Readers' Hotline 5/16/11

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Try torture
I’m wondering what America thinks is so victorious about going over there and killing Osama bin Laden when 34 American lives were lost in just a matter of moments trying to capture this man on that day. Think of all the monument walls that are just chiseled out with the names of brave Americans that I am proud of.  I am proud to be an American, don’t get me wrong. The man should have to do time and pay time but I do not see how two wrongs make a right. That man should have been brought over here and put in solitary confinement and made to read the Hotline or George Bush’s decision points every day. That would have been pure torture.
Editor’s note: By all accounts, there were no American losses in the U.S. Navy SEALs’ raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Might you be counting combat casualties elsewhere that day?

Have one on me
It’s a shame that a bus driver had took some kids on a field trip and the kid had to buy the bus driver a drink because the bus driver wouldn’t buy his own drink. I think this is a shame the way the bus driver had done.

Making the rounds
I’ve noticed lately there have been a lot of comments about there not being very many bunnies around here. Well, it seems like we sure do have a bunny here in the Galax area. She visited Surry County at the library, visited both nursing homes, six classes of Head Start little ones, five classes at the elementary school, visited most of the downtown establishments, plus city hall, the police department, Rooftop, went to the egg hunt at the Galax Rec Center the day before Easter, went to the Fries Rec Center and helped with the children here the day before Easter; and also went to Camp Zion Church. Went to the school rooms at the Methodist church, met newborns to adults at the Twin County Hospital, had Easter breakfast at the Galax Friends Meeting on Easter Sunday, passed out over 1,100 Tootsie Pops and 12 dozen sugar-free cupcakes. A full two weeks of fun with children and adults. I wonder where the bunny is now?
Editor’s note: I hope that bunny’s getting some rest!

Ancient sidewalks
At 88 years young, a spry lady tried to take a short walk in her neighborhood last week, but due to the deplorable conditions of the sidewalks, she tripped and fell and was taken to the emergency room by ambulance. Besides the pain, her face is so bruised and swollen that she is embarrassed to go out in public. Galax has spent the taxpayers’ money on frivolous things for years. There is a nice sidewalk for the fiddlers, a walk and wall built for trail walkers, bumpouts and trees in the streets, etc. But, in the taxpayer neighborhood, the sidewalks are ancient and unsafe. The tennis courts are cracked but making the Galax neighborhoods a safe place to walk should take priority.

Sitting on some money?
I’m calling about Grayson County’s budget. I’d just like to know, since Grayson County has shut down five schools so far, and they said they would save so much money, and then every year they are still in the hole. So, where is all the money they are supposed to be saving by shutting down all these schools? Somebody is sitting on some money somewhere and just not saying anything about it. I would just like for the school board to tell the citizens of Grayson County how much money they really have.
Editor’s note: It doesn’t work that way. Governmental budgets are subject to outside audits.

Where will it end?
I read in the paper where Appalachian Power is filing for an increase again. I wish the wages would go up as much as Appalachian is getting raises. I don’t know where it is supposed to end. Appalachian has no right to an increase, because nobody is making money.

Asking too much
I recently received a letter asking me to sponsor a Grayson County High School baseball player with a monetary donation. I was just asking if this is normal or not. I thought the school paid for these players, paid for the uniforms and the equipment they use. I think it is a little unnecessary for them to be sending letters out asking for more money to buy equipment for players. The school is funded. They should be happy with what they get.
Editor’s note: With deep cuts to education budgets at Grayson and other schools, it’s not uncommon at all for sports programs to solicit funds from the community for uniforms or equipment. These are often not included in the budgets.

Seek counseling
I have been following [the gluttony debate] the past couple of papers and [the callers] seem to be very bitter and just full of bitterness and a touch of narcissism mixed in. The person you seem to be communicating to is obviously happy with their size and doesn’t have any problem with who they are. That seems to be just eating you alive. I would suggest you just relax and stop trying to force your values on someone else. If someone is happy with how they are, let it go at that. Concerning the thing of gluttony, I seem to remember in scripture that Jesus enjoyed food and wine at the feast and fellowship gatherings and he — looking forward to this day apparently — said, “surely you will call me a glutton and a wine bibber.” So, I guess Jesus is a sinner, too, by your account of everything. My point is, lighten up and perhaps you need to seek counseling.

Sad condemnations
This is to address the gluttony comments. The fact that you are so sad is so obvious. The truth is, I have seen people loading up at a salad bar with three times the size of what the fat person was eating yet they were slim. Each person’s metabolism is different. There are actually fat people who really don’t eat all that much. I think the person’s comments about, “you are ignorant” is well stated. Gluttony, in the Bible, just for your information, is not considered a sin — just unwise. We all know the extra weight on us is not healthy and I can assure you fat people are more uncomfortable than you ever would be, but your judgment and condemnation that comes out of your heart is very sad. Your condemnation of other people is ridiculous — your anger. But, one thing the Bible does say, “go about minding your own business.” That’s a practice I would think you might learn. God bless you.
Editor’s note: Gluttony is indeed considered one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” in Christianity, along with wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust and envy. But, the caller makes a good point that those condemning others could be considered guilty of two sins on that list — pride and wrath. No more calls about this matter after this week.

Need a million
Maybe I can collect one of Appalachian’s millions [that they are charging customers] and use some of that to pay my power bill with.

Be prepared
This is for the Galax EMTs. They do an outstanding job on calls, which they are needed to help people and to save lives. Over a year ago when my father [had a heart attack], when the EMTs came in, their battery pack heart defibrillator was not charged. The battery was not charged. They had to change the batteries out to resuscitate my father. I just want to say to the EMTs, and no disrespect, you need to check your equipment, especially your battery-charged defibrillators or your battery pack. Keep them charged up.

Much appreciated
I’m calling to thank whoever found my phone case in the Walmart parking lot. They laid it up on my windshield. I appreciate your honesty and I appreciate you putting it there. There are still good folks left.

Being mounted
I understand from the news media, all the news on the TV, that Osama bin Laden was killed dead and that the United States buried him at sea. Come on. The U.S. government isn’t going to do that. They just said that to keep the Arabs happy. I tell you what probably happened to him. Right now, he is in a taxidermy shop somewhere in Bubba, Texas, getting mounted for George W. Bush so he can display him in his living room. If he is in the sea, pray for the fishes.

Buck up a vet
My dad is a World War II D-Day vet, as well as Korean War vet, and he has just recently had quadruple bypass surgery. He is in Waddell [Nursing Home] for six weeks of rehab and he could use your support. Please send him a postcard, get well wishes, anything to help him get some positive feedback to get up and get going again. He is 89 years old. Write to: Osby Norman, Waddell Nursing Home, 202 Painter St., Room 227B, Galax, Va., 24333.

Prim and proper
I’m calling about the article about Galax High School students and the leadership session. I was disgusted to see these students with holes in their pants, wearing jeans, T-shirts. If these students are going through some kind of leadership session, they ought to be dressed appropriately. This photo is not the way I was raised. If you go to take a picture of some students in a leadership session, they ought to be dressed nice, no holes in jeans, no T-shirts, no shorts. This is not proper attire for students going for leadership. If this is our future, I hate to see what the future is going to be like with these students. Please correct the photos — have another photo taken with them properly dressed.

Two votes
Finally, we have some good news, as our congressman, Morgan Griffith, voted against the bill to stop billions of dollars in subsidies to big oil companies. This vote is to ensure that folks in the Ninth District will have future employment when new oil wells or refineries are built in the district. He also voted for a bill to reduce federal education funding to the states in an attempt to teach our students self reliance. Our students should learn and excel no matter if they have the tools to do either.

Judge not
This is in response to “living in sin.” I seem to recall somewhere in the Bible where it speaks that we are all born in sin. There is another little old verse about “judge not lest ye be judged.” I think somebody needs to get off their high horse and stop picking the sins he thinks anyone else is committing, and practice what he preaches, maybe.

Credit for trying
I’d like to comment about the call, “living in sin.” It’s great that people go to church. I know it is probably a sin to be living together and stuff like that, but I think people should be glad that somebody is going to church, because the person who called this in doesn’t go to church. At least they are trying and that’s what people need to be doing nowadays with the way the world is, anyway. They need to look at themselves in the mirror.

All about money
I am calling on Mothers Day and I was just wondering if AEP ever thinks of mothers like mine who are on Social Security and her bills cannot go around with her money. If they would quit spending they would not need a raise. I guess you will not put this in the Hotline. Everything is all about money.

Editor's note: Not the Hotline, caller — free expression, free of charge!