Readers' Hotline 4/20/11

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The behavior of certain individuals at the Fancy Gap planning meeting on April 5 was disgusting. Instead of a productive exchange, they turned it in to a personal attack on anyone who dared to have a different view than theirs. Although the moderator said at the beginning that sort of behavior would not be allowed, he did absolutely nothing to stop it. Bias or incompetence, who knows. If these folks represent the long-standing Christian citizens of Carroll County, this is indeed a dark time of intolerance.
Editor’s note: While the moderator of the Fancy Gap meeting on planning and zoning may have not done enough in the caller’s opinion, the newspaper has to disagree he did “absolutely nothing.” Assistant Administrator Ronald Newman did use the microphone at times to tell people to move on when some bickering broke out.

No law against it
We have seen what happens when the majority remains quiet, allowing the minority to get legislation passed which prohibits us from exercising our beliefs. Schools can no longer post the 10 Commandments or initiate prayer at events. However, the students do have the right to post the commandments and pray. Church groups from other counties have made copies of the 10 Commandments and gave them to the students to display on their lockers. The copies were laminated and had magnet strips on the back. Students displaying the commandments on their own lockers violates no policy and is actually a right supported by the ACLU. This is a great way for churches and groups to stand up for the majority’s beliefs in Christian principals that our country was founded on. Or, we can choose to do nothing and let the minority dictate what we can and can’t do. Wouldn’t it be a great sight to see 95 percent of the lockers in school posted with the 10 Commandments?

I just wanted to say, I hope the Democrats are happy with their president holding soldiers’ pay over their heads to try to get Planned Parenthood funding pushed forward. I think it is absolutely disgusting. You also have Jim Moran from Northern Virginia shouting down a veteran at a town hall meeting. You Democrats need to wake up and see what is going on out there.

Trashy drivers
People that throw trash out in other people’s yards from a moving vehicle need their driver’s license taken for about six months because that is a moving violation and it puts litter all over other peoples' yards. They need to be fined heavy and their driver’s license taken.

Coaching tips
I’d like to ask the eighth grade softball coaches at Grayson County, why do you have a first string or starting string and then don’t start them? I hope Friday night was a lesson learned when y’all just about lost that game. This isn’t rec ball, guys. I know y’all are new coaches, but this is not rec ball and we are out to win. So, I hope you learned your lesson and learned to start your starters. And, if you have to play the whole game, that is just a part of the game. People need to suck it up. I know sort of what is going on. There is a reason you have a starting team — first string, second string and third string. That is the order you start them. When you get your lead, that is when you put your other people in.

No place to go
I’m calling concerning the severe weather we have been having. My concern is for the people in Galax, Grayson and Carroll County that live in mobile home parks that don’t have a place to go. I think we should start as a community to think about the people, especially the elderly people and what would happen with them if we did have a bad tornado or something. I think something should be brought up on this subject.

We’re doomed
If gas keeps going up like it is, us senior citizens and others are doomed. This spring, this president goes to Brazil and makes a deal to buy oil from them and pay them billions of dollars. We need to drill here and quit depending on foreign oil. Everything keeps going up. Food has got so high we are having to go on a see-food diet — see the food and not eat it. We have plenty of oil. Why is it still going up? This is the worst shape our country has ever been in. God have mercy on us.

No stamps
This is in regards to the post office at Galax. It’s a crying shame that you go down there to mail a letter and there is not a postage machine that you can buy stamps from to mail your letter. What’s going on with Galax postal system? I’ve been all over the United States. I’ve never been to a post office where there is no postage stamp you can buy.

Poor judgment
This is for the man who is using poor judgment, allowing a toddler to drive an adult John Deere Gator on a main state road. The toddler was driving on Creek View Drive on Sunday. We got behind a toddler who was driving. There were cars coming over the hill. This is the third time we have seen these toddlers driving in a Gator. This is very dangerous and I think it might be illegal. These children could really get hurt. This needs to be stopped.

Teen’s values praised
I would like to comment on the Hotline call title “unfriendly elder.” I just want to commend you on your ethics — your work ethics and your personal ethics and morals. Don’t feel bad that you are only 17 and please understand, I mean this is as a sincere compliment. You seem to be much older than 17 mentally and emotionally. I commend you for your appreciation of what is right and what is wrong. I hope this incident won’t tarnish that value system you have in place. You sound like a fine youth and personally I would like to have you as a friend.

Fix staff, too
I’m just reading the article on the “City plans animal shelter renovations” and I hope that it will get more people to adopt pets. My experience has been that the staff hasn’t been very friendly when I was out there, or very enthusiastic and I feel like this is as big an issue as the facility itself.

Back to Yankee land
This is for the disrespectful Yankee. I was in line today at a local supermarket. A lady in front of me had a few items and the Yankee woman had three or four more than she did. She kept complaining why couldn’t the woman get her stuff out of the cart quickly? “Well, in New York, we do it quicker.” I tell you what lady, go back to New York and let them bag your groceries. You got that? We don’t tolerate this down here in the south. You are disrespectful and that’s what I’m saying right now. You need to go back to Yankee land.

A life saved
Because of Planned Parenthood, I caught my breast cancer in time. Susan G. Komen for the Cure gave me $1,000 for food so that I could eat during surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. No, I don’t think pink ribbons are pretty and cute. To me they mean survival and being grateful to all who donate money and time. I am now seven years free of breast cancer and advise Gazette readers to get the facts about breast cancer diagnosis and research, Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood. Better yet, read the story of Susan G. Komen who died at the young age of 36.

Fix it
I was reading in the paper today where Grayson County is in desperate need of foster home. I tell you one thing — they are in desperate need of an overhaul in the Social Services system first before you get foster parents. That is the only way you are going to get foster parents to deal with them.

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