Readers' Hotline 4/16/12

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Opportunity knocks
I could not agree more with the caller last week regarding our Twin County Regional Hospital aligning with Duke LifePoint Healthcare. That is amazing. This is just a great, great opportunity for our community to have Duke LifePoint here.

Warm target
Oooh, I’m scared. I’m a 70-year-old woman and I have been wearing a hoodie all winter and if it is raining or if I get cold, I pull up the hood. I’ve been wearing that hoodie all winter long. I didn’t know I was inviting people to shoot me. Lord have mercy, I have got to change my ways.

Claims of bias
I know why Carroll Supervisor Bob Martin is so interested in schools. If you look at his facts on the salary, he is not even principal and gets [paid well] to turn the lights on and off in the school. And [School Board Member Brian] Spencer doesn’t want to close Woodlawn School, but he doesn’t have any problem closing our school in Lambsburg, so I don’t know what is going on with that. I’m sure this won’t be printed in the paper because of your biased reports. Several of my friends have called about these people and no one will print it in the paper.
Editor’s note: Lambsburg school has been closed for years, and an assertion that Mr. Spencer had something to do with it is incorrect.

Make things right
When you are a Christian and something happens in your church, why can’t you forgive each other and make things right? At least ask them to come to church. They don’t have to have the same positions as they did before. Just make sure they are welcome in church.

Neighborhood nuisance
I live in a local subdivision. It used to be quiet until a woman and her son moved in. Her son has a dirt bike, a four-wheeler and a racing four-wheeler. All the roads in our subdivision are state roads, yet he rides them on the roads with no license, tags or insurance. Troopers and deputies have been called and one trooper talked to him and his mom and this worked for a little while, then he started riding on the road again. All the houses and yards in our subdivision are very nice yet she has allowed him to make a dirt track out of her yard. He has made a mess of her yard, yet she don’t seem to care. There is no way you can go out on your deck in the evening and see peace without listening to dirt track racing every evening. You would think this woman would have respect for her neighbors and for law enforcement in her area. One of his friends ran a stop sign and almost got hit by a car. I’d hate to see one of the residents in the subdivision hit one of these kids, but apparently this woman doesn’t care or think anything about that.

Active account
I just wonder what happened with the Grayson County Million Dollar Miracle Fundraiser that all the money was raised for? Just wonder what ever came of that account. Are there any updates?
Editor’s note: The Gazette received the following response from a schools spokesman: “The ‘Million Dollar Miracle’ has an active account at Grayson County High School. Over the past two years, donations and fundraising have accounted for close to $20,000. While the fund has not approached the $1 million mark, proceeds serve a critical need in providing funding for our students and schools that otherwise may not be possible. Listed below are some recipients of donations from the Million Dollar Miracle Program: materials for school health clinic, materials for Grayson County High School physical education department, GCHS motivational speaker, Angel Tree Program, health occupations field trip, Ponytail girls trip to Louisiana, Fairview Elementary field trip, Independence Elementary School field trip.”

Focus on the message
For the person that worries about people being a few minutes late for church, why don’t you concentrate on the service? Most people who are late have a good reason – health, traffic or someone at home they must care for before they leave. Concentrate on the service, not those that are a few minutes late.

Yes or no
If Carroll County wants to use Facebook to make decisions about the school system, how about this question: Do you approve of the Carroll County government? Yes or no.

Act your age
This is to the 40-and-older women. Please, act your age. You look ridiculous in your small clothes on an old body. Inner beauty touches people’s lives. You can’t go back to a teenager. Sorry!

Technicalities prevail
As I have read comments on Facebook concerning a teacher charged with DUI, I am disgusted by support this teacher is receiving from the community. I have resorted to calling the Hotline because unfortunately if I share my views on Facebook, I would be crucified by her supporters. Teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, are often held to a higher standard than their neighbors, presumably because they are better educated and more intelligent. Unfortunately it is usually the same group of people who have their charges reduced or dismissed based on a loophole or technicality. I have been a witness to what drinking and driving can do to families and it is never, ever, okay to get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you have consumed alcohol.
Editor’s note: This call was edited to remove comments about a pending case in which a person has been charged, but has not yet gone to trial. Comments were retained about the nature of such a charge in general.

Nothing proven
We would like to know why a teacher that was charged with a DUI is still in the classroom. Other school employees did not continue working after the same charge. It is true, one is innocent until proven guilty but to be fair to all the school employees, shouldn’t they all be treated in the same way?
Editor’s note: It appears you have answered your own question. A charge is not a conviction, and every defendant gets a day in court. No more calls will be published about this matter until it is resolved by the court.

A crowd at work
How is it that some Grayson County schools employees can come to work and bring their kids and get their work done and babysit at the same time and watch their kids? When they are there, their kids are there. If one can do it, all should be able to do it.

Staying home
As I have been struggling to make a very important decision regarding my child’s education, I recently learned that a local school system is no longer allowing parents the privilege of choosing who their child’s teacher will be. Because I tend to research everything and everyone, and I feel I know what is best for my child, I have decided — or rather the school system has decided for me — to home-school my child. I have always appreciated the fact that my opinion was respected and in some small way I felt my choice of teachers allowed me to actively participate in my child’s education. Because I feel this opportunity has been taken away from me, I believe my decision has just been made.

Road of distress
The president needs to be impeached because he is taking Americans down this disastrous road of distress. What we have accomplished during our lifetime, he is destroying it. I never thought I would see the day this would happen to our country. There are a lot of people that don’t have the money to buy gas and groceries and their bills. Everyone needs to wake up and vote for Newt Gingrich. He is the only one that can try and get us out of this mess we are in. God have mercy on America.
Editor’s note: Remember to bring a pencil to the polls so you can write in Mr. Gingrich. He won’t be on the ballot.