ear or he is drinking what looks to be a cup of coffee. Part of them has a bottle and are dipping snuff and spitting in the bottle and that means they are looking down just a little bit. So, do cops have to obey that or are they going to do like they usually do and are just above the law? They will do what they take a notion to do and everyone else be darned. It’s not do as I do, it’s do as I say.

Nice people
I’m calling about the [Hotline call] in your paper about the SALT dinner and yard sale and bake sale, and people not being friendly and helpful. I was there. Everyone was very helpful and very friendly. I go to all the dinners. They have nice dinners and nice prizes to give away. Everybody is very gracious and very helpful. Whoever wrote that had to have something wrong with them. It is strictly not true. They are very nice people over there.

Eager to serve
I’d like to give a hands up to Webb’s Pharmacy in Hillsville. They are so courteous and so nice. My husband is handicapped and a lot of times we can’t get our medicine and they offer to deliver it to us and do everything they can to help us. They need a hands up. They are a really good pharmacy.