Readers' Hotline 4/4/12

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Line is busy
This is in regard to “texting away.” It is not the cell phone record they need to check. It’s the school phone records they need to check about “texting away.”
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter. Or texts.

Lots of nerve
Certain school board members in Carroll County have a lot of nerve to write a guest editorial about the cuts that are being made and the funding issues that Carroll County Schools are facing when he and every other person on that board collects a salary and benefits and retirement from Carroll County taxpayers for the time they serve on that school board. If anything needs to be cut, their salaries should be the first to go.
Editor’s note: Carroll School Board members are paid $5,400 each per year. The chairman is paid $7,200. Board members are not eligible for retirement benefits through the county, but are eligible for health insurance. Two board members participate in the county’s health plan.

On your knees
This is about the “sitting ducks” comments and who’s to blame. The people who are calling in blaming others are the people to blame. What you need to be doing is not worry about which president’s fault it is. You need to be down on your knees praying for these troops, praying for their safety and praying for God to protect them for the nice job they are doing. If you want to blame somebody, you might as well go back to the Revolutionary War and blame George Washington for wars if that is what you want to do. I’m tired of everybody blaming other people. Start praying for these troops.

Global warming
A meteorologist on the news said that by 2020, which is only eight years from now, the surface temperature on this planet is going to be about five degrees higher. He said it is because of automobiles. I’ve been saying that for years. The reason for global warming is there are too many automobiles on the road and the reason there are too many automobiles is there are too many people.
Editor’s note: Hot air spewed by TV meteorologists has to account for some of that global warming, too.

Give them a raise
It’s a shame that four Fries employees are going to lose their health insurance. They save Fries $18,000. I think they need to join Congress. I think really, they ought to give those people a raise for what they are doing, instead of cutting their benefits.
Editor’s note: Actually, they will get a raise. Each of the employees losing their insurance will have their salary increased by $250 per month.

Spay and neuter
On numerous occasions, I have seen cats and dogs being sold and given away [in a business parking lot]. One never knows what type of home or situation these animals will have to endure. It could very well be a wonderful, loving home. However, it could also end up with an irresponsible pet owner. Perhaps this could be prevented if owners would have their pets spayed or neutered. There are programs to give assistance with spaying and neutering. If this abuse of animals is illegal, can’t merchants put an end to this practice?

Sounds different
The call about how great Rooftop is now must be going to a different place than I am, because that isn’t the agency I go to.

Wood stacker
I’d like to find out how a person goes about stacking wood in the hollow going to the water plant at Fries. I know some people get to stack it up there and I would like to stack it up there so I couldn’t have it in my yard. Can anybody stack it or just a select few?
Editor’s note: This raises a good question: how much wood could a wood stacker stack if a wood stacker could stack wood?

It’s a conspiracy
I don’t know if anybody out there knows this, but every time you use a cell phone, it is not secure and everything you say is recorded. These new phones now, you can do bank business with your cell phone and you give your bank number. I wouldn’t be doing it. You do that and it is recorded and not secure and when you give that bank account number, that number is bounced all over the world.
Editor’s note: And my grandmother used to think that newscasters could watch her through her television. Always kept her housecoat on.