Readers' Hotline 5/21/12

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Be tactful
To the man escorted out of the town council meeting, I appreciated your attendance at the last town council. Your departing speech as you were escorted out added several new words to my vocabulary. I did agree with several of the points you had made earlier, but I think you will find here in Fries that the way to get the point across is not to shut down the person trying to talk. You also said in one of your earlier messages that you love Fries and people treated you like a neighbor. Is this the way you treat them in return? I do hope the closing swear didn’t negate the opening prayer.

Gadgetry to blame
Here we are again, another family tragedy in our school and homes. Cell phones are wonderful for many instances however, just like iPads, computers and so forth, they are not for children, especially unsupervised. There are no jobs and a lot of people are unemployed, yet I see people using food stamps standing in line at food banks and giveaways, yet they seem to be able to afford a cell phone and each kid has one as well. Parents, where are you? Today’s technology is part to blame for the overweight children and adults. They don’t take time to exercise and they eat junk food. Gadgets are now taking up their lives. They are even in churches. Wake up, parents. Dress your children appropriately for school without cell phones. I am a parent and a grandparent and this similar incident happened to me. Wake up before it comes to your family.

Mind made up
I’m a life-long Democrat but I will not vote for Obama this year simply because he is doing against God’s word when he said it was okay for these gay people. I’m going to vote against the gay rights. He is voting for the gay rights so I will not vote for Obama.

What’s the agenda?
What’s going on in the Carroll County School System? The school board is moving the best principal we have ever had at Carroll County High School and for no good reason. And we heard the board is now shifting several principals around and their assistants. Why? No one seems to know why they are creating this havoc in a great school system. It’s not to improve education. If it’s not to improve education then why are they doing it? What’s the real reason behind the mass confusion and the chaos? Is it to ruin a great school system? Could be the board is not interested in improving instruction. Could be the board does not have the best interests of our children as their goal. What is their agenda? What is their goal with the Carroll County School System? Hopefully we will find out before they destroy the best in the southwest.

Stay classy
To the outgoing personnel resulting from a local town election, I would like to say, “accept defeat and exit with grace.”

Heard too much
This is to the police officers in a certain town. My son really did not need to hear the language you used to show your disgust in the past election. Comments like that should be left in the rooms you meet in or something. We were out at a restaurant eating, trying to have a good time. Your comments were not appreciated. It looks bad on police officers when you use that type language, especially in an open restaurant with small children.

Can’t wait
Mayor-elect threatened? Councilmen of potential employers of a certain town being smeared? I can’t wait until July 1 when all the negative cloud gets out of the Town of Hillsville.

Takes offense
This is in response to the guest editorial’s plea for community help for the free medical clinic. While I am in full agreement about the need for volunteers at the Free Clinic, it sounded like an ax to grind with our local emergency department. As a fellow nurse, I am offended [by the implication] that our staff and our hospital are callous towards indigent patients. It’s a hard life for those without money or medical insurance and we certainly do not give marginal care based on ability to pay. I agree it is a sad and frustrating situation for those without access to care issues, but sharpening a blade on the back of healthcare workers who could actually alleviate some of the shortages is the wrong way to get support for the Free Clinic.

Missing the roller skates
If Sonic had left curb service the way it was, that it would have stayed in business. A lot of people that are busy like to go eat at a drive-thru or get curb service on their way from home. Or with children they like to have a place they can go like where they don’t have to go inside. It’s a shame because their food was good.
High profile
It is wonderful to see teachers at Gladeville Elementary School once in a while other than the principal. I’m used to seeing the teachers pictured with the kids. It would be fine if she was in there with the teachers, too, but the teachers are with the kids all the time and I don’t know what the deal is that the principal thinks she has to be in every picture and the teacher is not mentioned except for the teacher of the year. I guess there is no way she could get in that one.
Equal time
I was surprised after reading of Rep. Morgan Griffith’s visit to the Carroll County High School senior class — surprised that the young people seemed so agreeable to all of Griffith’s answers to their questions, even laughing at the Obama question and answer. Surprised that the administration would in essence allow a political forum in a public high school without representation from both sides. Pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, anti-Obama ideas — well represented by Griffith.

Seeking votes
Obama should be ashamed of himself. He would do anything to get to be president again. He is for gay rights to get their votes and campaign funds. He needs to get himself a Bible and read about Sodom and Gomorrah. If we don’t get him and Biden out of office, I don’t know what the next four years will be like.
Missed opportunity?
Dear Grayson supervisors: Read the May 9 editorial of The Declaration about the parks in Virginia. We lost gobs of revenue because you wouldn’t build cabins up on the mountain at the state park because a bed and breakfast thought it would take away from them. But, we would have had hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertisements. When the cabins are all full, people would have used the bed and breakfast. And that [state] prison sitting there [unused], you should have put a gambling casino in. You would have had plenty of revenue by now.

Donate aluminum
I’m calling in response to “where did the trucks go?” for aluminum recycling. I can suggest you take your aluminum to Larkspur Lane in Galax. On the left is a green trailer that the Free Clinic uses to collect aluminum to sell to help support the clinic. The Free Clinic helps people in Galax, Hillsville and Carroll County and Grayson County that do not have insurance so they can see a doctor or get medical help. That is a way to help your community, if you would donate your aluminum.

Pharmacy fan
Would you be so kind as to publish another comment about Webb’s Pharmacy in Hillsville? Remember in the good ole days we had a pharmacist who did everything for their customers? Doug Webb, his wife and associates do just that. Their customers are their friends and neighbors. Plus, his prices are very reasonable. Thank you very much, Doug.
Something must give
All I hear is George W. Bush. Well, he might be an oil man but is not one that signed the jobs away. The Clinton administration signed the jobs away and if it wasn’t for that, we could buy this high priced oil if we had a job. Maybe the Lord will come along and stop all these people from [dumping] over the poor human beings of the world. Something will give sometime. Look out. The Lord will be back.

I’d like to comment about the law that was passed for sales of whiskey drinks on Sundays [in Grayson County]. I’d like to commend the sheriff and minister and the two supervisors that stood up for what they believe in. It’s a shame and disgrace to the county. Don’t think that three supervisors should be allowed to overturn the law that is 72 years on the books. They want to make a little money for the county. The county is going down the drain. They have no leadership and these supervisors need to remember they have been voted in and they can be voted out. It is certainly not right for Grayson County to go this route and they should be ashamed for voting in this law. If people can’t get enough whiskey on Saturday night to last until Monday morning, they have serious problems.

First to endorse
Obama: The first president to endorse same-sex marriage. I hope this persuades many to vote Republican at election time. He sure is a disappointment.