Readers' Hotline 4/18/12

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Real reason
Everyone knows the real reason gas prices are going up. It’s the big oil companies and the investors and a Congress that is voting for them and all their tax breaks because then Congress gets a big donation to their campaign fund.

As it should be
I am happy to see that three-quarters of the Grayson County proposed school budget is going to instruction. This is as it should be. However, the large expenditure of $808,609 for administration seems too high. I hope the supervisors will address this issue and explain their reasoning.

Show of respect
I have a compliment for the City of Galax. I was in a funeral procession and it just made me proud to see how everyone had such courtesy for the family and pulled off out of respect. That is the last thing we can do for a loved ones family and that loved one. It just made me proud of our town that we still had respect for other people. This was real noticeable. Only a few cars kept going but 90 percent of the cars stopped. I just think that should be commended that we show our respect to the family of the deceased and the loved ones. That’s the last thing we can do for them. Way to go, Galax.

Be consistent
I would like to know why [certain] school board members think their family and friends deserve special treatment. The rules should apply to everyone. We should not have to change the rules to accommodate their family and friends. They also need to learn how to read signs that are posted on campus.

Thank the man
I would like citizens of Fries to know who was responsible for getting fireworks on the Fourth of July. Who was first to help with the funds for pothole repairs? Who helps by mowing some of the town islands? Also, for the person that says they are making a killing on rental property, did you know the previous renter for the Main Street house left owing for a year? They pay a water bill each month on all rental properties even if none was used. Some residents never paid a water bill or taxes — one reason we are in the mess we are in now. You are quick to criticize someone who is only trying to get Fries out of the mess it is in, and we just stick our head in the sand and let this continue. We need help badly. Instead of complaining, get behind them. If we could all work as hard at finding the problems and fixing them, we could pull Fries out of this hole. You could start by apologizing to and thanking the man with the golf cart for all his efforts.

Ban cellular from schools
I’m calling in response to the call about teachers not being able to teach because of the cell phones. I agree. Cell phones should be kept at home or make sure they are taken off of them during the day. Also, if the Ten Commandments are not allowed in school, cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school. Our freedom of speech and our freedom of religion is going out the door. Teachers should stand up for what is right. Parents should stand up for what is right. Teach the kids or they are going to have a bunch of dumb kids that don’t know anything but cell phone talk and texting.

Could be explosive
Why doesn’t Carroll County contribute money for the July 4th fireworks instead of leaving it up to the town to pay all the expenses? The whole county benefits from them.

How dare they?
How dare the Carroll County Board of Supervisors try to mislead citizens about tax increases and the school board’s budget. The supervisors are sitting on more than $16 million and are trying to tell us that in order to raise $1.9 million, they have got to raise our taxes. That’s bull hockey. They’ve got the money. They have taken enough money of ours already. Isn’t it about time somebody looks into how they had $16 million to begin with? Enough is enough. We finally have a school board interested in what is best for our students than about building buildings to be monuments for themselves. And, here is a message to the supervisors from the taxpayers: you better work with them or we are going to replace you next.
Editor’s note: This call seems a little behind, because the Carroll supervisors have pledged around $1.8 million of the new request of $1.9 million from the schools. Though supervisors have stressed they will not raise real estate taxes to make this budget work, the county officials also added that they will not dip into the fund balance but pay down some expenses and find room for the new money for schools. Fund balance shouldn’t be used for ongoing expenses, county officials have said.

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