Readers Hotline 4/17/17

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Wrong priority
This call is regarding Gov. McAuliffe proposing an amendment to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing a handgun. I would just like to say he needs to worry more about getting rid of the illegal people and the people who are coming here trying to do things illegally rather than worrying about law-abiding citizens and what they are doing. He needs to start worrying about trying to keep guns away from people who don’t want to follow the law, not the people who do.
Editor’s note: The governor wants to reinstate a Virginia law that would limit handgun purchases to one per month.

Chicken dander
I am calling about local businesses that sell baby chicks. One had some baby chicks that weren’t in the best of conditions. The pens were dirty. Then a worker acted like they didn’t want to wait on me. I was just going to let people know, unfortunately, these people didn’t even act like they wanted to help me and as soon as I opened the door it reeked of chicken dander and litter.
Editor’s note: Yes, we would have expected it to smell like lilacs.

Well, our Galax School Board and superintendent have done it again. We had the best football and basketball coach in Virginia and because they would not help him or support him, he is leaving to seek another job. I think it is time we replaced our superintendent and school board.
Editor’s not: This call was received before Mark Dixon decided to remain as the Galax High School football coach. We suppose our administrators will now be spared your pitchfork.

Thanks, Harry
Another example of hypocritical behavior by the Democrats. Let’s remember back to 2013. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the rules where they could have a “nuclear option” [to halt a filibuster] so they could push through who they wanted. Fast forward to 2017. Why are Democrats crying spilled milk — oh, the Republicans are getting ready to do this and that. Look in the mirror. Harry Reid made this possible. This is the only time I can actually say, “thank you, Harry.” Judge Gorsuch is going to the supreme court. Which, he is very qualified. Forget person politics. Why is it so wrong now when it wasn’t wrong in 2013? If Democrats keep going like you are going now, there won’t be a Democrat to win an election, except California and New York.

Grass or hay?
In reference to the “road to nowhere” about Wildwood. Wouldn’t it be better to pay someone to cut the grass or would you rather have someone cut the grass that we have to pay for hay?

Equal time
I appreciate what your paper does. I have lightened up some, you can tell. My question is, are the Grayson County Schools going to allow Muslims to get on a prayer mat and pray to Allah like it seems to be coming to across the United States? I called in earlier and I appreciate your response but it is like they passed a law to keep prayer out of school. Doesn’t that go for the Muslims praying to Allah? If you are going to let them, that’s a conflict. Christians would need the same amount of time to go to their private place and pray to Jesus. That’s the best way to get prayer back in school. Why aren’t things like that? I appreciate your response, but what is the difference? If you can’t pray to Jesus in the schools then you can’t pray to Allah either. But they are allowing them to get on the prayer mats and I am just wondering did they do that in Grayson County Schools yet and has it been talked about.
Editor’s note: The prayer in schools issue is often misunderstood. Prayer has never actually been “taken out of school,” as many people assert. The law prohibits public schools from initiating or requiring any kind of prayer, but according to Charles C. Haynes, founding director of the Religious Freedom Center, as quoted in a recent “Washington Post” article: “Truth be told, students of all faiths are actually free to pray alone or in groups during the school day, as long as they don’t disrupt the school or interfere with the rights of others. Of course, the right to engage in voluntary prayer or religious discussion does not necessarily include the right to preach to a captive audience, like an assembly, or to compel other students to participate.” Locally, Christian students groups have held prayer vigils on school grounds, like the annual gatherings around flagpoles at GHS and other schools. Muslim students or students of any faith would be allowed to hold similar observances, as is their legal right. In 1995, then-President Bill Clinton issued a memo titled “Religious Expression in Public Schools,” that said in part: “While the government may not use schools to coerce the consciences of our students, or to convey official endorsement of religion, the government’s schools also may not discriminate against private religious expression during the school day.” So: students can still pray in school and teachers can still say “Merry Christmas” without penalty.

Why is Carroll County School System giving out gift cards to their employees? Do they not make enough money now as it is?

No incentive
Being out in the work world is so dirty. I understand why people want to live on welfare and not go out in the working world because you can work yourself to death and be good to a workplace and it doesn’t matter how long you have been there, they still offer the newbies other jobs and anything that comes open. Seniority has no affect on anything. You get treated so low that we might as well all go live off welfare and then the government could pay us and we wouldn’t have to worry about being treated dirty. They want you to better yourself but how can you when you have no opportunities? That’s why people can probably get taken better care of on welfare than by working. You can’t better yourself when no one will let you, or at least offer. It’s the principle of things.

Pushing back
A government in our region doesn’t know how its leader is hurting businesses. I have heard of a proposed petition being prepared by some businesses. Either fix the person’s attitude or ask him to leave. I am a business owner myself and I will be glad to put a petition in my office and get signatures.

Agrees with Todd
I agree with [columnist] Todd Jennings. If you get on your riding mower, you are supposed to use hearing protection. I think you need it for those hand dryers, too.

Now hear this
Residents of Terrace Lane: do not mow grass on Sunday.

At odds
To the person on Stockdale Lane, off Virginia 94, who just missed running over my dog on a dead-end road that I let outside to use the bathroom: I was watching. You were driving way too fast and don’t have a driver’s license. Do you know what the charge is for animal cruelty and then you threaten me that you were going to give him antifreeze. I am turning this over to the law.

Step up patrols
Drugs and non-licensed drivers. Do you know why the drugs in Fries and on Virginia 94 have gotten so bad and there are all kinds of people driving without a driver’s license? Because on 94 you never see a cop patrolling the county. They have nothing to worry about.

Bad locals
This is a response to “here’s why.” I get tired of everybody bringing up Benghazi, like Hillary was the cause of it. We lost some innocent children in Israel about two or three weeks ago. Nobody is talking about that. And, you say that Trump has brought back jobs. Well, there were jobs coming back when Obama was in there. There was a decline in unemployment rate down to about 4.5 percent. I don’t see any “repeal and replace” healthcare because a lot of people don’t want it to be repealed or replaced. He said he is stopping immigrants from coming in because they are bringing in drugs, rape and disease. Well, every time I pick up The Gazette, I don’t see immigrants or Hispanics. All I see is American-born white people on the front page. It is full of Americans that have done something bad in our area. Stop your griping.

Donors disappointed
Whoever took the donation box from Asbury Church’s clothes closet, please return it. We don’t have anywhere to put our stuff.

Not complaining
I called in a few weeks ago wondering why we hadn’t received new phone books yet. Well, I got my Twin County Regional Directory today. I was very pleased with it. Easy to read. So, I’m not complaining. Gotcha.