Readers' Hotline 4/9/14

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Employer’s fault
This is for “did no wrong,” who lost his job because of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Said he lost his job because his employer got rid of him because of the insurance. That wasn’t insurance’s fault. That was the employer’s fault because he didn’t want to pay the employee or the insurance. Just like older people blame the new HMOs on Obamacare that came out a long time before Obamacare came out. They think it’s Obamacare insurance. People are very uneducated in this area.

Giveaway explained
This is regarding the radio announcer and the “eight at once” comment. What happened that morning that the reader got wrong was that I said we didn’t have time that morning for any more repetitive call-ins. I took one call as far as making the announcement that people could call in after I gave the information. The tickets weren’t given away to one caller. They were given away to four different calls — eight tickets, two tickets to each caller. One person didn’t win eight McCamey’s tickets. I never said they didn’t have time to keep letting people call in to try to win. We had a number of things that were going on the air that morning and those tickets had been dropped off just that morning to give away. So, we were trying to fit in all those tickets because the singing was going to be the next day, so we needed to get it taken care of. I don’t know how else to say it but the reader was wrong in this.

Denying coverage
Just wondering how, in good conscience, the House of Delegates in Virginia could deny 400,000 people healthcare coverage under expanded Medicaid. This will cost the state nothing and will add as many as 30,000 jobs. I remember when Sen. Carrico said he believed that God wanted him to run for public office. Well, maybe he needs to talk to Jesus about taking care of those less fortunate than himself.

Holy Ghost revival
What would happen if we could have an old-fashioned, old-time, Holy Ghost revival for every house of God in the area in Carroll, Grayson, Galax, I just wonder what would happen if we could have something like that in Felts Park like the Old Fiddlers’ Convention and Houston Fest. I am not putting these things down, but folks, we need to try to get this country back to God. Wonder what would happen if we could raise money for the Lord’s work like they do for all these other things. We could send out Bibles, see it preached more on the streets, get out in the communities, highways, byways and hedges. Lord, I pray that somehow people will be more concerned for your work. But let’s just pray for a Holy Ghost revival just in this community. Every church, every house of God should be willing to fast and pray for that because time is surely running out.

Justice questioned
After reading the headline, “No jail time for driver in I-77 fatality,” I am convinced that some can [create] their own justice. Wouldn’t it be great if attorneys and judges could ride with the highway patrol for a month and witness the carnage caused by reckless, careless, uncaring, bullheaded drivers that are allowed on today’s highways. This is a disgusting result of our justice system.
Selective enforcement
What’s the name of the new insurance that is going to cover the six to seven million people that have lost their insurance because of Obamacare? Started out with 30 million people that needed insurance. Well, why didn’t you just make a provision that insurance companies had to cover pre-existing conditions? That was one of the main issues. You could have solved this in five minutes. They don’t want to solve it. And who decides the immigration laws are going to be enforced? I am tired of illegals getting patted on the back. If you are breaking the law, you are breaking the law. If you are going to put somebody in jail for stealing a pack of bologna to feed their family, you need to put these people in jail for breaking the law for being here stealing the bologna with our money and paying for it, because they shouldn’t be here. What laws are we going to enforce? The government ought to be very plain about that and so should local law enforcement. If you arent going to enforce laws, don’t enforce any of them.

Bounty welcomed
I’d like to thank the Grayson County Supervisors for putting a bounty on coyotes. If the supervisors would do more research on the farmers in Grayson County, they could learn a lot more than some expert that supposedly knows it all.

Curb your envy
People in Eagle Bottom need to mind their own business and quit texting other people’s ex-spouses on Facebook and stop being envious because somebody lives on the golf course.

Other reasons
About the call, “laying the blame” — the ignorance of some people that think just because the president is black is the only reason you have an issue with him. I have several issues with the president and none of them is the fact that he is black. Some people just try to stir up the racism card and that is all it is. He has plenty of other issues to upset people.

Got it wrong
The caller that said the radio announcer gave away eight tickets to the concert at Carroll County High School to one person is absolutely wrong. Listen carefully the next time because he did not give them all to one person and he did not say he was. He is my favorite announcer and he does good work.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Jobs first
As a citizen and taxpayer of Galax, I say no to the water park and no to the new elementary school. Citizens of Galax cannot afford to have their taxes raised. We still have high unemployment. We need jobs. City council needs to focus on jobs. Wytheville got the Gatorade facility. Galax, nothing. Come on, bring jobs. Realize there are people in this area unemployment that don’t have a lot of money. They don’t take cruises. They don’t have homes in Europe. They can’t travel and they are not retired. No high taxes. No water park. No [new] schools. More jobs. Get industry in here. Do something to help all of the people of Galax.

Postal woes
I’m calling in reference to the mail service. I have had numerous problems of my mail getting delivered to me in a timely manner. I don’t know what is going on. I have been to the post office. I wish someone would start really paying attention and start taking care of this so that it could be done in a more timely manner and more accurately, considering how much taxpayer money pays these people.
Editor’s note: The caller is incorrect. The U.S. Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

Back it up
The Hotline comment, “still relevant” listed all these things that were banned in Leviticus under Moses before Christ came, including man sleeping with man. That was then, he says, but the part about gays was listed in the New Testament after Christ came. I was just calling to see if he could cite a passage that verifies that.

No matter
In regard to the call, “new religion,” God is God, no matter what the name: Creator, Allah, God.
Pay and perks
Rep. Paul Ryan lives in the former Parker Penn mansion [in Wisconsin] and I don’t think he has ever had a real job outside of government. We have been supporting him and his family while he wants to cut [things] in this country for the rest of us. We need to start with his paycheck and perks. Cut them first and then we will talk. And where is the help we promised our vets? They are the heroes of this country and we should never forget it.
Editor’s note: Biographical information shows that Mr. Ryan worked at McDonald’s during high school, and for Oscar Mayer during college. Before being elected to the House, he worked as a staff economist on Capitol Hill while supplementing his income as a waiter and personal trainer. Mr. Ryan earns the same federal pay and benefits as all 435 members of the House of Representatives.

School alternative
I have read with great excitement the articles about Mountain Top Community School. This will be fabulous. For years I have wished for an alternative school for children to attend. Oak Hill Academy is wonderful, yet it is so far away and the tuition is out of reach for many. Now, here is a school that will be teaching the Bible, will be teaching Christianity and it’s tuition-free. This is absolutely an answer to many prayers. I just hope many people will get behind this — churches, individuals, please support this. Our children need an alternative to public education. Public education just scratches the surface. It’s up to parents to educate their children in the Bible. Sending them to a school where the Bible is promoted and taught, this is wonderful. This is so needed and how fortunate in this small City of Galax to have this. Let’s support it.
Editor’s note:  The services of this school will not be offered for free. Typically, private schools cost around $7,000 per student, but they hope to cut down costs with volunteer help and grant funds.