Readers' Hotline 5/15/13

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Easily impressed
I would just like to thank the person who put the Mexican salt and pepper shakers on my car Friday. Thank you so much. I love them.

Don’t tread on truckers
People in this area must be hard up for something to fuss about if they fuss about truckers’ jake brakes. What would you rather have him do? Run into a wall or into a car? People don’t know how important truckers are. If it weren’t for them, there would be no food, no clothes in the stores. And, the only ones out on the road that will stop and help you is a trucker. I don’t see why people pick on truckers. They closed a lot of the places that they stop and sleep. They just outlawed truckers, really. They are the only ones that really help America. I don’t know why people would just sit around and listen for jake brakes. That is an important part of the truck. Get off the truckers’ backs. They are a very important part of America.

Computer alternatives?
I have a little complaint. I think some of businesses should remember who put them where they are. One word: seniors. They say get coupons from computer and enter contest from computer. Got a complaint — computer. Most seniors don’t know anything about computers. They should have a telephone number for seniors to use for contests, freebies, coupons and yes, complaints.

Easily hired
I am calling about nursing homes. They need a better way of drug testing and background checking on some of the people they hire. They need to have a better way to drug test and have a background check because they will hire anybody that is breathing.

Taking us down
We live in a violent society. It is a disgrace the way this president and staff are taking down our Christian nation. When they are for gay marriages and abortion, God said, “Take care of the little children.” They are going against the Bible. The truth will stand when nothing else will. It is going on five years and we don’t have a balanced budget yet. The reason Democrats don’t want one is so they can still waste tax money on things of no benefit. By the way, there is no safe place anymore. It breaks my heart to see so many innocent people losing their lives. The scumbags of this Earth that don’t have a life. They live in misery and have respect for nothing. They take their spite out on authorities, children and elderly. The Bible says these things will happen in the last days. Wake up and be ready to go. It won’t be long. Also, I am sick and tired of this president being a dictator, trying to cram everything down our throat.

Meat shenanigans
I’m calling about [a meat company]. The woman I stay with bought a bunch of meat off them. She called and told them to come and get it. They got the meat. They told her they had lost her check and we put a hold on her check. Well, they changed the number on the check from 3/1/13 to 5/1/13 and cashed it. Now she is out of $636. We can’t get hold of them and I think that is wrong what they did. If anybody has any other comments about this, please contact the police and let them know.

Home care is best
In reference to “the elderly, a forgotten society” letter in the paper, I totally agree with the writer. I have been a nurse, mainly in nursing homes, for 22 years and have recently gotten out of that field due to things that are allowed to go on. I encourage people, if at all possible, to keep their family members at home. There are a lot of dependable people out there that would love to take care of your loved one in their home so they could stay there. The elderly are a forgotten society and it seems to just worsen every day.

Send a message
That kid that punched that soccer referee [in Utah] and the referee died, that kid needs to be tried as an adult. He needs to get about 20 years [for a conviction] or whatever it calls for to send these people a lesson. If they are going to play and they want to do wrong, they are going to pay.
Editor’s note: According to the Deseret News of Salt Lake City, Utah, a 17-year-old accused of punching a soccer referee, causing his death, was charged with homicide by assault, a third-degree felony. The charge was filed in juvenile court, but the prosecutor will seek to have the teen tried as an adult.

Great place to go
I want to compliment changes with the Carrollwood Campground, which has become Matthew’s Carrollwood Campground. I really appreciate them for getting that back up and running again and appreciate the Nobles for allowing that to take place. It is a very nice campground. Family oriented. Nice place to fish, with lots of big fish. They are affordable and allow you to bring your own golf carts as long as they are well maintained. I am really excited to get to go back throughout the summer. Great place to go if you want a good family weekend trip.
Editor’s note: The golf carts are allowed once a private cart owner signs over a liability waiver.