Readers' Hotline 4/17/13

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The more I hear about this situation with Chief Wagoner being charged, the more I feel the sheriff’s department should be getting the bad publicity. The first mistake was disrespecting the citizens of Independence and their police chief by not advising Chief Wagoner of an investigation in his jurisdiction. It is hard to believe a department where a subordinate can request an arrest warrant for another peace officer without getting the sheriff’s input, and if in this case, if the sheriff was consulted by his subordinate, then he was instructed incorrectly. The buck for this whole mess stops with the sheriff.

Fries water
As far as the water goes in Fries, it is fine to let the fire department have free water, but not to wash personal cars. I also feel a lot of other people feel this way, but it disturbs [some who are vocal about it].

Free to choose
Concerning the “take a vote” comment, the editor was right in explaining how government works. Thank goodness it works that way. The majority isn’t always right. In the past, the majority wanted to enslave people. The majority wanted to deny women and blacks the right to vote, etc., etc. Like the previous caller, I am not for a lot of things. I, too, believe that people should have the right to live however they choose as long as they don’t infringe on other’s rights.

Bizarre in Laurel
I was recently traveling in the Laurel community and drove by this house and saw a dog with a chicken tied to its neck. The chicken was apparently dead. I actually drove by a second time to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I saw it again. I still didn’t say anything to anybody about it because I didn’t know what this represented. Later on, a friend of mine mentioned they had seen the absolute same thing in the area. Is this a way to train dogs to kill chickens? I just wonder if this is some strange Carroll County tradition that nobody knows about.
Editor’s note: I’ll admit we were stumped by this at first. But after making some inquiries, we understand this is a practice sometimes used in training dogs to fight each other.

Dog consequences
I saw the ad for the Twin County Humane Society pit bull mix that was available for adoption. They need to consider the consequences of adopting out a pit bull that does not like other dogs. If my neighbors adopt that dog, which they knowingly know could attack and kill my dog, if my dog gets attacked, I think the humane society is liable. Hundreds of dogs get euthanized at our shelter every year. Why are they trying to save a dog that could potentially kill another dog?

Not ‘just animals’
I’m calling about the “just animals” comment. I’d like to know who ever said animals are human. I’ve never heard anybody say that. I wish some humans were more like animals. I don’t have to worry about animals breaking into my home and stealing, driving a vehicle while drunk, killing for drugs, killing children at schools, and so forth. Humans should be destroyed when they become violent and a danger to society. I will agree to one statement that the caller made — some people are ignorant and don’t care about animals or anything else except themselves. Animals may not have a soul, but they are a living, feeling, loving and forgiving creation from God. Did you ever hear about God saving two of each animal on Noah’s ship? Please do not refer to it as “just animals.” Seems you are jealous of a dog or cat that someone has as a pet. Since animals don’t have a soul, they do not have to worry about the hereafter. How about you?

Try prayer
This call is about the “calming the nerves” comment in the Readers’ Hotline. I know it is very sad to have a loved one dying in the hospital, but smoking a cigarette to calm the nerves is not doing the loved one any good, or you. Try praying when you need to calm your nerves, instead of a cigarette.

Never denied
I had the opportunity to visit our local hospital in Galax recently. They treated me real well, but they gave me a paper that says, “If you are injured in a car wreck, don’t come to us unless you can pay in advance.” I wonder what a poor person or rich person can do if they don’t have money in their pocket to pay. Maybe we will consider going to the funeral home if we get hurt, and not killed. It just doesn’t sound right that if you are in a car accident they won’t take you.
Editor’s note: A spokesperson for the hospital said she could find no evidence of the paper described by the caller, and it strikes us as unlikely that such a statement would have been issued to a customer. According to the hospital, “Treatment is never delayed or denied due to the patient’s ability to pay.” In a statement, Twin County Regional Hospital described a process that includes patient education, once a patient is stabilized. “Through this process, the financial counselor informs patients of the co-pays and deductibles. Many patients do not realize their insurance requires a co-pay, deductible or the amount that is the patient’s responsibility. As a courtesy to patients, a financial counselor will verify the patient’s insurance policy, prints out a copy of the patient’s benefits and explains the patient’s co-pays as well as any deductibles.”