Readers' Hotline 4/14/14

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Take safety measures
I’m calling in reference to Creekview Road where Dannelly Park is. I know a lot of people think the speed limit is 45, but in reference to the Galax Police Department and Carroll County, they are saying it is 55. I feel this is a risk. I watch cars fly through here. There needs to be some kind of protest made. There are children at play all through this road. When there are children at play, there is usually a 25 or 15 mph speed limit [elsewhere]. Also, there are no guard rails at the top of the park, and if there was to be a wreck, they could roll down that hill and hurt anyone. This is a high concern of mine.

Something good
I have had about enough of people talking about not having a swimming pool to come to Carroll County. I would love to have a pool to come in. I would love to have a place to go and take my grandchildren to enjoy a day. They need something around here. Everybody always tries to keep something good from coming in. We need something we can enjoy and go and laugh and have a fun-filled day for a change. There is nothing else for kids and teenagers to do. I think a water park would be absolutely wonderful. If you all don’t want this to come in, just somewhere that is a retirement community. Get on your golf carts, ride around in them and let the young people and everyone have something good for a change. Please let this water park come in.

Set you straight
If a Sunday morning church service offends you to the point of not returning to church, that is a sign the preacher stepped on your toes. That is what is supposed to happen to let you know when you have done wrong. Then, you can make it right.

Where’s the justice?
Picture this: a summer evening in 2012. A woman drops off her child in front of the Dollar Tree in Galax and a cop pulls her over and gives her a ticket for stopping in front of the store long enough to drop her child off. But at 8:30 a.m. on April 3, four cops were sitting in front of the local U.S. Cellular store, obviously not on a call. Where is the justice in this? Straighten up.

Admitting wrong
All the people defending homosexuality need to read II Timothy 3, not to say someone that is gay is going to hell. That is up to God. But, a liar doesn’t like being told they are sinning and a thief doesn’t like getting caught and neither does an adulterating spouse, but they are all sinners and will at least admit what they are doing is wrong at some point. So, why are Christians supposed to say being gay is not wrong? God made Adam and Eve. He made woman for man, not man for man or woman for woman. I don’t care if people want to be gay. That is their God-given right to free will, but don’t justify it. A thief, liar and adulterer — they all blame someone else or think they had a good reason to do it. But, they still committed a sin and eventually admit they were wrong. If you want to keep living in sin, just admit it and stop trying to hide it and expecting Christians to change their faith and beliefs for you. No wonder this county is in the shape it is in.

Awaiting the babe
News flash to all the do-gooders using the Hotline as a religious-based pulpit to judge people. It might come as a surprise to hear that everyone is not a believer and doesn’t want to go to Heaven. If you think all these people are going to your hell and want to pray for them, do so, but quietly. If churches won’t give up any collection money so that The Gazette can give them a full page in the paper so they can educate people about their religion, then I wish The Gazette would give them a section where they can vent and let all the Hotline be used for what it was intended to. While there should be freedom of religion, there should also be freedom from religion. Please, weather get warm and sunny so maybe the Lawn Mower Babe will come back in the Hotline and give us a break from all the negative judgment and talk about backsliding and signs of the end of time. Seems they all believe their version of religion is just what their Bible version is. Judging people isn’t what testifying is about. I would rather read what Mongo is up to. Please, come on grass. Grow, grow, grow. Come on mower babe…

Attitude adjustment
We have a wonderful school system, but I think there are some workers there that need some attitude adjustments. We have secretaries that work there that are so unprofessional and they really need to learn some business ethics.

Zoning decision questioned
Shame on the City of Galax for rezoning and allowing for the relocation of a business to the 700 block of Glendale at Cliffview. Apparently not one of the zoning inspectors looked at the old location of this business. If they had, they would have seen the mess.

Ultimate penalty
These killer moms need the death penalty and quit trying to fool the people and pulling off the insanity plea. They need the death penalty right off the bat.

What’s the cost?
I read in the newspaper that Supervisor Sam Dixon suggested Carroll County hire a consultant to look at the efficiency of their bus routes, as Roanoke County has done in the past. Hasn’t Roanoke County also taken away health insurance benefits from their drivers? Be careful what you suggest. A consultant sounds like it would be an expensive proposition.

Congress is not underpaid. They are overpaid for doing nothing but messing the country up.

Don’t toss butts
In reference to people that smoke, would you please have respect for other neighbors and not throw cigarettes around the yards and around the buildings — people own door mats and it could start fires. Children act better than a lot of grownups now. I was raised in an era when people put it in — if nothing else — a top of a jar. Anything respectful. It looks really trashy going down streets or around any buildings. Please grow up and act your age. Children act better than this and if they don’t have an example, they will do the same.

Preaching and prayer
In reference to Easter, the most wonderful time of our lives, the Resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ — do you think churches should preach, have singing in the afternoon or another time, because I believe in preaching, prayer and singing. Seems like we devote less time for His holy words around Easter. Certain churches really do a lot. Pray for all the churches. Pray for our country.

Do some research
This is to the caller who called in about new religion. Even though you missed the point of my call entirely, let me state some facts. The God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam or the Abrianic religions all worship the same God, the God of Abraham. Judaism generally will accuse Jesus as one of many false Messiahs that have appeared throughout history. Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet of God, which is a required belief for all Muslims. So, I would suggest that you do some research before assuming that others don’t know what they are talking about.

Beware the commies
They want to waste more time and money talking about zoning in Grayson County. When are they going to get the picture? There is nothing here worth zoning. All this is, is a bunch of communists in Independence wanting to run people’s lives by telling them what they can and can’t do with their land. They already have the taxes so high that people can’t afford to pay and then they wonder why nearly 1,600 people have left this county over the last few years. They sure aren’t going to listen to a bunch up there in Independence yapping and telling them what they can and can’t do with their land.

Lacking appearance
Independence is a nice small town to live in, visit or relocate back to, as are our plans. During our last visit and house hunting, we were appalled by the way some homes and yards were kept. Yards looked like the city dump and one yard had a junk pile where scrap metal, appliances, wire and items of that nature were piled to sell. We saw several nice homes with for sale signs, but by the yards and homes, one could tell they were not neighborly-considerate. My family would not think about buying in that area. Where we live now, there are ordinances that everyone has to follow. An example: You have a two-car garage and if you have over two cars, you cannot park a car on the street in front of your house. Rules certainly keep our area a nice place to live. Does Independence have ordinances or rules about streets, homes, yards? If so, why aren’t they enforced?

Mad at the governor
I read what the governor had to say and I think he needs to be impeached and thrown out. Here are the facts: Jesus Christ is whom you are going to stand in front of when you die. If you don’t believe that, you will one day. They are trying to ban the name Jesus Christ.

Wandered home
My friend’s cat was gone for three years and came back home this Sunday. I have always heard that cats will find their way back to their home.

No defense
I’m calling about our commander-in-chief, Mr. Obama. People still don’t recognize what we have in office. They can say these liberal Democrats can hold him up, but I heard and somebody please confirm if I am wrong about this. I heard that he does not allow the military bases to have guns and things to protect themselves. What is going on in this land?
Editor’s note: Only military police can carry firearms on military bases. The policy began in 1993 during the administration of President Clinton. Some have called for an end to the ban, which prevented unarmed officers from reacting during the two Fort Hood shootings and one at the Navy Yard.

No beams
Here it is Monday morning [April 7]. I am driving around Galax doing some errands. It is so foggy you can’t even see to drive. And, I have met several cars. Idiots driving with no lights on in something like this. You cannot see them or anything. They don’t drive with lights on so they can see better. And low and behold I meet a Galax police officer with no lights on.