Readers' Hotline 4/7/14

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Just stop
I am tired of all these people whining all the time, being racist, saying stuff about aliens and all this crazy stuff. Leave people alone. If they want to be gay, they can be so. But judging them is not going to help any at all. So, please stop this crucial mess. This is the United States of America.

Don’t burden Carroll
This is about the Carroll County swimming pool. Carroll taxpayers are begging and pleading the supervisors not to burden the county and the people with more taxes for a water park. They are not needed but jobs are needed. Supervisors, wake up.

Well said
“Messed up enough” was a very good Hotline call. I cannot believe the editor not saying so instead of commenting on the amount of money Colorado took in for legalizing marijuana. It seems like it is very clear how he stands on this subject.

Many sins
I believe homosexuality is a sin. So is lying, adultery, stealing, killing. Why are you so focused on one sin and forgetting all the other sins? That is just as wrong. Did you know that repeating all those lies on President Obama … is a sin and you will have to answer for that, too?

Visiting dogs
Oh, the joy of watching people let their dogs out and use the bathroom in your back yard. Do they clean it up? No. Do they let them use it in their yard? No. I thought we had a leash law or some kind of law here. People are getting paid to take care of this while they sit on their can.
Beep beep
For all the people in Grayson County who love coyotes so much, I just have a little advice for you. Go back and watch Road Runner cartoons because evidently you don’t [garbled] a coyote.
Editor’s note: For coyote eradication, maybe the county should invest in some fine products from the Acme company. They always seemed to take care of Wile E. Coyote.

Behind the statistics
I think your paper does a great job. Here is something to think about. Talk about the unemployment numbers going down. Well, you don’t think that might have something to do with the people’s unemployment benefits running out and they can’t sign up for any more. They have reached their limit. That doesn’t mean necessarily that they have gone to work, because the unemployment numbers have gone down. They would be in the statistic of not having unemployment anymore, but still not receiving any money.
Editor’s note: The caller is correct that people who no longer qualify for benefits are not counted as “unemployed.” Employment commission officials have brought this to our attention before, in noting that unemployment is always higher than the rate makes it appear.

Answer to one master
People, please just shut up about smoking cigarettes. They better be worried about our drug trouble here lately. Complaining and talking about people smoking cigarettes, they are probably drinking beer the same time others are smoking cigarettes. It’s just like I heard Johnny Paycheck say when he tried to get in a church and they wouldn’t let him because of his beard, yet he was making music one night and the same people that sang in the choir were at his show dancing and drinking beer and having a good time. So, you can’t live for two masters. If I were you, I would start looking in my back yard. You can’t get out and party and drink you beer and have a good time on Saturday night and get up and go to church the next morning and sing Amazing Grace. God knows everything you do and everywhere you go. I don’t really care, but you are going to find out He knows and you will answer for it.
Read before voting
I think what you are doing with the Hotline is great. I really appreciate it. I just have a comment on what is going on with the healthcare stuff. Is it really true? Tell your readers in the paper it is true and the more I hear this, the more I think it is true. They passed the healthcare bill in 2010 without even reading the bill. They don’t even know what’s in it because every day something new comes out in it? It would be good if politicians read the laws they are passing. If there was a box sitting there with $1,000 and you didn’t know what was in it, would you hand them the money? You have to know what is in these bills before you pass them. I think the American people deserve the right to be told what is true.

Dulled by pot
For all the people that think there isn’t anything wrong with smoking marijuana, they ought to read the March issue of Consumer Reports on health, page 3. It says MRI brain scans in young adults who had smoked pot daily in their teens but then abstained for at least two years, the brain scan showed change in the memory areas responsible for working memory, which appeared to shrink and collapse inward compared with brains of subjects who hadn’t used marijuana. And marijuana users also did worse on memory tests and the abnormalities in their brain scans were similar to those of people with schizophrenia.
Left behind
Not every household in the county has Internet access, nor does every student have a smart phone. There are some places in the county where the local phone company will not provide Internet services. We have called and they say it is not available where we live and they have no plans to bring it. Neither myself, nor my children, have Internet-ready smart phones. It is not my responsibility as a parent to pay a satellite provider a high price each month to pay for Internet service at my home or upgrade my cell phone and pay more each month so you can teach my children while they are home on snow days. I can’t afford these services or I would already have them. But, if the schools superintendent wants to start paying those expensive bills for me, he can let me know and I will be glad to sign up.

Flee from sin
Yes, Mr. Editor of The Gazette, it is most interesting the “forbidden law” or forbidden things one is not to do in Leviticus. But, let’s go to 1 Corinthians. Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Yes, flee from sexual immorality, all other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Sexual immorality is a sin. Go to the New Testament, you will read all kinds of things about that. As human beings, we are to flee from sin if we do want to inherit heaven.

In the wild
I believe all zoos ought to be done away with and leave these animals in the wild where they belong. We have too many ignorant people in this country after nothing but money.
Mount Rogers travels around to different schools paying parents if they will sit in four classes, teaching the parents not to spank their kids when they are mean. They want them to be put in time out. What a shame.

Double staffing
I’m reflecting on discontinuance of Saturday mail from these post offices to save money. I can tell you one reason the U.S. Postal Service is in the shape it is in. At a small post office, it takes two people, most days, to do the job one has always been able to do. The postal service should check why they are paying two people to do a one-person job.

Heads and tails
I’m watching them preview this movie, “Noah.” They are talking about creation and evolution over God creating the world. Well, here is my theory. If we all come from apes, how come we can’t all get in our car and ride down to the Asheboro zoo, sit out there in front of the monkey cages and watch them change into humans? Why did they quit? Why can’t we go watch them do that? When scientists do these dinosaur fossils they find, how come the head is like 30 million years old and the tail end of it is 50 million years old? You’re talking about a painful birth.

Liar, or not?
Are there any laws that govern what people say on the senate floor? I am referring to Sen. Harry Reid. He is calling everybody a liar and then he is saying he didn’t say it. Even the people that support him, where are they? Do they still support him? Do they still back what he says? It is really going to be a disaster in elections.

Put down
I don’t like to keep harping on Mr. Obama, our so-called president. People say they don’t like to hear him being put down. This is not put down. The facts are facts. He lies. You Democrats, keep thinking and ask God, “why did we do this?” Think about our country that is going down and all these abortions he believes in. People need to get on their knees and pray for this president and all the Congress and Senate that we can get this country back to God.

Carts aside
I have never heard of anything as foolish or stupid as passing an ordinance allowing golf carts on city streets. On Main Street or any other street. Seventy different streets, 25 miles within the city? There is going to be a lot of accidents, probably deaths happening. Emergency vehicles don’t know when or where the golf carts might be. Police need to put a stop to this ordinance. Golf carts belong on the golf course, not on city streets. Remove streets or portions? Leave the streets alone.

Nail those teens
Here is a suggestion for the Galax Police Department. Please patrol Railroad Avenue, Poplar Knob Road and Country Club Lane around 3:20-ish when the high school kids are going home or traveling wherever they may be. I guarantee you will catch lots of high school kids speeding, vehicles overcrowded, driving recklessly, texting, etc.

Change in venue
How can the two men charged for Brandon Billings‚ murder get a fair trial in Grayson County? I hope and pray they move the trial out of Grayson County.