Readers' Hotline 4/23/12

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Don’t “dress old”
I’m calling about the comment, “act your age.” I am a 40-year-old woman that shops with two grown daughters. I don’t think I dress too young. Ladies, if you don’t feel old, don’t dress old. I didn’t know there was a rule anywhere when we become 40 or over, we have a certain way to dress. People who make those comments usually are maybe just a little jealous. There is nothing wrong with women dressing — unless it is vulgar — young and up to date. Caller, don’t be a hater.

The brushoff
Have you ignored a friend recently you have known all your life when you were shopping, and acted like they didn’t matter and just brushed them off and didn’t even speak? Jesus is watching you and knows all the things we do this way. So when you go to your place of worship this Sunday, I will say a prayer for you.

Get a job
I’m calling about our Social Services handing out to the deadbeats. So many people getting it that are not really needing it and others can’t. If they would find them a job, that would be the best thing they could do for them instead of letting them sit around and smoke, with old people keeping them up.

Not enough
This city does not want to have anything new — any change. All I see is everyone bragging about themselves, bragging about the extra jobs 500, 300 positions here, 100 here. If we don’t remember about six years ago or so, we lost almost 4,000 jobs. How is 500 and 600 going to help this area?
Editor’s note: So, would you propose that the region give those jobs back and let them be moved somewhere else?

See the need
I would like to issue a challenge to churches in the area. It would be great to see more and more churches stepping out of their buildings, spending money to help people in need, churches coming together to work on projects. There is a vast number of missionary projects right here in the Twin Counties. Go out in the communities. Find the needs. Help people. There is only so much money you can spend inside a church building. Get that money outside the church. Make it do good in the community. There is a huge opportunity staring us in the face. I just hope more churches will see this need and go with it.

Won’t be calling
I will not call these phone numbers where people will not give their complete phone number. I will not look on my phone for words to call these people. I will not do it. They need to give a complete phone number or that is out with me.

No disguises
Any facial cover or disguise is frightening, particularly at night. I agree — no baseball caps in the house. My mother even said so: “Take off the hat when you are inside.” No political or super hero masks, especially in a bank. Burqas worn by Islamic people can be confusing, too. Just be polite, open and free. Make eye contact, be cordial. Is this a big deal?
Editor’s note: There’s a certain irony in your argument, given that you called an anonymous hotline. But no super hero masks in the bank is taking it too far. How is Spider-Man supposed to stop those robberies if he has to unmask first?

Might get worse
Be very careful of who you wish to win the general election this year. Your wish just might make the situation worse.

Mess left behind
The Carroll County Board of Supervisors should pay closer attention to what is going on. When half the board of supervisors was defeated in the past election, the chairman came out and declared it was a sign the people supported them. They need to see what is going on in their county. They should take a lesson from the Carroll County School Board. They have figured out the people need change. Their chairman understands that and is busy making changes. At least the new board members understand that. We should all support them as they try to do their best as they try to clean up the mess that the old board of supervisors and old school board has left.

Up in the air
I will not say that Zimmerman should not have been charged [with shooting a Florida youth], because I don’t know anything about the case. But, I do know the prosecutors were not going to charge him until all the people started protesting. This is not correct, either.

Best authors
For a better quality of life, read this. Recently I read a quotation that said, “If you need anything, ask God. If you don’t need anything, just thank him.” Then read Matthew 24 and Proverbs. They are written by two of the greatest authors of all time.

Jobs needed
This is about the Carroll County supervisors that want to raise taxes for the schools. They need to think about getting some jobs in here for people to work and help pay the taxes they want to raise.

Medical excuse
Regarding the call “always late to church,” sometimes people might seem lazy and that’s the reason they are late to church. But did you ever think maybe they are sick or something? I know I was for years and didn’t even realize what my problem was.

Inside job
I read in the paper where Fries is going to pay someone to put a roof on the water plant. Why can’t the town employees put it on and save some money?

Daily biscuits
I have a son and daughter both at Carroll County High School and I recently read Reggie Gardner’s statement about lunches improving. I asked my teens about lunches being different in the lower grades. They said there were just more choices. About breakfast, they said the biscuits are terrible on Mondays, like they were made on Friday or something. They said they smelled cookies cooking of the morning instead of biscuits. I think they should bake biscuits every day.

Taxing the elderly
I am very disgusted with our Carroll County supervisors giving the schools all that money. All they’ve got to do now is just raise the taxes on the old people. The school will be asking for another million right off.

Something to hide?
This is to the one that made the comment about the neighborhood watch. What are you doing that you don’t want your neighbors to see? Most people are thankful if someone sees someone snooping around and alerts the police. They can’t be everywhere all at the same time. They have to take time to get to where the criminal activity is going on. You must have a whole lot to hide. What a shame. Your poor neighbors.

Large print
I’m calling about new phone books that just came out. They are great. Just wondering what everybody thinks about them. They’ve got that big writing in them. I just wanted to say thanks.

Not as friendly
I had been going to the Grayson County SALT Team dinners. What has happened to the ones that used to be there that was kind and friendly and helped people out? I went to the yard sale and bake sale they had. Where were the police? I hope they made some money. Is the SALT team in Grayson going out? If not, it needs to make some changes and get some friendly people back.

Watching out for you
In response to “the wrong idea” about the neighborhood crime watch. I’m sorry. I am on the neighborhood crime watch and once a year we invite all the neighbors together and have a cookout so everybody gets to know each other. We just watch for each other and if it hadn’t been for times of us watching each other, crimes would have been more serious than they were. Sometimes the cops have to have extra eyes out there. Yeah, some people carry it a bit too far. But 99 percent of crime watch people are good and watch out for you. I’m sure someone is looking out for you that you are not aware of. I am all for the neighborhood crime watch.