Readers' Hotline 4/2/14

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Other needs
The Carroll County supervisors better be thinking about something else besides a swimming pool. Taxpayers do not want that. We have needs of jobs coming in for all these people that we have to keep up on welfare. They would be the only ones to use it. Try catching the dropped taxes up and get a job in here.

Shanty town
I hope the good and righteous people of Carroll County that let shanty town move in over on Glendale Road know they have let the fox in the hen house. But, you knew that when you decided to let it happen, didn’t you? Shame.

Readily available
I find it interesting in the Galax paper to see this guy acting like he is worried about drugs. My question is, when is the last time they went in [a specific gas station in the area]. I thought paraphernalia and stuff was illegal. You can walk in there and buy bowls, bongs and everything else. You are sort of looking two-faced in the paper, acting like you care about crime and within two miles of police headquarters, they are selling paraphernalia. By the way, the one that had the paraphernalia was about two miles from that store. So, they are not up on the drugs like they are trying to tell you they are.

The signs abound
What a revolting development this Hotline is. I have never heard as many complaints. No one is satisfied with his life. If people would pray for those they dislike, it might make some difference. They don’t even praise the people who try to help them. It’s “big I” and “little you.” The devil is working overtime. He has deceived most of today’s ministers. Some of them are not aware of it. It has all changed drastically in the last 50 years. It is time for them to turn around and go the other way. It is time for men to marry women and women to marry men. The Christian life can be very challenging. It is not a chess game. The game will soon be over. The signs are all around you, just like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Push back
I think the citizens of Grayson County need to stand up and impeach the three supervisors — Brewer, Sexton and Rosenbaum — before they destroy our county.

Hats off
I really appreciate our new rec park director in Grayson County. She treats everyone fairly and she is doing a great job.
This is to the editor in response to the remark about homosexuals in the paper. Way to go. Very proud of you. If these so-called Christians want to write in or call in, they should read the whole Bible, not just the parts that suit them. It is not our business what other people do. We are not supposed to judge. God says to leave the judging to him and that’s the way it should be. Mind your own business, people. It’s enough to keep you busy. Thank you, Mr. Editor. Do some more of this.

I’d like to find out why so many Christian people are neglecting their salvation. A lot of people don’t believe you can backslide, but it seems there are a lot of people backsliding on the Lord. They are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. The Lord doesn’t turn away from you. You turn away from him. If you admit that and get right, He will forgive you and save you again. How do you neglect your salvation? By not praying. By not reading the Bible. By not attending His house every time the doors are open. You are supposed to be in the House of God, worshiping and praising him. So many people don’t do that anymore. They are not reading the right Bibles. They need to be in the King James version. Lots of them are staying home on Sunday listening to these so-called preachers on TV. They are misleading a lot of people and just asking them for the money and stuff so they can live a lavish lifestyle.

School site
I think a new school for the City of Galax is a ridiculous idea. If I lived in that neighborhood, I would hate to have hundreds of vehicles coming through my neighborhood every morning and every afternoon. It would be awful. It’s going to make property values of all those homes go down. Who is the city buying the land from? That needs to be checked in to. Parents need to ask questions. We need school board members that are going to actually take an interest and do something.

Practice what you preach
Come on, preachers, if you stand and preach on certain topics such as giving up time or attending Sunday School, does that mean you and your family are exempt from it?

Reminder: Calls about candidates in local elections are not published in the Hotline.