Readers' Hotline 4/13/11

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Sunday dinner
I am calling about how the restaurant was treating a pastor and congregation that comes to eat after church. I go to church and I am a Christian but if I find out where they ate, I will never go there. Why would they want to be so hateful and rude with good Christian people and their pastor just by going out to eat.
Editor’s note: There are two sides to every story. We’re not sure that both sides are known.

No inspection needed
There are law officers that seem to want to stop log trucks and dump trucks every time they see them on the highway. Most of these trucks are in very good shape considering the way they were 15 to 20 years ago. But now the police want to inspect them every time they see them. So why should they have to have a state inspection yearly when they are inspected weekly? The same officers, the Department of Transportation, do not stop trash trucks or cattle trucks because they are afraid they will get their hands dirty. They don’t stop fuel trucks because they are afraid they might get blown up. Please, leave the log trucks and dump trucks alone. They are only trying to make a decent living and pay their taxes and pay your salaries.

Fries water slide?
Wonder why Fries couldn’t consider putting a water park in? They’ve got all the assets they need and all the resources.
Editor’s note: You could always go over the Fries dam in a barrel.

Truthful, not burned out
The teacher who called to explain what it was like to work for Carroll County Public Schools wasn’t burnt out. That person was truthful. You can ask people who have been teaching one year or people who have been teaching 30 years and you are going to find people who agree. And, when you have that many people who feel that way about their job who never felt that way before, maybe it is time to see what might be the real problem — not the 100, 200, 300, 400 teachers who feel that way, but the one or two or three people in charge who are making the hundreds of people feel that way.

This is in response to the Christian people supporting the food places. Once they give up drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, the only thing left is food. The majority of Christians are overweight. Gluttony is a sin. Put the Little Debbies down. Stop the all-you-can-eat buffet bars. The church likes to tell you that you won’t get in to Heaven if you are a drunkard or a drug addict. Overeating is a sin. What do you think is going to happen when you reach the pearly gates and they ask you what the heck happened to your temple? You super-sized it. Do you think you are going to get in? When you binged the night before and gave yourself a heart attack, do you seriously think they will let you in? The church says if you die drunk you won’t get in. This is no different. Overeating is an addiction, the same as drugs and alcohol.

Mission for new sheriff
For the candidates running for sheriff in Carroll County, please demonstrate your ability as future sheriff or law officer by helping to clean up drugs in the Hebron section of Carroll County. Drugs are a major problem. I have lived in the area all my life and have family that has lived in that area all my life and they are looking at moving out because of the drug problem there. The law officers do not seem to care about it.

Could have been worse?
About the comment why bother with getting a new president and new Congress in. Do you ever stop to think what it would be like even if we didn’t have President Obama, if we had someone else? It could have been worse. It is not all his fault. Quit trying to put it all on President Obama. I think some of the stuff he has done is great. He is trying to keep peace in the world. Congress is the one that decides most of the programs anyway. So, get off President Obama and he is our president and you should refer to him as that or you are not an American.

This is to the older male customer at a Galax supermarket who was waiting in line to check out on April 1 at approximately 3:10 p.m. I had said something to a woman I knew, then you made a comment as she was waiting to check out. You said, “yeah, her hands are so full you could goose her and get away with it.” If you had bothered to look, you would have seen the look of shock and embarrassment on her face. When you turned away I mouthed to her asking if she knew you and she shook her head to say no. You had no business saying anything like that. She would not say anything to you because she happens to be a Christian. I was offended by your remarks and would have confronted you but I did not want to further her embarrassment. I would suggest in the future you put your brain in to gear before you open your mouth.

So what?
Well, I am reading our Gazette from March 23 and see our Grayson County treasurer letting us know that Grayson County is ahead in real estate taxes. With taxes going up by doubling some and tripling others, you should be ahead. It still does not mean we are out of debt and our county is on the road to improvement. We will be able to show a change in the election this fall.

Dining drama
Regarding the “biting the lip” comment in last week’s paper, I was there, too, and that manager was way out of line. The way she kept slamming doors made us all jump. She does need prayer and I thought it strange that the police officer when he came and heard what was going on just dropped his shoulders as if to say, “You mean you called me in here for this?” Clearly the restaurant shouldn’t have wasted the police officer’s time that way because he didn’t even speak to anyone at the table or the pastor. The bottom line was if anyone had done anything wrong then somebody should have been arrested or at least spoke to. All that manager’s drama just about ruined our evening but I didn’t want to complain to her because she might have gone off on me, too.
Editor's note: No more calls will be published about this matter.

Dead fish
This is for the people that are throwing the dead catfish in the neighbor’s driveway on Woodbury Lane. Just want to let you know that the game warden has been notified and they are watching you for improper disposal. You must stop this now.

Fling again
I just want to say how nice the spring fling was at the Moose Lodge. It was very nice, enjoyable and I just hope they do it again.

Saturday vs. Sunday
I’m calling about “opposes beer” in the Hotline where it says no beer on Sunday, please, Independence. The Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday.

Caulking 101
I have seen some stupid things that maintenance workers have done, but boy I have seen one that really takes the cake. A worker used caulking in front of the Independence library to fix that and didn’t even smooth it out. Left it all lumpy. You don’t use caulking on the ground. It never sets up. It always stays soft. What you are supposed to use if you are going to do anything around concrete is vinyl cement.

Practice of religion
In regards to comments in the last few editions of the Hotline, I am coming out as a Pagan in support of the Christians claiming persecution of their beliefs. Out of the First Amendment to the constitution, everybody has free right to practice their religion — all faiths, right or wrong. I believe it would do this community well to remember that.

NightRide fan
This is for all the Bruce Hodges [NightRide USA radio show host] fans. He is located in the Crossroads Institute here in Galax and he is streaming worldwide on the Internet each night.

Quoting Jefferson
All of the trillions of dollars Obama and Congress has put us in debt for reminds me of a quote of Thomas Jefferson. “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.”

Not his call
The best weather forecasters often miss what actually occurs, so I was a bit amazed that our Grayson County Administrator Sweet was so cocky that he can publicly criticize our school personnel on television last week for having school on the regular schedule. Mr. Sweet must believe he knows more than a man who has been making the call for over 20 years, keeping my and your children safe and in school when it is possible. I do not want Jonathan Sweet making decisions or commenting on how our schools operate. Keep up the good work, Grayson County schools.

Stand up
Do we have any real men left in Grayson County? We need men to run for our supervisor positions that have common sense and integrity, especially in the Providence District.

Use the roster
This is in answer to why has Carroll County never had a state championship team. It is not because of the lack of athletic ability from the students but from the lack of coaching ability. In Carroll County, coaches are hired because they want to coach their own kids and then they have to pay back the favor to the other school system employees’ children. So, they get to play. Athletic ability is thrown off the field. Why would the football team have a roster of 30 plus kids and only 11 play — both ways, offense and defense. The baseball team has a roster of 20 and only nine play. Are the best players on the field or only the kids of the school system? Carroll will never have a championship team until they hire coaches who want to win and not change stats for teachers’ kids.

Get a life
This is in response to whoever keeps calling about disrupted dining in an area restaurant. What is sad is the people that disrupted were the customers actually, and for the customer that keeps calling in this absurd disruption of dining, there was only one other set of customers in the whole entire restaurant. So, I think they need prayer and maybe they need to get a life and quit calling the Hotline.

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