Readers' Hotline 5/20/13

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Incredibly silly
This is in response to the lady that wanted the Town of Hillsville to put an ordinance against jake brakes for truck drivers. We really don’t have many truck drivers in town unless there is a tragedy on Interstate 77. You know there are so many things in this world that we could all be worried about and that just seems incredibly silly to me. I wish all drivers — independent, company drivers — would stop just for one week. They would be begging to hear a truck driver’s jake brake. Thank you for the Hotline.
Editor’s note: Hillsville Town Council on May 13 approved a change to its noise ordinance that prohibits the use of engine compression brakes (aka “jake brakes”) in certain posted residential areas.

Join the process
As a parent with children in the Galax School System, I am concerned about the quality of education. In years past, teachers were hired based on credentials, experience and recommendations from fellow educators. Sadly, this is no longer practice. Teachers are being hired based on connections and athletic abilities. Look at recent athletic accomplishments vs. the SOL and AYP scores of recent years. Be aware of the job openings and don’t be afraid to ask about education experience of teachers hired. No member of the school board has an educational background or experience in the education system other than their children attended city schools. They do not know the plight of the educator nor do they know the intricacies of the system. City council should seek qualified individuals to fill school board positions based on experience in the educational system other than, “my child attends Galax City Schools,” and not based on social status. As my children have traveled through the school system, I have never had the concerns I have now. Become involved in the process and be aware of decisions being made about our kids. We must all be involved so that we maintain the high standards of learning that our school system is known for.

Give assistants their due
I noticed a nursing home in an advertisement praising its nursing staff, which is great. All nurses need all the recognition and praise they can get. My problem is, I think everybody knows, that the certified nursing assistants do back-breaking and hard work and loving of the residents. They should get just as much recognition as the nursing staff does. Everybody knows the CNAs are the backbone of any nursing home.
Editor’s note: Indeed, National Nursing Assistants Week is June 13-20.

Finding love
I’m calling regarding the “not just animals” comment. Evidently the person must not listen to the news or get out very often. I was in a store about a week ago and a lady was telling all of her friends that she met up with that she had a new baby. One of the friends said, “Oh, I thought your daughter just had a baby about six months ago.” The lady says, “I mean, I got me another dog.” She was so excited and was showing pictures to these friends. Not once did she mention the new grandchild her daughter had given birth to. Another instance, as I was out at a local store, a mother was being rude to her little girl because she was wanting to buy something. She talked very mean and threatened to ground her if she didn’t shut up. Then suddenly, a dog began to bark in a vehicle outside. In the parking lot, the same lady says, “Oh, that’s my new dog. She’s just not used to her surroundings yet. But I just love her already. She is such a sweetheart.” She laughed and acted joyful until once again her daughter got her attention by looking at some hair bows and such. The mom gave another harsh warning telling her to stop bugging her and, no, she was not buying her anything. Maybe the little girl will find some love, even if only temporarily, from the new dog.

Time to collect
Carroll County supervisors going to collect the back taxes? It is all talk, just like we all thought it would be. I have heard nothing about it. Are they going to do anything? Hurry up and do it.

Lay off
Hey Mongo. I am so glad you are back around. Listen, you need to lay off those Twinkies. If you weigh 400 pounds, you are just too big. You need to not tie them around your neck. You need to throw them away or give them to somebody that is real skinny. If you will take my advice, I guarantee you will lose weight. Ok, I hope you succeed.

Needs work
I’m calling about some of the hiring practices of some businesses in this area. It is disturbing to find that some of the places are holding jobs for college kids. That is fine, but what about other people who need jobs, and you are holding jobs for people? It is not fair. There was one job that was holding for an incarcerated person. Every time you apply, they tell you they are not hiring and you go back in and there are new people working there. I don’t know if it is just me experiencing this type of stuff. I don’t think it is. You should be considerate of the people that are here all the time and need work. My job ended and I have been searching hard for about two months and every time you go somewhere, it is the same story.

Trashcan enforcement
I just wanted to call and say the city has done some people really dirty in Robin Hood and Fox Run with making them buy the newer trashcans. You would not pick their trash up at all. Now you are picking it up with other people out of the old trashcans in Robin Hood and Fox Run. I have seen it with my own eyes.

I’m just wondering where all the pigs live in Carroll County. They throw their trash, their spit bottles, their fast food packaging out the window, on the road, on people’s property. It’s disgusting. I picked up several hundred pounds of it this spring already. It would be nice if people would pick up 100 yards in each direction from their home.

Perks for Washington
I would like to be a congressperson. Just think — on vacation for weeks at a time. Return to work for a day or two. Don’t do anything. Get your perks, basically all paid for by the poor and the middle class. We don’t have the same perks and they worry about feeding their family and keeping a roof over their head. Just think — private jet, maybe. Maybe a yacht. All kinds of extra money. Sounds good to me. Where are the jobs?
Editor’s note: Under rules of the U.S. House and Senate, their members can fly on corporate jets if they use personal or official funds to pay their share of the usual charter rate for a comparable plane. As for who pays for the perks, CNN Money reported in March that the top 10 percent of taxpayers paid over 70 percent of the total amount collected in federal income taxes in 2010. The remaining 90 percent bore just under 30 percent of the tax burden.