Readers' Hotline 4/6/11

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I’m standing in a short line, two people ahead of me. Only one check out cashier. I’ve got one small item with cash in my hand and the person in front of me has 20-30 items. If she said to me, “Go ahead of me. You only have one item,” I would have thanked her and been out of the store before she had the items out of her basket and on the checkout counter. But, no, that didn’t happen. I, as a Yankee, would have done the normal and right thing and I always have. What is wrong with people nowadays? Very little kindness out there, but a lot of talk.

Do it right
When you advertise for a yard sale like a three-family yard sale and you advertise it at a church, at least have a decent yard sale. Don’t just have clothes. People take time out to go because they are excited about a yard sale. The first for the new season. So, at least have a decent yard sale.
Editor's note: I know! How thoughtless. I mean, who needs clothes, right? They should have had some useless nicknacks or old 8-track tapes to sell.

Together again?
About the three that are running for office in the sheriff’s department. If they would all get their heads together and agree that whomever wins keeps the other two that are running against them, that would be a big help because they have worked together for years.

Listener responds
Since I was one that complained about changes made to the radio station earlier, I now feel like I should let you know that I am pleased to see the station return to classic country music and start having news again each hour. There is enough Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts on other stations without our small town going that same direction. We have our hometown station back. Thanks for listening to your listeners.

Amateurs only
I wonder why professional musicians are allowed to compete in the Galax Fiddlers’ Convention. I understand in the past convention there were several professional musicians performing in competition.
Editor's note: There's nothing in the convention rules that prohibits professional musicians from competing. It's not an amateur talent show.

Other priorities
This is for the caller who drives to Winston and Roanoke to eat fast food. Those of us who work those small-time jobs, as you call it, apologize for not meeting your high standards of hygiene. Just because someone has bad teeth does not make them a “meth head.” We have high priorities, like feeding our families and paying bills, rather go to the dentist every couple of weeks. How about the next time you blow all that money driving to Winston, you just stay there.

Life at the drive-thru
In response to “loss of appetite.” You must be the same one that pulled up to the drive-thru window at a local restaurant and told the woman that waited on you when you placed your order, to wash her hands. If you had more than one brain cell left from drinking like you do, you would know drugs is not the only thing that causes bad teeth. Why don’t you move to Winston? Maybe someone will knock your teeth out.

Check yourself out
To the person who wrote about “loss of appetite” in the Hotline. Are you serious? Do me a favor. Go stand in front of the mirror. Do you see anything wrong? Could it be you are a little overweight, eyes too close together? Oh yeah, it’s your nose. Are you beautiful? Perfect person? Don’t talk about anyone else’s body unless yours is perfect. Maybe you need to be hidden. Maybe your extra weight makes me sick. Get a life. Better yet, go to Roanoke and get yourself something to eat.

Whose bright idea was it for Grayson County to go on time to school last Monday in the snow? They don’t want them to go to school all year long when there is snow on the ground, but the one time they have snow on both ends of the county, they send them to school.
Don’t publish
Once again I read in the paper a negative comment about the emergency department. Regarding the policy of The Gazette, the emergency department is a business, so no negative comments should be published about a business. If people aren’t satisfied, there are many more to choose from.
Editor’s note: Exceptions are sometimes made when the business is a public service or holds monopoly status. For example, the Hotline publishes calls commenting about electricity rates charged by a single provider, but not calls comparing gas prices between various stations.

Don’t deny
It makes me sad to see what is happening to our country and denying our God, our Creator. Someday we will stand before God and explain why we are denying Him. For years it was no such thing as between church and state and all that. I don’t know where that started, but when you deny your Creator, some day we will be in trouble. He is alive. I know from experience.
Editor’s note: Thomas Jefferson referred to the concept of church and state in 1802 and the phrase was quoted by the U.S. Supreme Court as early as 1878. The phrase “separation of church and state” does not appear in the U.S. Constitution, but the First Amendment, which took effect in 1791, states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Find a diversion
This is in regard to Mr. Goldwasser, always at the supervisors’ meetings stirring up trouble. Can’t somebody find him something else to hop on?

Justify this
I want to know how some of these bills the supervisors are allowing for transporting a sick, elderly person to the hospital can be justified. My neighbor just got a bill where Laurel Rescue took an elderly person to the hospital and I do believe $130 for a 13-mile trip is a license to rob the elderly. I’m not saying we don’t need these services, but how can the cost be justified? It’s no wonder that Medicare and Medicaid are going broke and cutting services. The cost alone for the Medicare on this bill was $350.

Mirror, mirror…
Let me tell you something. Grayson bragging its bottom line in the paper. That is really something. People in the county starving, no home to live in, worried about where their medicine is going to come from. This county really needs to look at itself in the mirror. And I mean more than once.

It’s on
To all my neighbors in Woodlawn who want to be petty and call about every little thing. It’s on. You want to act like children, I’m going to treat you like children. You can’t let things go. You have to be petty about everything. You know who you are.

Caused by medication
I’d like to comment about the person serving food at the drive-thru. I’d like them to know I am 70 years old. Never touched a drug in my life. I was put on medication for a problem that destroyed my teeth. I have a 60-year-old cousin who had perfect teeth. She was put on medication. It ruined all her teeth. Certain sugar medications that they put you on will ruin your teeth, too. If this person can go to Roanoke or Winston-Salem to eat, surely they can afford to be a Christian and help pay for these people’s teeth, or either have a little common sense.

Fan mail
I read the Hotline regularly. Some are well written and very interesting. But, the editor’s notes are very comical and make stupid remarks. His remarks about the Pope article is a good example. There definitely should be pictures of suspects no matter where they are from. Are you really the editor of this newspaper?
Editor's note: See that, just to the left? What does it say?

You stink
This is for the people who are throwing the dead fish in the driveway and knocking down fence posts in the driveway of our neighbors’ yard. Just remember, we have reported it to authorities and you are the stinky neighbors.

Better treatment
I bought a sheet and a set of pillowcases. I took it back because I got the wrong size. They wouldn’t exchange it for me because I didn’t have a receipt. I didn’t do a thing but go right to another place and explained the situation and they took one in and gave me a brand new set. I told the people at the first place that I would never be back in there and spend a dime with them and I won’t. I will always go back where the people treated me right.

Don’t judge
In response to Monday’s paper, the person who said “no breaks for our own” — I totally agree with you. We need to start helping America instead of these other countries. We need to help ourselves for a change. And regarding the person who said, “milking the system” — you need to mind your own business and not worry about what everybody else is doing, if they are getting food stamps or what. Just take care of yourself and don’t judge people.

A system of order
I wanted to comment on all these school systems taking the Ten Commandments out of the schools. I don’t have a problem with the commandments being in schools. It is the only system of order that historically has proven to be applicable and workable. All laws — no matter what your religious system — can function in the Ten Commandments. These so-called representatives, these lawyers who are representing the Freedom from Religion Act — freedom from religion, my granny’s backside.

Where will it end?
I’m calling in response to removing the Ten Commandments from Grayson County Schools. I understand what the school board is saying. I understand that, but I think Grayson County and Grayson schools need to wake up. In God’s word it tells us we ought to obey God rather than men. God wrote the Ten Commandments for our benefit and to live by. We all need commandments, including our children. Look at the mess our nation is in now by trying to take God out of everything. The question is, where will it end? God help us all.
Editor's note: The Ten Commandments were not removed from the school. They were never there to begin with. The Grayson County School Board heard requests from several local pastors to hang the commandments in the schools, which were rejected on the grounds that — as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1980 — doing so would violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Do as I say
When are police officers going to start practicing that for which they ticket civilians? Where is our example?

Faith restored
I have had a hard time believing in people here lately but I would like to commend Twin County Funerals for the wonderful job they did when our loved one passed away. They were so very kind to each and every one of my family members and actually took the time to thank us at the graveside for allowing them to be a part of our family. They restored my faith that there are still good people left in this world.

Right now
If you are not happy with the food or the service in any local restaurant, you had better complain at that exact time because they won’t do anything afterwards.

Taking offense
It is a disgrace against Jesus Christ and for the Christian people not to let the Ten Commandments hang on the walls of Grayson County schools, and where they are considering Sunday alcohol sales. Which do you think is the best to look at? Somebody has lost their minds.

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