Readers' Hotline 5/2/11

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Pay at the gate
Grayson County’s “field of dreams” has become a field of drain. It is draining everybody’s pocket to keep it up, and now they want to charge an 8-year-old $5 to go in and watch the JV baseball game. Come on, Grayson County. If you want support, you have to help everybody else out.

Stay dry
Surely the people in Independence can do without beer sales on Sunday. Please, people, please. Just have one day for the Lord, anyway.

Taking credit
I wish, when someone works with the public, that people would have more consideration for others when they ask for certain people all the time and know they have days off. How do they think the person that is there feels? All the people in the department do the same thing. Who do they think does it when those people are not there? They give certain people all the credit for doing everything and they take all the credit for things they don’t do. They think one person does everything. It is a team and it is selfish of her to take all the credit and attention. It is not fair to others that work just as hard and never praise. To those who think the one person does so much for you, you would be surprised how much the other people do that she gets credit for. If you go into a local store, try to remember, your comments affect everybody.

Proud Yankee
I’m calling about the woman that told that yankee to go home. I’ve been down here for over 30 years and I am proud to be a yankee. Has she ever gone through an express line at the store where it says 20 items or less and the Southern ones come through with carts full of groceries? That is disrespectful, to me. She better remember who won the war.

Never touched
Regarding the person talking about people throwing trash out in other people’s yards, I am in my 70s, disabled and live close to the high school and people throw trash out all the time. Nobody does anything about it. I feel like the city should clean up the brush and the trash on the outside part of the property that is beside the road that goes up by the school, but it is never touched either.

Late notice
The Gazette reported April 20 there was a public hearing on the school budget in Grayson County that night at 6:30. Most people don’t get the newspaper delivered until 1 or 1:30 in the afternoon. Apparently the county doesn’t want too many people at the public hearing, so they don’t get a lot of objection to it. I think it is ridiculous that they are raising the taxes and they are giving the school board more money when Carroll County is making considerable efforts to reduce taxes and cut expenses in the school system.

Let it go
I’m calling about the “coaching tips” comment in the Readers’ Hotline. Yes, the coaches at Grayson County eighth grade are new and we need to thank them for taking on this responsibility, because without them we probably wouldn’t have an eighth grade team. Eighth grade softball is just another step up to help them learn before they get to JV and varsity. Just because your daughter gets up and misses every hit and misses every throw, don’t take your spite on the coaches for letting all the girls play. By the way, a win is a win, whether it is by far or by little. It really doesn’t matter. Quit teaching your children or daughter to be a bully. All the girls know exactly which parent put this in. I will be praying for you and the eighth grade girls softball team. Do what is right. Keep your mouth shut.

So what?
In response to “coaches tips,” just because your child is a starter doesn’t mean they are the best on the team. There are different reasons why children start. If your child plays on a summer ball league that isn’t part of it, it doesn’t mean that your child should start.

“Yankee” got a response
To the person responding to my yankee Hotline call, what on earth are you saying? Seems to me you are the disrespectful one, and nasty. I’m not from New York. What were you reading? You don’t even know if I am male or female. I guess you like to make up stories. Besides, I put yankee in there to get a response. And thanks. I thought you wanted tourist money.

Time to do something
Grayson County is crazy, especially the school system. I don’t mind paying my share of taxes and keep the county employed and going but when you have secretaries not in the school and getting paid for it, a principal out mowing when they need to be there watching the children, and maintenance men asleep in their trucks, something needs to be done. My money is not going to be wasted much more or I will go to another state and waste it on somebody else.

Final solution
I give David Hoffman a standing ovation for his letter to the editor on the trickle-down economics of wealth. He has exposed the tea party movement for its ultimate goal of gutting the middle class. The neo-conservatives revolution for the total Republican takeover of government at all levels is now in process. Their social engineering program of creating an America for the super rich and those that serve them only. They want to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class people by cutting programs they need by making sure they have no jobs that working class folks can achieve the American dream. This is the final phase for their final solution for destroying the middle class. Believe it. The Twin Counties is living it.

Say some more
I have just read a very good letter to the editor about supply side or trickle-down economics. The letter was spot on and we have realized a large portion of that plan. Now, the people that we elected are doing their best to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And, Mr. Hoffman, if you would care to, we would appreciate if you would expand on your letter and give us some more information on the future for those less fortunate.

Pay attention
If the lady that works in a store in Independence would pay more attention to her customers and spend less time on her computer, everyone would benefit.

Left behind
I saw a deputy coming from Galax next to Long John Silver’s this morning in a 45 mile per hour zone and he passed me. I was running 45 and he had to be doing 50 or 55 and had a phone up in front of his face texting and swerving from side to side. Isn’t this against the law?

Heavy handed?
The Obama administration plans to bypass Congress and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. The reason, they want to get all these illegal immigrants registered to vote is to ensure President Obama’s 2012 reelection.
Editor’s note: The president has not publicly embraced granting blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants through executive order. He rejected executive action to suspend deportations during a meeting broadcast in late March on the Spanish-language television network, the New York Times reported. It also reported that Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, D-Illinois, is touring the country to demand suspension of deportation for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Elect the poor
I’m calling about Grayson County wanting to take taxes higher. I’m against it and I’m hoping all the citizens will go and vote every one of them out of there. It doesn’t make sense when you’ve got two and three kids and you are out here struggling, trying to hold on to your home and don’t know where your next money is going to come or your next meal, whether you are going to be put out of your home. Grayson County is over the top and all the high officials need to be out. Everybody help vote them out and put somebody poor in there that knows what they doing.

Time for a raise
One of the big controversies in Grayson County is the teachers and other school personnel not receiving a raise in three years. The hearing was held before the board of supervisors and school personnel and teachers presented a good case for receiving a raise. I thought it was interesting that Superintendent Elizabeth Thomas attended the hearing and said nothing in support of the teachers. Of course, if my salary was like hers, I probably wouldn’t say anything either. It’s time the school system and the school board take the funds appropriated by the board of supervisors each year and spend them wisely. With proper management, they could find money to give teachers and school personnel at least a cost of living increase. It would also give them a boost in morale and the feeling that someone does appreciate what they do for our children.

Liked the play
I went to an Easter play at Turkey Knob Church. It was the best play I ever went to. I really enjoyed it and I hope they put on the same play again. Everybody was so nice and kind to us.

Do better
I’d like to know why they can’t get better supervisors in Grayson County. Fix the roads. And all these empty buildings — spending all this money on buildings that don’t need it.

Bountiful bunnies
Someone definitely dropped the ball on sending our children to school during the last snowfall. Also, regarding “where are the rabbits?” The bunnies are also bountiful in Independence. I have only been reading the Hotline for three months now and I have to say it seems very addictive. I learn something I didn’t know yet almost every time I read it. I love most of the comments from the editor, especially the one about the barrel going over the dam in Fries to the water park, is hilarious.

Taxation questioned
Grayson County supervisors increased taxes by 40 percent last year and now they indicate the only way they fund the school board’s needs is another tax hike. I understand the school board’s needs but many of us do not understand why a huge North Carolina company doing business in Grayson County is not taxed based on their profits here. They are not farmers. They are a commercial business and should share in the expenses of the county in which they reap those profits. The supervisors could have worked out a fair agreement if they had wanted to. The average Grayson County resident is barely making ends meet as it is. Give us a break.
Editor’s note: Any company, unless it received special incentives from the county, would pay a machinery and tools tax plus any appropriate real estate taxes. Profits are taxed by the state and federal government, not the locality.

Check it out
I think the people in Grayson County should get a hold of the governor’s office to have Grayson County investigated to see where all the money is going and why they need to raise our taxes every year.
Editor’s note: There would be a long line of counties to investigate.

Bunny land
This is in regard to “where are the rabbits.” They are all up in Deer Haven Estates. We see them every day, all the time in our yards, three or four times a day.

And more…
We have plenty of bunnies at our place. Plus, possum, groundhog, raccoon, skunks, turtles, a few dogs, but the bunnies are plentiful. I have one question. What is wood-fired gasification?

Not the place
I was a visitor at a church for the first time and was extremely disappointed to see the campaign signs in the church yard and political information being handed out to the church members and visitors [on behalf of a candidate for public office]. I thought church was to worship the Lord, not to politic. This was extremely upsetting to me and to my child and he had lots of questions as to why the signs and the information was handed out. If this is what church is all about, I will stay at home and read the Bible and read the Bible to my child as well. I don’t think church is a place to be campaigning.