Readers' Hotline 4/21/14

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Cracking down
I don’t see how the United States can say anything about President Putin in Russia. Look what the United States is doing to the ranchers here in Nevada.

Thanks, Jeff
I am disabled and was using an electric shopping cart at the grocery. I got my items and had a regular cart, pulling it behind me. When I got done with my stuff, I was going out to the parking lot and the electric shopping cart decided it didn’t really want to work that well. All of a sudden, this young man named Jeff, he told me later, showed up and pushed my cart to the car, unloaded it for me and then he gave me a hug and said, “God bless you.” I just want to thank him. He was such a blessing. It is good to see there are still good people in this world that will actually help somebody without wanting payment for it.

Postal funding
In reference to the April 9 “postal woes” note in the Hotline, if the post office isn’t run with our tax dollars, doesn’t Congress allocate money to the post office each year? And, where are they getting that money, out of their own pocket? It would have to be taxpayer money, sir.
Editor’s note: The U.S. Postal Service website provides this explanation, “The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.” A report by PBS explains that, “The USPS in its current form runs like a business, relies on postage for revenue and, for the most part, has not used taxpayer money since 1982, when postage stamps became ‘products’ instead of forms of taxation. Taxpayer money is only used in some cases to pay for mailing voter materials to disabled and overseas Americans.”

No difference
I’m watching a story on TV about immigration and how they are breaking immigration laws and about the comment Jeb Bush made. Yeah, they want to provide a better life for their family, but the bottom line is they are still breaking the law. You tell me the difference in them coming here illegally and me stealing because my family is hungry. Both of them are illegal. I go to jail. They get rewarded. Somebody please explain that to me.

Blaming China
I wonder what is going on in the United States and China. China, for years, has tried to undercut the U.S. in the furniture industry and everything. They bought out Smithfield Foods and there’s no telling what else they own. But, now, they are sending pigs over here that have diseases, killing all our pigs and our pork industry is saying that’s the reason bacon prices are so high. Why is it always China poisoning the United States? Can’t the president do something about this? What is wrong with this president? Everything is happening from China. And they keep undermining the United States.
Editor’s note: As reported April 8 by ABC News, “A virus never before seen in the U.S. has killed millions of baby pigs in less than a year, and with little known about how it spreads or how to stop it, it’s threatening pork production and pushing up prices by 10 percent or more. Scientists think porcine epidemic diarrhea, which does not infect humans or other animals, came from China, but they don’t know how it got into the country or spread to 27 states since last May.”

Grant center deserves funding
The Grant Community Computer Center does not need friends or fundraisers, etc. I do not have children. I live on a dirt road. I get no services from the county. The least thing I get from the county would be a computer center in Troutdale. The county needs to fund it and people shouldn’t have to have fundraisers and volunteers. That’s the least they could do for Troutdale that has nothing else. A lot of people don’t use this school. They would like to use a computer center. Instead of high salaries that the higher-ups get, put some of the funds to the computer center in Troutdale. Stop hiring assistants.

It’s political
In the Hotline call “Other reasons,” that person stated that because Obama was black wasn’t the only reason [for opposition]. Well, he or she should have made two things clear — that he is black and also Democrat. This person calling was Republican and no matter how great or how good he would be, they would still feel the same way. They should go back and start blaming all Republicans in Washington and Richmond for them not having extended care right now because they are fighting it.

Can’t get through
I’d like to find out how you can get Carroll County Sheriff’s Department to answer a call concerning a murder case. I have tried and tried and I can’t get them to return my call. I was just wondering if you could tell me how to do it.

Delayed mail
Hey out there. Don’t go blaming the wonderful person who gets up very early in the morning to deliver your mail. He can’t help it if the politicians close many of the mail processing centers so that the mail truck comes to your post office much later in the morning. Therefore, your carrier hits the road with the mail very late. Naturally it is going to be delivered much later by the time he leaves the post office. It is later than it would have been before that. Everything is backed up so the mail comes later. Vote these scoundrels out. It used to be government of, by and for the people. Now it is government of, by and for the rich or of, by and for the corporation.
Editor’s note: The postal service itself makes administrative decisions about closing mail processing centers, not any elected governmental body.

Get the truth
I was just reading about “back it up.” In answer to the information, they can look in Romans 1:24-28 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. If they want to find more, there is a book called, “Where to find it in the Bible” by Ken Anderson. They can buy that book and get the truth instead of listening to other people in the Hotline.

Excessive entitlements
Re: “Denying coverage,” does “can’t afford it” mean anything to you? I don’t know how old you are, but you should know by now that nothing, and I mean nothing, is free. Federal money would be paying for it and guess who pays in to the federal government? We, the people. Not only can the federal government not afford it, but we also can’t afford a bigger government. Guess who would be paying the 30,000 added workers you mentioned. It would cost the state — if not at the present — in the future when they turn the cost over to the state. Maybe you would benefit by talking to Jesus. I don’t remember reading or hearing in the Bible that it is government’s job to help the poor. Granted, the government has and does help the poor in many ways. The problem is the government creating more poor at a rapid rate. The government is creating an entitlement society that won’t be able to sustain itself.

Repeal Obamacare
Regarding “employer’s fault.” Please, it all goes back to Obamacare. They dictate what the company or the employer has to cover with insurance and what they pay. It is quite expensive and a smaller company would probably have trouble paying it. Then, Obamacare says if the company doesn’t pay the insurance they will be fined. The fine is much less than the insurance payment. This is a no-brainer. The company would most likely pay the fine. But, aside from all that, the federal government shouldn’t be dictating to private companies about insurances. That is not their responsibility. Have you ever questioned why they would fine them a lot less than the insurance payment? Could it be they don’t care about health care? It did pass the Supreme Court as a tax, you know. Or, are they ultimately trying to move to a one-payer system. Let’s pray not. Let’s all pray Obamacare is repealed. Let’s all pray the voters vote Republicans into the Senate, or else we are doomed.

Illegal cattle
I think this is something your readers might find cute. All Mr. Bundy needed to do in Nevada was to say they were illegal cattle and it was an act of love. They were coming across illegally to get better grass on our side. It was illegal cattle, but he was letting them cross over to have better grass and better feeding on our side. It was just an act of love.

You have a choice
This call is in reference to “awaiting the babe.” Mr. Editor, maybe you need to explain to people what the Hotline is for and who can call in, which I thought it was free for everyone to call. So, don’t complain about people calling in on religion or not calling in on religion because that is a Hotline opinion and you can express your opinion on anything. If you don’t like what’s in the Hotline, don’t read it.

Not a new thing
I’m sorry if I offended you, researcher. I didn’t know all that. I did know Judiasm is still looking for the Messiah and Islam sees Jesus as a prophet. You also missed the point. The mixture of Islam and Christianity isn’t a new religion. Jesus was and is the Son of God, not some random prophet. People that don’t know the Bible could be easily misled and manipulated to believe a lie. Whoever is looking for the Lawnmower Babe, you are right, judgment is wrong and unnecessary, but the Christians are awaiting the Lord  and some are just human sinners who pass judgment. Thank God they believe Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection to redeem them. I only pray the same for you. All you folks that want the money pit to swim in two months out of the year, get your check books out and pay for one in your yard. Don’t expect the rest of us to buy it for you. This area does need something, but not at taxpayers’ expense.

Tortoise concerns
The United States government and the Bureau of Land Management just spent how many millions of dollars hiring helicopters and cattle boys on horseback to round up cattle and they paid SWAT teams to keep out citizens that were wanting to go get the cattle and they did that to say they were protecting the endangered dessert tortoise. But now, they have run out of money so they are going to euthanize the turtles instead of releasing them into their natural habitat. Euthanizing will cost money and if you hadn’t spent all that money going out there trying to steal those cattle, they would have the money to continue protecting the tortoises they seem to love so much. I’m totally confused.