Readers' Hotline 4/26/14

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How low can you go
A dear friend of mine passed away and they buried her at McKenzie Cemetery. Sad to say, I was talking to her husband and he told me her sister took a flower arrangement and placed it on top of her tombstone around 4 o’clock the same day they buried her. Around 5 o’clock he went back to the cemetery and found somebody had stolen that flower arrangement. It is a shame and disgrace that someone would do this to somebody’s loved one. Somebody is reading this and they know who they are. God knows who they are. If you did it, put back the flower arrangement. It’s really not right to do this.

Hope for us all
Just when my faith in humanity is fading, along comes Ray Laboube. Maybe we are going to make it. Thank you, Ray.
Editor’s note: The caller refers to the man featured in The Gazette for caring for a litter of puppies and their mother after they were found foraging for food scraps around a dumpster.

Pulled out of a hat
Good news for citizens of Hillsville. No more waiting in line at the VFW to vote in the town elections. Just think of all the money you will save on gas having to drive over to vote. And, no more ugly campaign signs all over town. All you’ve got to do is go by the government office, drop a name in a hat and let them pull out whichever one they want. A famous man once said, “to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.” That didn’t happen in the May 6 election in Hillsville this year. As for the new council member, I don’t think he ever had an original thought. And, to Mr. Walls, thank you for a good job well done.

Live for Him
This is in response to the hammering hypocrites in the Hotline. I want to say to the person that spoke against the Lord Jesus: dear friend, be careful about speaking against the Son of God. If you knew Him, you would come to love Him. My suggestion is be saved and healed and believe on Him and live for Him and you will have a much better life.

Throwing things up
All you people doing all your complaining about God and schools and all that stuff. You big churches are destroying all your churches by dragging people 40 and 50 miles away. You have taken the little church out of the neighborhood where everyone knew everyone. You people keep coming back on Benghazi. That top ranking Republican journal in the United States said there was nothing to it, it is over with. Why do you Republicans keep throwing things up and hoping they will stick to the wall?
Editor’s note: The president himself has told the nation otherwise regarding the importance of the Benghazi events. CNN reported Oct. 16, 2012, that President Obama, speaking to GOP challenger Mitt Romney at their second debate, said: “The day after the attack, governor, I stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people in the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened; that this was an act of terror. And I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime.” The Benghazi attacks upon the diplomatic mission in Libya killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Twenty months later, no one has been held responsible.

No conniving
Regarding the recent election in Hillsville, I just want to thank Mayor Crowder for all he has done for Hillsville and all the times he has helped people on an individual basis. No matter how many lies some would tell about him, his record stands for itself. I want to thank council for all it has accomplished in the past two years — more than was accomplished in the 10 years prior, I might say. The mayor and council were elected, except for the one whose name was drawn, to represent the best interest of citizens. Greg Bolen has restored honesty and fairness to the police department. I commend Greg for that. Folks didn’t elect these individuals to back stab, scheme and connive against each other, but to work with each other for the good of the citizens. We will know what kind of representation we’ve got when the new council convenes July 1.

Suspicion was justified
This is an answer to the “wrong war,” talking about the U.S. Marine being held in Mexico. They had a right to take him in to custody if he didn’t have credentials to cross the border and they could have killed him because he had guns on him. They didn’t know what he was up to. Just because he is a Marine doesn’t mean he can go anywhere he wants to and any way he wants to. That’s what we need to be doing is putting them in prison when they come across the border into the United States.

Count your change
I want to put a warning out there to anyone that patronizes [a certain bank]. If you go through that drive-thru, sit there and count every penny of your money before you move no matter how much you hold up the line or whatever. I was shorted $100 today. It took me 30 minutes to get it straightened out. Don’t pull away from the window until you count your change.

Oath of office
How come you are taught from an early age in school if you tell someone a story that is not true, that’s a lie? Someone needs to tell that to people in office now in Washington. I’ve also got a comment here about some things. When they are put in office, do they not swear to uphold the Constitution? Then it should be very simple, if you do not uphold the Constitution, and if you are saying things against the Constitution, you should be branded a terrorist, in my opinion.

Keep the electoral college
This is about them wanting to take away the electoral college and put it to a popular vote on the presidency. I don’t think that is such a good idea. With the way the population is set up in certain states, a presidential candidate wouldn’t have to go to but about 10 states and win them. For the other 40, it wouldn’t really matter what they did. He would have the popular vote. Would that be right? Could you get Florida, California, New York and all these main states, if you won the popular vote there, these other states wouldn’t really matter? They need to leave it exactly like it is.

County employer
We don’t have to protect Grayson’s water system, the river. There will be no new jobs here in the next 200 years, so don’t worry about it. And, just what we need — more assistants to the assistants. Pretty soon, every person in Grayson County will be working for the courthouse. People who know people first, then later on, people who need a job.

Gone stupid
Enough is enough. I’m watching the news where they banned The Village People from performing at a school on account of one mother that said one of them was dressed up like a Native American and that was racism. This country has gone to hell. There is no sense in anything like that. I find it peculiar that you can’t be a Christian in this country, you can’t be a white person in this country.  I don’t understand that either, because you are a racist if you say anything about what is going on in this country. Somebody needs to stand up and say something. But, what about the motorcycle guy? What about the policeman? What about everybody else. I don’t even like The Village People, but this is just political correctness gone stupid.

Assist the veterans
Now, that so-called president we’ve got is working against the veterans. He is not doing anything to help the veterans.
Editor’s note: We would take exception to the comment that the president is “working against” veterans. What evidence supports that comment?

What we stand for
How come we don’t use the same train of thought with foreigners as we do with Americans? If we don’t like the way things are here, we are called racists and everything else. Well, these other people come in from other countries. If they don’t like the way it is here, then they are racists and terrorists. How about us Americans saying what offends us and that’s not ever put in any papers or anything. I’m offended by everybody coming here from other countries and saying everything about this country offends them. You know what this country stands for before you come here. Quit trying to come here and change it. If you don’t like it here, go somewhere else.

Hungry all around
I’m calling in regard to the articles about starving animals. It could be a sign that families are in bad shape and don’t have food and might need some help themselves. That could be the reason the animals are not being fed. There are a lot of people without money to buy food. Dogs and animals are going hungry, too.

LeBron is hypocritical
This is a comment about LeBron James getting on Sports Center and telling everybody to boycott the Los Angeles Clippers. Seems like to me LeBron James ought to look at his shoes that come from Nike and where is his worry about the sweatshops and taking the young kids to make those shoes that pay him those millions of dollars a year? He is a hypocrite. It’s none of his business what the guy from the LA Clippers says. It is not up to LeBron whether they play. If he doesn’t want to play ball, he can quit. Maybe he can go over there and work in the sweatshops with the other children.
Editor’s note: A cursory check shows that Nike’s more recent record has shown at least some improvement regarding the “sweatshop” claims dating back 20 years. For example, Nike allows factory inspections by independent third parties, paid overdue overtime wages in Indonesia and contributed to healthcare and a pension fund for laid-off Nike workers in Honduras. Rob Harrison, editor of “Ethical Consumer,” stated in 2012 that, “For a company which 20 years ago was denying that workers’ rights at supplier factories were any of its concern, Nike has come a long way.”