Readers' Hotline 5/16/12

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Trail needs attention
I have to agree with the caller — the City of Galax does a great job keeping Felts Park looking clean. Downtown Galax has a nice feel for tourism dollars. However, the New River Trail parking lot in Galax is an eyesore. The house they bought for the ranger station and gift shop looks haunted. The orange fencing and cross tiles piled out in the yard look trashy. How can we expect to look like a first class tourist area when our state park is not supporting one of our most popular assets?

98 percent
I just read where the mayor-elect in Hillsville was just 98 percent satisfied with the Hillsville Police Department. I hope he realizes what a nice bunch of good men work there and put their lives in danger every shift. The chief is always very nice and polite and gets so many grants to save us money.

The men in grey
I, too, would like to thank The Gazette and Matthews Museum for the great pictures of Carroll and Grayson Confederate veterans. It was nice to see our boys in grey getting the recognition they deserve. I have started a scrapbook of their photos and am pleased to know more will be forthcoming. I encourage everyone with Confederate ancestors to remember them with flags, wreaths or flowers this Memorial Day. For a fact-based account of why these soldiers fought for Virginia and the South, please read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas J. Delorenzo, a professor of Loyola College and graduate of Virginia Tech.

Check the cameras
For the past seven years, my children have been students at Carroll County High School. I can say I am happy to see changes. We have lost good teachers. We have lost respect. Telling the teachers not to teach this or that and it is on the SOLs to be taught is wrong. We have students running wild. Fights break out all the time. Damage to school property happens all the time. And, it seems that you cannot figure out who it is, but we have cameras in our school. I’m so glad that I am finished. Done. Kids graduated. Goodbye.

Center line
I live in North Carolina but have a cabin on the river near the low water bridge [near Fries]. I travel Cliffview Road a couple times a month. I do not understand why there are no white stripes on the edge of the road or center line yellow stripes. A dangerous section that is shaded, icy in winter time, with no lights and you absolutely cannot see the end of the road. I wonder if someone is mad at those people that live there or what the problem is. The road has been patched and partially paved and no one has gone back and put a stripe on it in a long, long time. I wish somebody would fix that. The section I am referring to is Cliffview at Glendale on down to the creek.

Which choice?
Which had you rather have, a new man with five wives or the same old one that you’ve got to take out part of your money that is on savings? That is what he said he was going to do. I’d rather take the five wives. That way I could switch.

Streets get worse
I just wonder why every time they change town managers here, the streets get worse. They’ve not touched one in this town but one that I know of since he has been in there. I even hit a hole and lost my teeth the other day.

Stand and be counted
I know that everyone knows about the posting of the Ten Commandments in Giles County Schools. Now, the court wants to cut out the first four Commandments. That is a direct abomination in the face of God. I don’t understand why churches in the surrounding areas are not up in arms and supporting Giles County. Every person needs to talk to Washington. Why don’t you have a mass meeting — prayer meeting — in Felts Park? The tactics of the Anti-Christ and atheists can be stopped because it is going to get only worse. I remind you that Jesus left His kingdom to die for us. Now, it is time to stand up and be counted for Him. If you don’t, what are you going to say when God asks you why you didn’t fight for his word? Think about it.

Obnoxious carts
You would think after a couple years of those bumping, embarrassing shopping carts, the stores would do something about them. I do not enjoy shopping if I have to push a cart that is so loud you can hear it coming 10 aisles down. Might buy more if I didn’t get a headache from the embarrassment and the noise. Have seen the carts ditched all over the stores because of the condition. Guess the customers left and went somewhere else to shop, huh?