Readers' Hotline 5/14/12

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Tender care
I merely want to thank the Twin County Regional Hospital emergency room for excellent professional care while I was in their care. The loving, caring, tender care that they showed me is beyond mere words and certainly a credit to Galax.

Buy local
I am a local business owner. I have been very supportive of all the activities, school functions and fundraisers going on in our area. Recently I had numerous citizens asking for donations. Sometimes two or three times a day for various very worthy causes. Most of the people asking for donations do not patronize my business at all. I never see these people and most of them pass my business several times a day. Let’s keep in mind how important the phrase, “let’s buy local” really is.

Expecting miracles
It is so interesting that every week that you pick up the paper and read the Hotline that somebody has something to say about President Obama. It is bewildering that people have such dumb thinking about the president. The country was already in a mess before he got in office. Everything he tries to do, everybody opposes him for some reason — like they don’t want him to succeed. Why is it like that? It is ridiculous. What about other officials such as mayors, governors, delegates. What are they doing? They are the ones up there opposing Obama. Nothing he does can ever go through just because it’s a good idea. Everything he does is always negative. We have had worse presidents. He has been in there for four years and people expect him to do miracles after everybody else has messed up the country.

Be bossy
Now that there are a couple new faces on Fries Town Council, does that mean the town employees will finally have a boss that will tell them what to do? Probably nothing will be changed. They pick what they want to do. Usually, that’s the way it goes.

Spring Valley mess
I’d like to make a comment about the mess off of Spring Valley Road. It is unreal. I can’t understand why the health department doesn’t go in and clean the mess up like they did in Carroll County. It’s just an eyesore to our community.

Pharmacy fan
Bigger is not always better. I want to express my gratitude to the Galax Pharmacy. On numerous occasions, I went to large chain pharmacies looking for medical needs, only to be disappointed. Every time I went to Galax Pharmacy, they had what I sought. Now I know where to take my business. I only need one pharmacy.

In hiding
What’s wrong with hiding behind a tree on a church parking lot? If you are not doing anything wrong, the police can’t do anything to you anyway.

Dug-in opponents
I can’t understand why these people say they are Christians and then say they can’t wait to get Obama out of office. I think he has done the best he could, considering everything he tries to do, Republicans vote no. It’s their main job, they think, to get him out of office. I don’t understand why. He has done a lot better than Bush.

Ridiculous regulations
I’m calling about the Hotline comment that said, “Oh no, APCo.” I know these power bills are hitting everybody where it hurts — in the pocket book. You have to realize, the power companies are having a hard time dealing with the EPA and the Obama administration’s regulations. The regulations make it harder and harder on coal-fired generating plants. The EPA is out to ruin us all with these regulations. They have run industries out of this country and will continue to do it until Americans stand up against it. We need to vote Obama out so he will stop these ridiculous regulations.

Losing battle?
Wake up and smell the roses, people. APCo’s rate hikes cannot be denied. This is a monopoly and therefore has no competition. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer and the middle class pay for it. Only problem now is the middle class is shrinking, big time. If you want socialism, vote democratic. Maybe we are fighting a losing battle because people who can work and should work, don’t. A lot of people have worked all their lives for what little we’ve got now to sustain quality of life. Did anybody promise you a rose garden? They never promised me that. Fair is where men go to throw cow chips. I work hard for all I’ve got and won’t pay for people who lie at home, do drugs and have kids so the government can support them.

Anthem ignored
HoustonFest was quite an enjoyable event. However, when the flag bearers marched in both nights, I could not believe the number of unpatriotic people there who did not salute, remained silent or quit walking around during this part —nor even saluting when our National Anthem was played. It was shameful. Don’t parents teach their children the proper way to act and honor our flag and National Anthem? Most of whom I am referring to were not children. Our schools should add this training to the list of studies as well as to not throw trash out of cars onto the roadsides. Don’t you have a trash bag to carry and use it instead? Please help us keep our area clean.

Job well done
I would like to just thank Hope House Shelter director Deborah Payne for her dedication and hard work. She will be leaving June 1 and will be greatly missed by all those she has touched by her care and concern. The Hope House ministers to those who are homeless in distress in difficult times and also recovering addicts who need assistance in starting over. She has put in many hours and given up personal time to help others and make sure these people knew someone cared. My thanks and appreciation for all she has done.

Don’t be fooled
Beware, all you older and elderly women. Unfortunately, this area is not excluded from a man posing as a Bible-toting minister wannabe who will take advantage of you, take money from you, borrow your vehicles and goodness knows what else. They need to know that the local ABC store is also familiar with this man, as well as the IRS and other agencies. Don’t fall for the sob stories or you may wind up a little light in the pocketbook department and heavy in the fool department.

Crowing in Hillsville
I just saw the funniest thing. I drove by Race-In in Hillsville and they have “Congratulations Greg Crower,” which is exactly what he is, talking about all this stuff he is going to do for the town. It’s pitiful when your own employees can’t spell your name right.
Editor’s name. The mayor-elect’s last name is actually Crowder.

Two more days
It is very unfair that our children have to go to school two extra days when Carroll County is getting out. The seniors’ graduation was on Saturday morning. The school should have been out and it is unfair for the juniors down to kindergarten to attend two more days. It is very unfair to the children when they could be having their time off too. They have missed no more time than what the seniors did.

Fuzzy math
I was reading on television about the unemployment rate where they put 115,000 to work and that dropped it one-tenth of a percent. I just wonder if the Obama administration thinks we are all crazy. There are over 300,000 people retire in a month and over 200,000 being born a month, yet they can put 115,000 or 120,000 to work and it cuts the unemployment rate? They think we are really stupid.