Readers' Hotline 4/22/13

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Dividing up
I hope the Grayson Recreation Department will stand up to the big names in Grayson County. It was so unfair to all the kids in Grayson County during basketball when the traveling team was not split up. I sincerely hope things will be different for baseball for the kids’ sake. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Made an impression
On April 6 there was the nicest group of youth from Galax High School having a bake sale in front of Kroger. I have never seen a bake sale that the food was so nicely wrapped and I bought a small cake, which was delicious. The youth were so cheerful, smiled and were very appreciative. They made my day and I was so proud of them.

Cleaning procedures
This call is in reference to the animal shelter in Galax where parvovirus was found. We just experienced this down in Mount Airy, N.C., and were told it takes six months to a year and you have to clean the inside of the building with bleach. How long is the Galax shelter going to be closed, and do the people that run the shelter know that to clean it properly it is going to take six months to a year? It does no good for the shelter to open in a week or so and parvo still be there. We just love dogs and want to see if everybody is up on it.
Editor’s note: The Galax shelter has already reopened. It was only closed a week for cleaning. There have been no other reports of parvo.

Not an excuse
I’m calling about the comment “calming the nerves,” about smoking at the hospital: I spent many hours at the hospital with each of my parents and my in-laws when they were dying. I didn’t spend my time outside smoking. I spent time upstairs, in the rooms, spending the little time we had left with them. So, that is not the best excuse you can come up with. Let’s find another one.

Too far
I’d like to know why the bread store had to move out of town. It is way up by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Yes, it is a bigger store, but some of us elderly people liked walking to the little store in Galax.
Editor’s note: The printed version of The Hotline in the April 22 edition of The Gazette contained an error. The Flowers Baking Co. bread store at 200 Meadow Street in downtown Galax is also closed, which we did not realize when we published an editor's note with this call.

I was walking that trail down in Hillsville and I saw a Bigfoot that just destroyed the big bridge and an alien spaceship came over and picked him up and took him out of there. I am scared to ever walk there again. I wish Hillsville Town Council would try not to let anybody down there. It is a dangerous place. Also looked like the Six Million Dollar Man was running after him and almost caught him before they beamed him up. We need not let any citizens go down there.
Editor’s note: Yes, citizens should avoid that area because there’s obviously some kind of gas leak that affected this poor caller’s mind.

Read it again
I would like to make a comment about the articles in The Gazette and Declaration about the new prison. The articles said 80 percent of employees would come from other prisons. I don’t understand how that is going to help the employment rates in this area. People in this area need jobs bad also.
Editor’s note: The article stated that 80 jobs — not 80 percent of jobs — would be filled by workers already employed by the Department of Corrections. That’s 80 jobs out of an estimated 350 positions.

Prisoners’ benefits
I’m calling about the state prison hiring for vocational education jobs. That is just another waste of our tax money. No wonder it’s $18 million to operate. If people had been educated to start with, they wouldn’t have been there. I was just wondering what’s coming up next. Reckon the prisoners will get a paid vacation?
Editor’s note: I think you answer your own question about the benefits of vocational training as part of prisoner rehabilitation: “If they had been educated to start with, they wouldn’t have been [in prison].”

Not justified
I was watching television news at 6 o’clock April 11 and they were talking about a shooting in Christiansburg where officers killed a man, and from what his girlfriend said, all he was trying to do was just get away. It don’t seem like it justifies shooting and killing him. Now they are claiming he was armed and things like that, but they won’t release details. Then, they turn right around with a story about one cop shooting another cop. Still no names released. If it was just a regular civilian, there would be all kinds of names released. Is it like the law around here? Isn’t there something someone can do to put the law on check? It seems like they do whatever they want. They are above any other law. They make their own.
Editor’s note: The man shot by police had fired first at Montgomery County deputies and Christiansburg town officers who were attempting to serve a warrant for a felony drug charge, police said. The matter was investigated independently by the Virginia State Police, which had no role in the incident. It is not clear where the second story mentioned may have occurred, or if it was in western Virginia.

Time for change
I was just wondering if the Grayson County School Board that has approved the retirement incentive plan for the 2012-2013 school year, if any of them would like to give up their $9,000 a year for 25 percent. I think we need new [administrators] and new school board. Somebody that cares about the employees, not trying to move everybody out. We need a whole different group of people running the show.

Can someone tell me what has happened to Pleasant Acres Trailer Park? I lived there at one time and it was such a nice place. Everything looked good. Now, there are so many of them that look like a junkyard beside of them.

Nix the pics
Can you tell me what possible benefit it is to put the pictures in the newspaper when people get arrested? You already are putting their names in there. I could understand if you were looking for someone, but you haven’t. You already have them there. This only embarrasses the family members, and the people whose pictures you put in there could care less.

Cracking down
The Grayson County game warden is doing an excellent job of catching fishermen and hunters who are being greedy and taking more than their allotted number of animals. Thank you for protecting our wildlife from abuse. We appreciate you and thank you.