Readers' Hotline 5/14/14

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Gripes from Circle Drive
I have lived in Galax City for 22 years and it was great until the last few when they did all the work up at the school. All of us on Circle Drive have our driveways and yards all messed up and we never got reimbursed for all the money we spent thousands of dollars on. It’s still running mud down in the front driveway and down in the back of the house into the basement. Nobody does anything. Yet, they increase your taxes and reduce the value of your property. Then, they come along and trim your trees. You are disabled. You can’t clean up. They leave your porch, your walkway, everything in a mess. They don’t blow it off. I just don’t think it is right when people do like this. Seems like nobody cares. It is not right. I wonder how long people will live in the city if they are all treated this way?

Don’t want to hear it
My comment is about this university professor that tells them they have to leave God, they can’t use the word “God.” Is he also telling Muslims that they can’t use the word “Allah?” I am tired of hearing them say we can’t use “God.” This is America, founded on principles of Jesus Christ and the Bible. If they don’t like it here, don’t come here. It’s a funny thing they want to come here and change this place to where it’s just like the place they left. I don’t want to hear Allah or Mohammad, either. They will bow and kneel to the feet of Jesus Christ. That’s what the Bible says. I’m just dumb enough to believe every word of it.

Report abuses
This is in response to the Hotline comments, “dog needs help” and “skin and bones.” My thanks to you for caring about these abused animals. Please report animal abuse to the humane society or other organizations for abused animals. Animal abuse needs to be reported to the proper authorities. When you report abuse, be sure to follow up with the organization to make sure they did their job. I am a big financial supporter to the humane society. These helpless animals need our help.

Fixing a mess
Somebody needs their head examined. Obama is not the worst president. George Bush is and Obama is trying to fix the mess George Bush caused — Iraq war and all the soldiers killed with no weapons of mass destruction. I don’t know what planet you are living on.

Where’s the outrage?
This is a call about what is going on at Rutgers University where they don’t want [former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice] to speak [at commencement]. Says they are doing that in protest of the Iraq war where people were killed. Well, why aren’t they protesting and charging the White House about what happened at Benghazi when four people were killed 18 months ago and now they have come out with documents that show they have lied about it. Where is the outrage from Rutgers about the Benghazi people that got killed?

Greater offense
I recently moved here from up north. I thought this would be a better environment for my kids to grow up in. It seems like everywhere I go, I see a drug deal. I recently had to go to court for a traffic violation. While in the parking lot, I saw a drug deal go down at a gas station.

Hire it out
I’m calling about the “assist the elderly” comment in last week’s paper. Most of us hire somebody to do our yards and do our yard work and that gives another person a job.

Abortion views
Saw on TV today where a woman was filming her own abortion to show the positive side of it. She forgot to tell the people that she is a cold-blooded murderer.

The wrong war
I wouldn’t go to Mexico if they gave me the whole country. They’ve got that Marine down there in jail because he made a mistake and took the wrong road and had guns in his car. I don’t know what in the world is wrong with people up in Washington, D.C. We’ve got a bunch of idiots running this country to start with. What I think is, they are fighting the wrong country like in Afghanistan and Iraq. They need to look elsewhere.

Energy disputes
Yet another rate increase for APCo? You have got to be kidding. First, Appalachian Power raises our rates before the State Corporation Commission reviews their application. Then, when the commission agrees to a rate increase less than what they applied for, APCo assigns credit to their customers rather than actually paying them back. They made income in interest on money they never should have received. Then, they keep on applying for more rate increases. Now, we learn a power company may have been in cahoots with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid on a land deal that forced ranchers off of federal grazing land so that a deal could be done with a Chinese energy company. We slapped the wrist of Enron criminals, bail out criminals in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and law enforcement ignores out of control power companies with monopolies of our energy sources. How messed up is that?
Editor’s note: The Nevada matter is complicated, but the Snopes “urban legends” website says the theory “falls flat in the face of basic facts” that Sen. Reid’s involvement in the Bundy dispute was motivated by a desire to somehow profit from the building of a solar plant. Snopes says the site that ENN Mojave Energy was planning to buy in order to build a solar plant is nowhere near the public land Bundy has been disputing with the government.

Not justified
State officials estimated that the New River Trail’s economic impact on the region was $15.6 million in 2013 and more than $17.2 million in 2012. It’s a little hard to believe there is a need to increase parking fees for the trail. As far as considering an annual parking pass at $40, well this may be not a significant amount to some but for the retired living on a strict budget and for the ones of us who are unemployed, I happen to know it is. Could it be there is some greediness going on?
Editor’s note: The economic impact figures do not reflect money the state is making off the New River Trail. Those numbers are the amount of tourism-related spending in communities the trail runs through. In other words, it’s money spent in towns and cities adjacent to the state park, so parking fees wouldn’t be included.