Readers' Hotline 4/11/12

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Let ‘em walk
I am a Carroll County citizen and I am absolutely against the supervisors raising our taxes. This is ridiculous for the old people. The school system needs to cut back on a lot of stuff that is not very beneficial, beginning with the buses after school.

Not so needy
They should do a drug test on everyone who is on welfare. There are a lot of people who need food stamps and can’t get help. Just look at young people who get food stamps. Next month just go out on the days they get their food stamps. They have a lot of tattoos, piercings, jewelry. You name it, they’ve got it. Then they buy beer and cigarettes. Do they need to be on welfare? They need to do the drug test and get them off.

The wrong idea
I think this Neighborhood Watch thing or whatever they want to call it should be done away with. People get the wrong idea about that and they think they can go out and [do what they want to] because they are a neighborhood watch person. Let the police do their job.

Can you break a five?
I was recently picking up my child in the office at [a school in Carroll County]. I was amazed and astonished when I witnessed a teacher having a temper tantrum like a 5-year-old. All of this scene was over wanting change for a $5 bill. I just have to wonder if she would behave that way in a room full of adults, how does she act in a classroom of children when the door is closed? I want to know if teachers are disciplined when they behave in this manner.

Mad at the world
I am calling concerning a grocery store in [the region]. Some of their employees are rude and management needs to speak to them. There is one cashier in particular that acts like she hates her job and hates everyone else as well. Don’t they realize they are there for the customers and that without the customers, they wouldn’t even have a job? They never have a smile on their face. Please do something

You haven’t lived it
This is in response to all the calls about the soldier accused of killing 17 people in Afghanistan. Soldiers may be volunteers but there is something you need to familiarize yourself with called “stop loss,” where the government can decide not to let you back out. They may have volunteered to go over there, but the fact that they are sent back over and over … Unless you have been there, unless you have actually gone through it and felt it and lived it, you have no clue what these soldiers deal with. How dare you judge them. I say support them. Help them in any way possible. I don’t condone what he is accused of but I am not going to sit in judgment of him because I don’t know what he went through. Anyone that doesn’t believe post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition, should get their facts straight. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

Don’t blame hoodies
I’m calling about the Trayvon Martin shooting comment and the person who wrote that hoodies was the problem. The hoodie is not the problem. The problem is men going around carrying weapons and shooting those with hoodies on before they even recognize who they are or what they are doing. We need to take baseball caps off men and head scarves off women, or wide-rim hats off women so we can see their faces — or just shoot them for wearing them. It is a shame that a young man got shot. I have four grandsons. They wear hoodies and Lord forbid if they get shot for wearing them. That’s what they are made for — is to wear on your head. So, to the person who called this in, God help you.

Proud American
In reference to the comment, “don’t send money,” talking about sending money to the families in Afghanistan of the people that were killed. This individual says they are ashamed of being an American. I don’t necessarily agree or understand why they sent the money, but I am proud to be an American. We have all types of rights that other people don’t have. If this person is ashamed to be an American, they should move out of America.

Not ours to judge
I am Christian. We cannot read other people’s minds or how they feel or what the circumstances are. God is the judge and when they go to church and when they don’t, and if they are faithful or not. We are not the judge of any of this. Amen.

Being watched
I’m calling about a store where the manager just follows you around like you are going to steal something. You can’t look at flowers. You walk to the bathroom, you can’t just stand there. I am with my family all the time. I just think it is a disgrace. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?

Glad we’re there
This is to the “late for church” comment. I am one that is always late and it really is not acceptable, but I really do believe there is only one judge, and to call people lazy in this circumstance is wrong because they don’t know the whole situation that goes on before church starts. All people can’t get there on time. I do believe when we all stand before God and He sees that we were at church and that we were serving Him, being late is not going to be one of the things He is judging me on or anybody else on, because He is going to be glad we were there and serving Him. We will all have to be judged for that.

Should be provided
I am responding to the March 12 comment about “weakening the church.” The caller stated that pregnancy is not a disease, however it is a medical condition that requires the care of a doctor to ensure the health of both the mother and child. So, I believe healthcare needs to be provided for that. I don’t know if this person has had to use contraceptives in a while, but if they have, they will know they are neither inexpensive nor purchased easily. Contraceptive methods preferred by many couples are ones that require a doctor’s prescription, a visit to the doctor’s office and some of these methods are very effective but not very affordable, especially if you don’t have health insurance.

Close it, too
I read where attendance was so low in the new school. That was the very reason the county gave for closing Mount Rogers. The school board and board of supervisors [said] it wasn’t cost worthy to keep Mount Rogers open because attendance was so low. The way I look at it, it is the exactly the same thing at the new school. If attendance is so low, why not just close it too and save taxpayers some money?

Show me
I want to comment about “keeping score” and “late for church.” I want somebody to show me in the Bible where it says that you judge. As far as telling lies about Obama, you know, you can’t prove too much of that is lies. I was just curious about where in the Bible it tells about judging.

An umbrella works
Dear editor, thank you for publishing “hoodie restrictions.” A humorous suggestion is when it rains at night, perhaps people could use an umbrella instead of a hoodie. But then they might be mistaken for Robinson Crusoe or Mary Poppins. We might as well enjoy ourselves.

Learn to sacrifice
I do not want my taxes increased. The Carroll School Board needs to learn restraints. Giving more money doesn’t help the kids, but if one looks closely, it does help the administrative body. There are way more administrative positions than there were 25-30 years ago yet the school population hasn’t increased proportionately. Of course, these people have to justify their job positions and when they do, you will usually hear the phrase, “but it is for the child” or “we have to think about the children.” Even if the statements are hogwash, no one wants to be guilty of supposedly hurting our kids so the money keeps walking slowly to the schools, and to heck with the taxpayer. Reading and math coach positions should be cut. Degreed teachers shouldn’t need coaching. Workshops showing how to use a new math series is a good example of someone trying to justify their job, and a waste of money. What a nauseating picture it was of teachers wearing black. Does the word “selfish” come to mind? In today’s economic climate, teachers and administrators need to learn to sacrifice. They are no more special than those out there working to pay their salaries.
Editor’s note: School population isn’t the only consideration. Don’t forget that, compared to 25 years ago, it’s also true that there are more programs for education required by state and federal government that require administrative oversight.

Not impressed
I passed through a road check … and surely they can find police officers who can dress and don’t look like they are homeless, sloppy and arrogant. I could not believe this man was out walking the beat or driving a patrol car and that people are supposed to trust him.
Editor’s note: Sounds like you got a ticket.

Editor’s note: A reminder to readers that the Hotline generally does not publish calls that are critical of a specific business. Take up your concerns with the business.