Readers' Hotline 4/25/11

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Parking chaos
I’m calling about the Fries teachers parking out in the road on Grayson Street. Sometimes you can’t even turn it. If two cars are there you are just really in a spot. They need to be given tickets and told to park in the parking lot. That’s what it is there for, and they are making a lot of chaos by parking in the road.

Lousy tippers
I’m calling regarding the call about decent Christians going out to eat on Sundays. The reason they are treated so poorly is because we have groups of 10 to 15 leaving messes, spilling drinks and demanding service immediately with two waitresses on the floor and only leaving a $2 to $3 tip. The servers actually take care of the patrons that treat them with respect and actually leave tips. When you have the same group coming every Sunday, it is kind of bittersweet.

Another view
To the Saturday person, just because you say the Sabbath is on Saturday doesn’t make it true.
Editor’s note: You’re both right! The word “sabbath” is defined by the Random House Dictionary as the seventh day of the week, Saturday, a day of rest and religious observance among Jews and some Christians (Ex. 20:8–11) or the first day of the week, Sunday, similarly observed by most Christians in commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ. The word is also used to describe any religion’s day or rest or prayer. For example, the Muslim “sabbath” is Friday.

Fiddling around
This is to the fiddling girl that had the article in last August about going fiddling and having fun and she didn’t need a husband and she didn’t need a man. She was just going through a divorce. I was just fumbling through the paper and saw the article and just wondered if the girl was having fun. If she wasn’t, maybe we could get together sometime and have some fun. Fiddle on.

Few good men?
The caller was right in [last] Wednesday’s Hotline — there are few good men in Grayson County. Especially ones that care about the people. Everyone needs to beg Joe Vaughan, Providence District supervisor, to run for another term. He did an excellent job.

Never the victim
This is to address the “gluttony” comment that was in the paper. I just wanted to thank you for putting a fire back into my memory streak. See, I am an old, fat, white female who has been preaching and teaching people for years to never, ever hold their heads down because of comments like that. The devil must be so proud of [the caller’s] ignorance because he shows it off so well. Slim people [can be] gluttons and die of heart attacks, too. Would you call them addicted? The reason I am fat is because God blessed me to be this good looking. Fat people and fat Christians everywhere, hold your heads up. You are beautiful. You can’t be anything else because you are created in the image of your God. Never allow the devil to cause you to carry shame. Fight the good fight of faith. Dig in your heels because you are worth it because God lives inside you. Always be a victor. Never be a victim. You are worth the effort.

Right to criticize
Regarding the Hotline item “not his call,” Grayson County Administrator Jonathan Sweet would have made a much wiser and common sense decision regarding Grayson having school on that last school day. The roads were one of the worst all year and they went to school regular time. I called the school to find out who made such a decision to attend school that day and putting our students and personnel in harm’s way. Ms. Thomas talked to me and personally said she has the final say-so as to whether they go to school and it was not snowing at her house at 7:15 that morning. Her neighbor told me it was snowing at her house at 5:30. Mr. Sweet had every right to criticize that decision. At least he was thinking of the safety of our kids and staff. Sounds like he needs to step in and make these kinds of decisions.

Falling objects
About the Christians and gluttony featured in last Wednesday’s Hotline — I’m sorry that I didn’t get the memo that Jesus has resigned from his position and you are now judge. But in response to your letter, scripture does say that God is going to create New Jerusalem. It is just unfathomable to understand how big that structure is going to be. At 1,400 miles long on one wall times four. Like 1,960,000 square miles. If God has the power to suspend a structure like that in the air until he lets it down at his chosen time, don’t you think God can handle a few fat Christians? We are in little danger of fat Christians plopping through the clouds. But, just in case you are one of the people standing on the ground looking up, you might want to invest in a hard hat now because I don’t think I would want to be the one smashed flat as a pancake if fat Christians start hitting the ground. Anyway, hallelujah and pass the chicken.

Standing by
I saw our tax dollars at work Saturday between 11 and 12 on Creekview Road in Galax. It took two policemen sitting about 100 yards apart to watch the creek rise. I think one could have taken care of that.

Avoiding persecution
This is in regard to the gluttony article. All I have to say is, years ago I was going to have an abortion and I went to a drama at the Rex Theatre called “Choose You This Day.” In it was an abortion scene and a suicide scene. I learned in that drama that my baby had a right to live and had a right to live with me and I had a right to live, too. You know, I never told a soul but the pastor, and I thank you, Hotline, that there is a place I can call and confess this and not be persecuted. I just wish she didn’t have to be persecuted, too. Pastors carry so much that the world never knows about. Maybe there is a reason they are super-sized. They have got to be big to carry the weight that no one else ever sees or understands. But, I thank God for pastors like her and I thank the Hotline for the service that you do. I am so happy to be blessed by God myself and I enjoy my life with my baby.

Of the devil
The Bible plainly teaches that “thou shall have no other gods before me.” Pagan is a religion of the devil. I don’t think I would be wanting to announce I was a pagan.
Editor’s note: It’s a day for definitions. Did you know that the word pagan derives from a Latin word, paganus, that means “peasant” or “rural citizen?” Maybe the caller was just proud of being from the country?

Where’s the rabbits?
Some friends of mine were sitting around discussing about all this modern technology and everything that is supposed to make the world a better place, and we figure out it is really making the world a worse place. We got in a discussion about animals. We came to notice we don’t see rabbits around anymore. No rabbits on the road “road kill,” no rabbits on the lawn, no rabbits anywhere. Got to figuring, what the heck is going on? It is probably from those tree growers spraying all that poison around. Think about it. Does anybody see any rabbits anymore? I haven’t seen one around in years. What’s going to disappear next — us?
Editor’s note: Well, the Easter Bunny did make it through here over the weekend, you know. Not sure where you live, caller, but here in the Galax suburbs, our yards are bountiful with bunnies.

Worth two cents
I was calling in regard to the editor’s note that there are two sides to every story. Actually, that is not totally correct. The truth of the matter is, there are three sides. There is person one’s perception, person two’s perception and just the facts, ma’am. Anyway, just had to get my two cents worth in.

Average will do
Oh boy. All of a sudden, we have to balance the budget, cut the deficit. Under the Bush administration, Republicans went along with everything while the deficit kept soaring and the jobs kept leaving and the wealthy got wealthier and when their tax cuts were supposed to expire, oh no. Then they managed to extend the tax cuts for the rich even longer. When something expires, doesn’t it expire? Why do we vote these politicians in? They work maybe three days a week and they get richer and richer on our dime. We need some average Americans running this country. Not lawyers and millionaires and billionaires who could care less whether we have jobs and can pay our bills. They have no money problems and neither will their kids.
Editor’s note: Extension of the tax cuts drew support from leaders of both political parties.

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