Readers' Hotline 4/29/13

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Editor’s note: We received a few calls this week regarding our note on a Hotline call last week, about why a bread store had moved out of Galax to Carroll County. We mistakenly reported that one of the two bread stores was still open in Galax. After publication, we discovered that both bread stores, Merita and Flowers Bakery, have now moved out of the city. Sorry for the confusion.

Messing up
I always knew in the United States when you arrest someone, the first thing you do is read their Miranda rights to them. They waited so long up there in Boston to read that person their Miranda rights, it might mess that thing up. The FBI and law enforcement in Boston are all the time messing up something, so they might as well go ahead and mess that up, too.

Lost out?
In regard to “keep in context” referring to the lady that is taking care of her mother: “Ye that are without sin cast the first stone.” Evidently, something must be the matter because I would rather honor my mother than commit adultery. Maybe while she is out taking care of her mother her husband is committing adultery in her own house. Which would you rather answer for, standing before God? Honoring your mother or committing adultery? Evidently her husband is not missing her much or maybe that is you. Did you lose out to a woman whose husband decided to pick his wife over the woman he was seeing? Maybe that was you. Did you lose out?

Dog in training
About the Hotline comment about the dog with the chicken tied around its neck — if you had been raised on a farm and kept chickens and dogs and everything, the reason that dog has a chicken tied around his neck is because he is killing chickens. The owner tied the chicken around his neck and lets it decay for two weeks and takes it off and the dog won’t kill chickens anymore.

A cure for killing
In response to the call about the dog that was seen in the Laurel community with a dead chicken tied around its neck — I used to have a dog that killed chickens 30 some years ago. A couple of old farmers told me the way to cure a dog of killing chickens is to tie a dead chicken around the dog’s neck and to leave it there until it just rots and falls apart and supposedly that will cure the dog from any more chicken killing. That’s my two cents worth. Hope it’s worth something to you.

Calling is therapy
If you are wondering why we call the Hotline about the Grayson County School System, it’s because at least by calling the Hotline you don’t hear a bunch of lies. You aren’t told just what they want you to hear. You get it off your chest. There are less secrets in the Grayson County School Board minutes than they even realize. That kind of stuff gets out. You don’t keep it in closed session or behind closed doors and you don’t even have to be a family member to know what is going on. Calling the Hotline doesn’t agree with family but it gets everything out in the open and the whole wide world knows what’s going on then. Not that it even matters, but at least you feel better … because it is not going to do you any good to call a school board member or go to the superintendent.

20 years in the slammer
People that train dogs to fight need at least 20 years in a federal penitentiary and those people that tie a chicken around a dog’s neck to get them to fight, they need 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

Report chicken abuse
If you drove by and saw a dog tied up with a chicken around its neck, why in the world didn’t someone immediately call law enforcement? Something should be done about this. They arrested Michael Vick and his friends, didn’t they?

Stinking thing
I want to comment on the bizarre call about the dog with a chicken tied around its neck and the chicken was dead. Well, the reason for that is not to attract other dogs to fight with that dog. It’s to keep the dog from killing chickens. If you have a dog that will kill a chicken, and you take it and tie it around his neck and he has to wear that stinking thing long enough, he won’t want to kill another chicken, I guarantee you that.

Likes Ike
President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Without God, there could be no American form of government nor an American way of life.”
Editor’s note: The caller refers to remarks made by President Eisenhower to the American Legion in 1955: “Without God, there could be no American form of government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first — and most basic —expression of Americanism. Thus the Founding Fathers saw it, and thus, with God’s help, it will continue to be.”

Dog discouragement
About the dog with the chicken tied around its neck, people would know this has nothing to do with training a dog to fight. This dog apparently has been killing chickens. This is done to discourage him from doing it again.

Forgotten seniors
As much as nursing homes charge, they should provide adequate care for patients. Yet, profit is more important than the care that senior citizens receive. Seniors are becoming a forgotten society. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you had better go every day to check on them. You have these meetings and it paints a rosy picture. But go check on the condition of a patient every day and see what sometimes these patients endure in nursing homes.

Chicken collar
This is for the “bizarre” in Laurel. When they tie a dead chicken to a dog’s neck, it is to break the dog of killing chickens because they do not like the smell of it around their neck. It is not so much to train another dog to attack that dog. It’s a method of training the dog to stop killing chickens.

Days at a time
I was reading about the dog with the chicken tied around its neck. The caller and the editor are both wrong. This is a way to keep dogs from killing chickens. When a dog kills a chicken and you tie it around its neck and he wears it for three or four days at a time, he won’t kill a chicken again.

So be it
Those idiots in Iraq are killing each other. So be it. Let them wipe their selves out.

Job fair rant
I went to a job fair. I was very disgusted. It was mostly the medical field, law enforcement and military. The rest of it was mostly colleges and a few odds and ends. Hardly anything local. Why can’t we get job fairs and have local stuff and have jobs for people that aren’t qualified in medical. This is unreal. There are more jobs than there are just medical, law enforcement and military. The next job fair, they need to have more than just the few careers. Some of us are not career people. We need a job and any job. Please change these job fairs and get more local businesses here.

Under surveillance
These foreigners that come over here to the USA from these foreign countries need to be put under surveillance right from the get-go and watched like hawks because they are over here to do some harm to the American people. There are three countries that need to be wiped off the map. That’s Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. If we don’t do it, God will do it.