Readers' Hotline 3/9/11

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Playing favorites?
I’m sitting here reading in The Gazette where an officer was charged with DUI. Everybody else that ever gets charged with DUI, they have to go to [the regional jail] to get bonded out. But no, he’s released to family members. That’s wrong right there. That shows they got their favorites and everything. They ought to have to bond themselves out. Next time they arrest anybody else for DUI, they ought to let a family come to the Galax Police Department and pick them up. What’s fair for one ought to be fair for all.
Editor’s note: Galax Police Chief Rick Clark says that arrest procedure for law enforcement in Virginia is to take anyone arrested before a magistrate without undue delay. This was done in the arrested officer’s case. Clark said that police “have no discretion in that decision.” The magistrate makes decisions regarding bail, bond and release — independent of the police department or sheriff’s office. “We have no control over those decisions,” Clark said.

Why bother?
Education. That’s all you hear. That is all you see in the papers. Why are Grayson County, Carroll County and Galax so concerned about children getting an education? There are no jobs for them to work. And if they would quit paying these teachers so much and let them work for a pay like most Americans get, $7.50 or $8 an hour — see how they would like that. Don’t worry about educating your kids, because there’s not going to be anything for them to do, anyway.
Editor’s note: Right. Dumb down our schools. That’s the solution.

Earning respect
I’m calling to agree with the caller about a certain employer that treats people the way they do. And then they wonder why morale is so low. One of these days they will learn to get respect, you’ve got to give respect. They work these people till they are so tired they can’t think and then want more, more, more. Respect is going to have to be given to employees if they want the employees to respect the supervisors.

Fading lines
I wonder how many people are having problems seeing the lines on the road, especially during rain and at night. You have to guess where the lines are, or follow other cars or trucks in front of you. The lines need repainted.

Stop foreign dependence
This president lets Muslims come into the White House to pray and …. invites them back for a big rally. He is trying to destroy our Christian nation. People need to speak up and not let this happen. Another thing. We have plenty of oil here. Gas prices keep going up. We need to start drilling here and quit depending on foreign oil. Wake up, Washington. It is stressing senior citizens out. We don’t have much to survive on. Someone please have some mercy on us. We deserve better.

New chief’s turn
Regarding the comment of too many chiefs at the Fries Fire Department, the current chief is doing an excellent job, from what I hear in the community. I really feel like the new chief should have a shot to do what is right.

Different ways
My grandmother used to make buckwheat cakes. Nowadays you don’t have to soak or use yeast or let it sit overnight.

Back and forth
With reference to the call, “partisan view” that said 79 percent of Republicans prove what he always thought — that “79 percent of registered Republicans are not intelligent enough to vote” — that must mean there’s only one percent of Democrats that know anything. In relation to it costing too much, the guy’s got his fingers in too many taxpayers’ pockets.

Masters at deceiving
It is not surprising that Republican governors and legislators want to cut funding for education. Because when their constituents become educated, they don’t vote for Republicans. They are masters at deceiving the unlearned.

Pointing fingers
This is for the person that said Congress is cutting too much and we need to get rid of a bunch of Republicans. I think they need to get rid of Obama and his Democrats. They are the ones that are causing all the problems. Then we Republicans can have a say-so.

Caught stealing
This is for the woman I caught stealing or harvesting coupons out of newspapers at the Galax Post Office this past Sunday. I have taken note of your license plate and I have turned it over to the newspaper and what you did was completely wrong and I hope they will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.
Editor’s note: Many newspapers including The Gazette offer a reward for information leading to a conviction for theft of newspapers.

Serving the public
I would like to thank the Galax police force that came to help during the time my husband kept walking away with Alzheimer’s. They were here in just a minute, as soon as I called. Didn’t get their names, but they know who they are. We have some great Galax police officers. May God bless you for your help.

Too smart
In response to “partisan view,” I’m a Democrat, but was too intelligent to vote for President Obama and I am glad I didn’t. This man is arrogant and can’t run a country, or he would try to make cuts in spending instead of letting our kids and grandkids pay these debts. He needs to put people back to work in the private sector and not in government. We have three trillion barrels of oil in America that has not been drilled for. Throw everything we have into the drilling and pay off this national debt and build some new refineries and we can bring oil prices for gas back to a dollar. We are doomed if we don’t.

Through the nose
What I don’t understand is the price of oil goes up today $5 a barrel. Gasoline prices at the pump go up tomorrow. And our oil companies never even got a gallon of that oil from the foreign country that they buy it from and it has never even been processed. And how and why can our government do us this way? It is not right. And when the price of the oil goes down, do we ever see a drop at the pump like that? No, it’s one cent or two cents. And this morning I heard on TV how many billions of dollars our government had given the oil companies as incentives. And all that money they are making. I’m not knocking that. Everybody has to make a living. But why can one company make a whole living off of one person. We all pay through the nose.

Don’t worry, be happy
About the people with the snow plow, I would like to thank those guys, also. I live on River Hill Road and it took years to finally get someone out here within days and they came the first day. Now we are able to get in and out and get groceries and help the elderly. I commend those men that do that. They are away from their families. They lose sleep. They work day and night for days clearing those streets, and one person complains. He needs to go somewhere where he will be happy.

Won’t accept it
In reference to “partisan view” concerning the birth certificate of President Obama, if this Democrat has seen the birth certificate he should have notified the president and saved the attorney fees to keep people from seeing it. I read the Bible and believe in it. I will believe the birth certificate when I can read it. Until then, I will believe that too many Democrats are unable to read and must depend on a foreigner to tell them how to vote.
Editor’s note: The birth certificate is widely available for viewing on the Internet. No more calls about this matter.

Always turmoil
Regarding the call about too many chiefs at Fries Fire and Rescue, I was a full-time fireman and rescue worker at Fries at one time. There has always been some kind of turmoil there. And no one can get along. Everyone wants to [complain] and there has just always been some kind of upset with that department. I hope they can resolve it and get back to the basics.

There are plenty of places in Galax that need to be cleaned up. One is [a trailer park in Galax]. Garbage and tires are stacked up to where it's awful. How can the city make anybody clean up their house, when there is a place that has that much junk laying around, and rats and mice? This needs to be taken care of. It’s unfit for humans to live in a place like that.

Deeper in debt
I’m amazed that somebody thinks Obama’s budget is sad. It is. But you know why it is sad. Because Bush destroyed the country and he is trying to get us out of debt. And if you think you are going to survive on Social Security, which that is all I have, too, think again. Republicans are going to take it away from us. And I’m not Democrat or Republican. I’m an independent. But just wait and see. If Wisconsin doesn’t show you something, I don’t know what will.
Editor’s note: The Obama record on debt shows otherwise, as CBS reported earlier this year: “Just as President Obama signed and sent his annual Economic Report to Congress, the Treasury Department posted numbers that show the national debt has increased $3.5 trillion so far on Mr. Obama’s watch. On the day he was inaugurated, the national debt stood at $10.626 trillion. It had increased $4.9 trillion during President George W. Bush’s eight years in office. The posting today shows the debt at $14.128 trillion; that’s a $3.5 trillion increase in the 25 months Mr. Obama has occupied the White House. Budget numbers show the national debt will top a $5 trillion increase at the start of Mr. Obama’s fourth year in office.”

Gawdy sign
The huge political sign on hospital hill looks tacky and terrible. Please remove it. It is so big and unsightly.

Be grateful
Shame, shame, shame. Complaining about working three hours to clean up where a disabled person has to run. Most disabled people would like to spend hours and hours cleaning up after somebody that was disabled. You are getting paid for those hours, so what is the problem? Everybody has to do some kind of work. One person is no better that anybody else to do whatever comes along. You should be glad you got a job.

Waste not, want not
I can’t believe people are complaining about carryout food from the churches. Why can’t they take it home? What do you want them to do, pour it in the trash? Are you afraid you are not going to get some of it? I’m in my 70s and been going to church since I was six years old and people always took what was left and divided it out and people took what they wanted. What is happening to the world, worrying about who’s gonna take a little food? Well, I guess what goes around, comes around. You’re not starving. I hope you are not.

Why not?
I would like to respond to “food hog” and “helping themselves.” What difference does it make whether people take food home with them? It makes no sense. They are afraid they won’t have enough. If people are hungry, why not give them the food? Goodness gracious. You’d think every bit of it was coming out of their pockets.

Sharing food
How selfish is the world getting to be? Did you know that at those churches, a lot of them are volunteers and they take five or six trays out if things are left over to people on fixed incomes that have to choose between food and medicine and can’t get out of their houses. You need to check into this before criticizing when you don’t know what you are talking about.

I’d like to comment about the Crime Times publication. I just wonder if the police officer charged with drunken driving will have his name and picture in there like everybody else’s that is charged?
Editor’s note: That’s not a publication of The Gazette, so we can’t assume one way or the other. It appears to contain mug shots of everyone booked by local police departments. A magistrate released the officer to the custody of a family member after his arrest, so there's a good chance no picture was taken.

Soften up
To the person in the Hotline about the “no shows” at church, may God forgive you and help you to be a better person and not hurt anyone else’s feelings.