Readers' Hotline 4/27/11

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For the cure
I’m calling about the Hotline comment regarding the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation. The reader needs to do some more research. Komen For the Cure is for only one reason. That’s to save lives and to end breast cancer forever. In the last 27 years, we have invested more than $1.3 billion to accomplish those goals through research and for programs that educate, screen and treat people in communities all around the world. The Planned Parenthood comments — they need to think about some of the uninsured or underinsured women that can receive those programs through Planned Parenthood. Susan G. Komen works with them to make sure the funding all goes to breast health education, screening and treatment programs. Nowhere is Susan G. Komen paying for abortions. Check your facts and really consider others and don’t make assumptions for a foundation that is doing a lot to save lives.

In response
This is in response to the April 15 advertisement or announcement saying "are our governments sending our children to hell by preventing our punishing them?" I personally would like to be the evangelist that put this in the paper, but I doubt even this would keep a soul from hell.

In our future?
Socialism is definitely in our future. Does anybody know how to spell socialism? What about impeachment?
Editor’s note: Can you spell “hyperbole?”

Badgering others
I like what the gentleman said, that there are other types of faith besides Christianity. There are, of course, Judaism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Judeo-Christian — if people know what that is — and Muslim, of course. But you all need to stop thinking you are the only ones that have God. There is an Old Testament to the Bible and the new and you kind of need to study the whole thing. It is a history book, I believe. You need to educate yourself instead of throwing stones or whatever you are getting off on with badgering other Christians. You should be turning the other cheek if you believe anything and love.

Reaching out
Thanks to First Baptist Church in Galax. When I am unable to go to my church, I tune in at 11 o’clock and I listen to a wonderful pastor, Sam Bartlett. The preaching, the testimonies, the fellowship, the people being baptized — everything is wonderful because it is all out there and is really following Jesus. I love my church, but when I am unable to go, I do listen on the radio because they get out there and outreach to people. They are loving and a friendly church. God bless them and thank them for all their kindness, their examples. I know they invest a lot but they don’t invest anything when it comes to our Lord and Savior. Other churches need to take an example from this.

Time to pay up
I’m calling in favor of Carroll County collecting the unpaid taxes. It is nothing but right. Some of us have to scrape to pay them, and others are going scot-free. They need to push this heavily.

I want to say a huge thank you to the paramedics that helped me out. I don’t know if you were working for our local ambulance or for Guardian or whom. I appreciate you helping me out when my finger was bleeding in the ER on April 18 when the nurses and doctor had even come in and helped me. Thank you very much. It was very appreciated.

Don’t meddle
In answer to “no rules,” if you had lived in Fancy Gap 50-plus years and your family 50-plus years before that, you would understand why we don’t want outsiders coming in saying if and where we can have gardens or raise crops or have cattle and pigs or even chickens. You wouldn’t want to build a fence around anything that offended your wealthy neighbors — example, any vehicle that you don’t use every day or that your son is working on. You wouldn’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars on paint on a building that is being used that has been standing for years not painted or even if you can’t afford to paint your house or porch this year and be told you have to. If it gets started, who is to say later what the fine would be if someone reported something unpainted or vehicle not being driven, sitting there? I say live and let live. We are all having a hard enough time, especially this day and time paying for all the licenses and permits, without having more. Anyway, McDonald’s probably won’t come to Fancy Gap. But if it does, I would rather see it red and yellow than the funky green that developers say it should be.

Lots of freeloaders
I want to commend whoever made the comment April 18 about freeloaders, because you are right. There are a lot of freeloaders here in Virginia. If they would get off their butts, our kids could have a lot more and better schools. Thank you for your comment. Try again.

Picky about pictures
This is regarding Grayson County High School sports. How come it is every time you turn to the sports edition, the headlines say something about one student’s performance, but still yet you have another’s picture in the paper. It would be nice to see someone else’s picture in the paper for once.

Be considerate
I’m calling in response about the elementary student who smells bad some of the time. I think he has some sort of medical condition. I sympathize with him and his family but I don’t understand why they don’t get a doctor and get the help that he needs. This is something I know probably bothers the other kids, but they need to be considerate that some people may have medical problems and they may not be able to help.

Doing without
I was just going to let everybody know that for all us fat people, and that includes me, there is help. I have to do without my groceries this month to pay my electricity bill. And, the gas prices are going up so high I can’t afford gas and have to walk everywhere I go. So, one thing about it, I may suffer but I will be a healthy one.