Readers' Hotline 5/19/14

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Move forward
It’s amazing what politics does to people. In our recent election in Hillsville, I put a sign in my yard supporting my candidate. Well, my neighbor hates me now. Some people I go to church with won’t speak to me. I personally thank God for our mayor and some of our good God-fearing council members who are trying to move our town forward. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless our little town. Citizens, stand behind your town, your mayor and your council instead of stabbing them in the back and it will be a much better place for all of us to live.

Short strands
I wonder how some people get their beautician license. I was a walk-in the other day and said I wanted a trim. She cut my hair so short that the crown of my head has one place where it is even shorter, about an inch long, and standing straight up. I basically got a man’s haircut, and a bad one at that. I would like to give her a haircut. She told me it would look better after I washed it and styled it. Only thing is, she didn’t leave me enough hair to style.

A place for workers
People are always fussing about illegal immigrants coming in. I have been all over the United States. If there were none of them in California, we wouldn’t have any [harvesting of] vegetables or grapes or anything. In Florida, they pick strawberries. The American people are not going to do this kind of work. The Christmas decorations — the roping and everything — they can do a whole lot faster. The white people are not going to do it. I don’t think everybody ought to be grumbling so much.

Against the middle class
Yes, the president needed help from Congress [in establishing Social Security in 1935]. So true. Too bad and such a shame now that we don’t have a Congress that would do something and block everything when our president is trying and he would sign and do anything he could to help the American people, which is what they want. They block everything for the middle class.

Bag lunches
Regarding children getting free or reduced-price lunches and field trips involving the city schools — Virginia law states that if a child is getting free lunches and attending a public school, then if that public school takes the children on a field trip, it is the public school’s responsibility to provide a packed lunch for those children who get free lunches. When teachers take children on a field trip, they are to give the cafeteria a list of students going on the trip so then the cafeteria manager can say “huh, who is getting free lunches.” Then, we as a school system, have to pack lunches for those kids. This has nothing to do with Backpack Buddies.

Not a man
A man who lays on his sorry hind end all his life and lives off his woman, who is drawing disability, is not a man. He’s a mouse. What’s going to happen to him when something happens to his wife? She is in real bad shape and all he cares about is money, money, money from Social Security from her. That’s pathetic.

Held hostage
I’m watching [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi on TV and I have had about enough of this. There are more than 100 bills that Republicans have sent to the Senate to solve the problems that she is saying they have no answers for. All they want to talk about is the Affordable Care Act, which is a disaster, and people paying their premiums are figuring that out. Why isn’t she saying that Harry Reid, the senate majority leader, refuses to even open what they sent to him to decide to take it to a vote to see if it can help the country? He is the one holding the country hostage. Can’t there be something done about him not doing his job? They are sending ideas for him to open and to vote on and he is refusing to even look at the ideas. That is a travesty. He ought to be thrown out of government. He is not doing his job. It isn’t up to him to decide which ones he wants. It’s up to the people in the senate and everybody to vote on, not Harry Reid. He only has one vote.

Took offense
This is about Putin and the Ukraine situation. I just watched it on the news. Did any of your readers see Putin was on there talking about where they took over Ukraine and the planes flew over? It was pretty interesting to me that the colors that came out of the six planes that few over were red, white and blue. I don’t know if that was a slap to the United States, but I sure took it as one.
Editor’s note: The modern Russian flag is also red, white and blue.

Can’t catch up
The Salem Veterans Medical Center is about as messed up as all the rest of the veterans medical centers. I went there April 16 and the doctor ordered me some medication. I haven’t gotten the medication yet and they are still about five medications behind on other medicines I need.

Very revealing
There are a lot of things wrong with this world but one of the worst if big, big women wearing spandex. It ought to be against the law because you can see it all.

The new Galax grocery store is great. The employees are so very nice and the meat is great. Thank God for sending us such a great grocery store and such great employees.

Avoiding the truth?
The reason you don’t hear anything about Benghazi anywhere except Fox News is because they are the only ones willing to tell the truth exactly and the other three stations are not willing to go that far. That’s three against one. What does that tell you?

A real insult
When you made a comment that President Obama was a worse president then Jimmy Carter, that wasn’t too bad an insult, but if you said he was worse than George W., boy that would have been an insult.

Not a fan
I think the St. Louis Rams made a big mistake drafting that gay player. I’d say that will hurt the Rams. I don’t want to watch them anymore. I was just watching here on TV where that man had his hands all over that gay football player and even kissed him. No, I don’t ever want to watch the Rams again.

It’s bad when a church you grew up in and went to all your life discriminates against you because you are handicapped. Some church.

Vote blocked
Maybe some of your readers could help straighten me out.  I was watching the news where they want to vote on the Keystone Pipeline to bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to the United States and Harry Reid refuses to even vote on it and [instead] vote on an energy bill. Isn’t that against the law somehow? Is that not blackmail? Why doesn’t he have to have a vote on that bill like that is his job to do instead of holding the country hostage, saying we have to vote on his bill or he is not going to vote on that bill? I don’t think that is a decision he should be able to make by himself. He is holding this country hostage. Why can’t anybody see that? Editor’s note: As majority leader, Mr. Reid is empowered to single-handedly control what legislation is voted on.

First things first
Boy, Hillsville is beginning to look like Little Chicago —people looking to make sure everybody is eligible to vote and everything. I think they need to clean up the house before they worry about the other things.

Bad draw
I’m calling in regard to the Carroll County supervisors’ idea about putting apartments in old Woodlawn School. We have enough drug dealers and traffic down Virginia 620, that’s Coulson Church Road. You can sit on the porch here watching on 620 and see traffic from Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and all around here, and apartments are just going to bring more drug dealers.

Robbing the public
Corporations and people are using this Obamacare insurance thing to do nothing but steal money from taxpayers. Something needs to be investigated and people need to be put in jail. I never have seen the country as messed up as it is now.