Readers' Hotline 4/30/12

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Take the lead
This is in reply to the person that complained about being snubbed at a supermarket by someone they had known their whole life. They probably weren’t talking about me, but they could have been. I have always been one of those people who live in a bubble, intensely focused on whatever I am doing or thinking about. Tunnel vision, I think you call it, or absent-minded professor syndrome. After an intense hospitalization and operation, I am now mostly concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other and trying not to fall down while shopping. Maybe the person you are talking about has the beginnings of Alzheimer’s, had a recent death in the family or is under unimaginable stress. Next time, walk right up to them and speak to them instead of waiting for them to speak to you.

County give-away?
Hey, former textile workers, which I am one of, don’t you wish that Carroll County would have put forth the effort to save our jobs the way they are trying to save workers’ jobs at the training center? There must have been three times the textile jobs lost than those at the training center. Please answer this question: did Carroll County not give away one of the buildings in the industrial [blank space, like call waiting] here?
Editor’s note: Without more specifics, it’s hard to know what this caller is referring to. In the most recent action in terms of buildings changing hands in the Carroll County Industrial Park, the federal bankruptcy court sold off what was supposed to be the now-defunct log home company AmerLink’s office and saw mill building to raise money for debts. This may or may not be what the caller is talking about.

Not giving back
How many people in Congress do you think served in the U.S. military? Probably, very few. That’s probably why the rest are picking on the poor, the middle class and the elderly. These people think they deserve to take and take and never give back to this country that allowed them to acquire their wealth and the power they love.

Choosing teachers
I received a letter from a local school system and they are stating that parents can no longer choose their child’s teacher for next year. This is a horrible decision. Children at the elementary level need their parents to help pick what teacher they need. Often you have certain teachers that you really just don’t want your child to have because these are in the early years of education and you want your child to have a very positive experience. I totally disagree with this decision. The principal and assistant principal and superintendent have made a bad decision. There has been some favoritism, so let’s just make it right for everybody. If a parent wants to choose their child’s teacher, then you need to let them. More people are going to homeschool or take their children to another school system or just flat out refuse for their child to have whichever teacher this particular school system chooses

Leading the way
To the article, “thank the man,” I totally agree. The couple in Fries has gone out of their way to make Fries a better place. For instance: mow yards for free for the elderly, take soup to the sick, decorate the town with flowers, help people clean up around their homes. Anything anyone needs. They even took a resident to get her teeth fixed and paid out of their pocket. Not to mention, they get out and pick up trash off the sides of the road coming into town when it starts looking like a landfill. Don’t see anyone else doing it. Thanks for great people like them.

Blood sport
We were surprised and disgusted at pictures of an opponent in a fighting competition with blood-covered faces that were posted on Facebook. It is very difficult for us to respect a person who supports blood sport fighting, and what message does this send to children? If beating another person for sport is fun and our children saw these images… Maybe [people] should not share so much of their private information. Sometimes the less you know, the better.

I read about the public hearing of Fries Town Council and the operation of golf carts within Fries town limits. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Most people cannot afford a golf cart. Don’t forget to mention taking the canes away from all the old people. That might do some damage, too.

Where’s the progress?
I was just wondering when Carroll County is going to start putting footers down to get buildings for factories to move in on the corner of Virginia 620 and Interstate 77 [the Wildwood Commerce Park property]. Or was that just a hoax to get a water line through there so people would have to pay a water bill?

Hi and bye
It is so sad when you get old and can’t do anything for yourself. When you run out of money and don’t have a flashy car to drive, your children slam you in a nursing home. If you are lucky, they might come and see you. If you are real lucky, they might stay 15 minutes. They will say, “Hi, how are you? Gotta go. Bye.” Children have no respect for their parents anymore.

Job unfilled
This is about Hillsville Elementary School. I would like to know how the school can get away with going without a full-time occupational therapist and physical therapist for several months. This is not providing kids with the help they need.
Editor’s note: Carroll schools have not been offering occupational and physical therapy at the same levels they had previously. Educators were able hire a physical therapy assistant and used a contract service for the occupational therapy for a time. The school system anticipates hiring two occupational therapists by next school year.

Getting longer
Is it just me, or are my arms getting shorter? No, it’s not just me. The paper is getting longer. Oh, my gosh, when did they think adding another page would be adding and not subtracting to the paper? I just can’t understand why they have to make the pages longer. They are almost all the way down to my knees. Please put in another page and not make the paper any longer if you want to add more stories.
Editor’s note: Huh?

Fair share
Fries, be sure to go out and vote on May 1. Remember we have finally got things headed in the right direction. If we can get all those people who have not been paying their water bills to pay up, maybe our bills can come back down again. Only fair for everyone to pay their share. Also, we have some who have not been paying taxes. We have a wonderful town so let’s work hard to make it better.

Change for the better
I encourage the voters of Fries to stop and consider the fate of our town should we continue to choose not to make needed changes in the way we are governed. Whether native or newcomer, it is the folks with fresh ideas and a willingness to get their hands a little dirty that will change things for the better. For those that say they want life to stay the same, I would challenge you to realize that problems left unsolved only grow worse. It takes effort and money to bring forth prosperity to all. Fries has none of the later but fortunately there are some folks in town and on council who put their efforts toward progress. Hiding one’s head in the past only brings burial.

Only two
They need to change the voting laws in Fries. You should only vote for two candidates.