Readers' Hotline 4/3/13

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Rec center runs on integrity
I wish to address the recent commentary regarding how the Galax Recreation Center is run and the quality of programs offered. We are a community — individuals who come together through the rec center with common interests and goals achieved by participation in these programs. Employees and staff work hard to ensure that residents who make use of its facilities and programs come away feeling fulfilled and satisfied in what they have achieved, whether is it for senior programs, gym memberships, little league sports or any [other] offerings. I was disappointed that the commentary took issue with the quality and the integrity of the center, its programs and most importantly its people. I can imagine that those who work through the rec center in addition to all that they do must also manage an individual’s expectations, which may not always wind up with the spirit of team sports. A community is only as good as the people who form it and I, for one, am quite proud of the quality and integrity of the Galax Recreation Center staff, employees and volunteers.

Burning bridges
Law enforcement is often referred to as the brotherhood. This is because it is comprised as like-minded individuals that are willing to lay down their life for their fellow man while protecting and serving their community. It is often a thankless job, with more criticism and haters than accolades and appreciation. That is why the antics of the investigator that took out a warrant on the chief of police is so disheartening. Was he really concerned for his safety? Surely not. What would concern me, if he is ever in the dangerous situation and needs to call on the brotherhood for assistance, will the response time be just a little bit slower? I hope not, but probably so. There are just some things you don’t do to your brother.

Take the time
If you have a mother that is sick, help her all you can. Don’t say, “I don’t have time.” Just take time to help her. You just have one mother. Just look what she has done for you. She had you, bought clothes for you to wear, fed you, cared for you when you were sick, put you through school. Don’t let money and greed come first. Help your mother to the very end. You won’t regret it.

Driving up taxes
Please wake up, you bunch of greedy Democrats and others up there at Washington. The main one is our president. You Democrats and others are wasting our tax money on things you should be paying for yourself. One is the vacations you take. Stop using our tax money. Every day they come out on TV telling something else you all are doing that you all are using our tax money for. Green technology. That won’t work. You tried it and companies went bankrupt. We will get none of that money back. We are almost $17 trillion in debt. Also, Obama’s healthcare plan is a disaster and it is unconstitutional and needs to go. It is putting taxes on everything. It is making health insurance go up. If there were a Republican president in office, all these things would not be happening. They better read the 10 commandments. One says, “Thou shall not lie” and that is all they are doing. Our grandchildren are going to have to face this deficit.

Helped by safety net
This is for the comment from “pay your way.” Yes, there are some people that are too sorry to work that receive food stamps and Medicaid. But there are people like me and my roommate that receive food stamps and Medicaid because we are disabled and are blessed to be able to get these items to help us through the month. Before you open your mouth, you need to thank God that you are able to work and that he has blessed you with the health you have. I would give anything to be able to work but, alas, I am not. When I was able to work, I worked two jobs for most of my life and I paid my way as I was able to. I am no longer able to do these things and I thank God every day there is a system that helps me. Think of the people you are talking about and think about walking a mile in their shoes.

Left unlocked
As a kid, I remember watching the Andy Griffith Show. A guy came in to town. They gave him the key to the town. He did anything he wanted. You know, Grayson County is pretty much like Mayberry. We have a county administrator that has come in and doesn’t need a key. He’s got three county supervisors to give him what he wants.

Take your pick
I’m calling about the holes in the road in Galax. When you pass to the other world, the funeral home won’t have to dig a hole, because you can pick whichever one you want on any street in Galax.

What’s the plan?
The Independence police chief is charged with making a threat to a fellow police officer, but the town council decides to leave him on active duty, although he cannot speak to the county sheriff which seems to be a requirement of his job. Also, Independence Town Council has purchased a building in town that the open real estate market has decided that the value is not there. What’s their plan? Why do they think they can do better than the open market?

A need to cooperate
This is a comment about Chief Wagoner at Independence. I agree with him on this issue about Investigator Doug Carner. If that is Chief Wagoner’s jurisdiction, he should have been brought in on it to start with. But that just goes to show how the Grayson County Sheriff’s office is. I’m not saying it is Sheriff Vaughan. Richard Vaughan is a pretty good ole fellow, but others think they can run roughshod and it doesn’t matter. Maybe one of these days those deputies will learn they need to cooperate with other people.

Man plus woman
This country doesn’t have any way to go but down, simply because they are going along with this gay marriage thing. The Bible says marriage is between one woman and one man and that is the way it is and the way it should be.

Other concerns
To the caller about the Hillsville police, you should be more concerned about those on town council that messed up the department and lost a really good secretary and chief.

Against study abroad
I can’t understand why American students want to go off to a foreign country to get an education. We have some of the best colleges in the world right here in the United States. I am speaking about that Amanda Knox going to Italy and then getting in trouble. I say stay right here.

Come forward
I would like to comment on the article weeks back about the girl that said a police officer ruined her life and another person’s. She needs to come forward and tell who this is. Also, I know of two other girls in the area that had their lives destroyed by a junk dealer who says he is a Christian. I don’t think so. A lot of these girls need to come forward and quit letting men overrun them and quit letting them destroy their marriage.

Speeding to work
By the looks of the March 20-21 Gazette, all the police departments in this area need to concentrate on all the crime instead of having police parked on the side of roads giving tickets to working people trying to get to their jobs. Also, putting these articles in the front page of The Gazette really helps tourism.

At odds
It is somewhat ironic that Walmarts would pull assault rifles off their display for sale although they continue to sell assault Airsoft and toy assault rifles to our children. Would you consider this being a hypocrite, or what?
Editor’s note: You’re comparing apples to fake apples. Assault rifles are real weapons. Airsoft and toy assault rifles are not deadly weapons.

I have a post office box and am getting sick and tired of having my mail put in everybody’s box around my box. My statements are supposed to come to me. These other people don’t pay my statements. I want them put in my box.