Readers' Hotline 4/2/12

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Keeping score
You so-called Christians who voted Republican, you are always talking about the 10 Commandments and it ought to be posted. Well, for every lie you tell about Obama, it’s a Commandment you have broken. This also applies to Democrats who lie on Republicans.

Late for church
I can’t understand why people can’t get to church on time. Some couples don’t even work and are retired and yet they still can’t get out of bed to get to Sunday school. They are so lazy. They come dragging in after church has already started. I bet one thing for sure, they would be at work on time or they would be fired. There is no excuse for this. People only give God a few hours on Wednesdays and Sundays. What excuse will you tell God one day for always being late? Not to mention, the children that are missing Sunday school class. I’m sorry, parents, but you will be accountable one day. Also, there is an issue with people joining churches but never are faithful. They will come for a little while, then you never see them again. Shame, shame, shame.

Scare tactics?
Voters of Carroll County did not elect Brian Spencer and others to serve as a mouthpiece for the superintendent of schools. I am insulted by scare tactics used to get everything the school system wants. They spent millions of dollars to improve all the elementary schools and now say they may need to close one [Gladesboro Elementary] if they don’t get an extra $2 million. They are using the scare tactic to bully and get their way. If they were truly concerned with our children’s education, closing a school would be the last thing mentioned. Have they looked at eliminating [administrative positions … to] save several hundred thousand dollars? Not a word about anything like this. It is time to make some hard choices and those at the top need to get off their pedestal.

Hoodie restrictions
I’m calling about the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. It is not race that caused the problem. I believe that those that wear hoodies should remove them, particularly when they enter a store and at night if you are passing another person who is alone. Just make eye contact, be courteous and allow facial recognition. Hoodies are intrinsically frightening if someone is concealing their face. I think the million hoodie march is badly conceived. The racial issue is important of course, but the hoodie is the problem. I believe they should not be worn indoors and certainly should not conceal the face. The connotation is that criminal activity is about to occur.
Editor’s note: That, or maybe it’s raining.

Bright and early
Families are inconsiderate sometimes. When you have to get up and go to work early, they sit at your house until 10 or 11 o’clock at night. When you have to get up bright and early, it is just hard to believe how insensitive some of your family can be.

Pink slime
I’d like to see a story on “pink slime” — the stuff that is supposed to be in hamburger and stuff in schools and restaurants. This sounds dangerous to me. I know schools have to decide if they want to use it this fall in kids’ lunches. Parents ought to know what is in food the kids are eating. They are all the time hollering about healthy foods. This isn’t healthy.
Editor’s note: So-called pink slime is a filler commonly added to ground beef. Consumer groups have voiced concern about the additive, which is described as scrap meat pieces compressed together and treated with an antibacterial agent. Deputy U.S. Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan last week said the department is “100 percent behind the safety of this product. No question about it,” and referred to a “firestorm with people misunderstanding the situation.” The USDA and meat industry call the filler “finely-textured beef.” It is USDA approved and has been in ground beef products for years. In the wake of controversy, and after McDonald’s and large grocery chains like Kroger vowed to stop using it, the largest manufacturer of the food additive has suspended production at three of its four U.S. plants.

Lots of empties
I was just wondering about the caller that had the empty beer cans. If you want any empty Wild Irish Rose bottles, there are 40 or 50 going up Route 94.

Under capacity
I want to know if anybody else in Grayson County has a problem with a school that was built to house 500 students and only has less than 190 students in it now. That new school is where all tax dollars are wasted.

Who’s that?
At Twin County Hospital, wouldn’t it be great to go first class with the dress code? One never knows who’s caring for you, with badges hanging off the waist, turned backwards and so forth. First class is the best way to go.

Taxing alternative
This is concerning the Carroll County schools problem. Those wishy-washy supervisors intend to stick it to the old people in taxes instead of closing that small school. People need to think about this.

Making the grade
If a child is making As, Bs and Cs in school, I don’t see how a teacher can say they need to be back in third grade if they were making good grades. I don’t see how that can happen.

Don’t send money
I just heard on the news that the U.S. sent millions of dollars to Afghanistan for the families of victims allegedly shot by the soldier. What is wrong with America? We shouldn’t have to send money over there. It is time people wake up and see our government as what it is. I’m ashamed to be an American.
Editor’s note: Reuters reported that U.S. authorities gave compensation to families of the shooting victims. The families received around $50,000 for each person killed and about $10,000 for each wounded in the shootings in two villages. Seventeen people, including nine children and women, were killed in the attacks. The U.S. normally pays up to $2,500 for civilian deaths in Afghanistan, according to a 2010 report by Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict.

Aiding and abetting
This is in answer about the troops in Afghanistan. I bet you are the people that told Obama to send them $86,000 of hard earned tax money. Our soldiers’ families don’t get anything like that. You don’t see Afghans sending money over here for them. Yeah, they are sitting ducks. How many have been shot just by Afghans walking up? Sending them money was like aiding and abetting. That’s the same as treason. I bet you people were the ones that voted for Obama. Why don’t you go over there and send our boys home. Afghans are Anti-Christ people. They should be treated as such.

Hit and run
I’m calling about the person that hit my cat on the truckers’ route Thursday and just callously threw it across the guardrail in the grass and didn’t say anything about it. Come on, now. I don’t know who did it, but I wish I did. That is really a disgrace.

On their own
Why did Grayson County School system send the athletic director and the boys basketball coach and assistant to Richmond for four days to watch a state tournament when Grayson County had no one in the state tournament? I would like to know who paid this bill, and who approved this trip?
Editor’s note: The school system approved and provided funds for the high school’s athletic director to attend the Virginia High School League’s three-day spring board meetings in Richmond as representative of the Mountain Empire District and Grayson County High School. The state tournament coincided with the board meetings and the athletic director attended the event on personal time and at no cost to the school system, according to Superintendent Elizabeth Thomas. The school system did not approve or provide funds for the boys head coach or assistant coach to attend the state basketball tournament.