Readers' Hotline 3/6/13

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Sickly cycle
We keep our kids home when they are sick. We don’t have time limits when they get sick. The school calls, we have to go for a meeting and are told our kids cannot miss more school. So, we send them to school. More get sick. What is up with this?

Separate vacations
I was reading Mr. Robinson’s letter to the editor. He had good points but he missed a couple things that I read about. From Chicago down to Florida and back to Washington, D.C., and the First Lady taking Air Force 2 to Colorado on a ski vacation at the same time he was in Florida, cost the taxpayers an estimated $2 million for travel, security and all the perks that go with it. So, there is $2 million we spent in one weekend and they talk about wasting money.

Rated R
I’m calling about an incident I witnessed. I have nothing against people mating their dogs. Out in the middle of somebody’s driveway, this guy was mating his German Shepherd with the other German Shepherd. And, come on people, have a little class. Either do it in a kennel or in a garage. What if some young kids were walking by? They learn about life and stuff early enough. I love dogs. I love people, but enough is enough of that.

Beep beep
I’d like to comment on the “turned off” issue last week. The same thing is no different in [my town]. I was actually written a ticket for beeping my horn at two cars blocking the entrance to [a] shopping center. Just so happens one of them was an unmarked police car who was upset because I interrupted his conversation. He pulled me over and wrote me a ticket for beeping my horn although there is no law against it or no town ordinance. It is insane.

Take action
Just hope that the 18-year-old girl that her stepfather did permanent damage to her back when he threw her across the room into a TV, just hope she will sue them for everything she can get.

Background checks
I have a response to the Feb. 25 call, “well of course.” Of course they do federal background checks on postal employees and employees of federal government, for goodness sakes. I work with a man whose best friend worked for the federal government for 30 years and come to find out, he was shoplifting and embezzling money from his company for 25 of those 30 years.

No worries
It really doesn’t bother me about not getting my mail on Saturdays. I think they should let FedEx deliver the mail anyway. You are lucky to even get your mail on Saturdays.

First place to check
I’m calling about the animal shelter in Galax. I disagree with the people because I got animals from the shelter that have been down there at least three weeks before I went and got my dog. One of my dogs disappeared over the weekend. I called them on Saturday. The lady called me first thing Monday morning to tell me there had not been any dogs brought in to the pound and I think they are doing a good job. People need to go to the shelter first thing when their animal gets gone because that is most likely where they are.

Members only
Lately there has been a lot of talk about water bills in Fries —the churches and fire department getting free water. My concern is this: will we start seeing all the church members down there washing their cars like the fire department members do, while the rest of us can’t afford to wash a car?

Different treatment
I wonder how some local businesses can get away with anything while others get in trouble for the smallest things. There is a sawmill, and every day that you go by there, there is dirt all in the road where they pushed it out, rode it out with the trucks, but other local businesses that do things like that can get in trouble for it. I know one specifically got a warning not long ago telling them they needed to have it cleaned up whenever it happens.

Sending a message?
I just finished reading the article in the Hotline about the “buzzards are watching,” saying it appears they have chosen the woods near Twin County Regional Hospital and parts of Hillsville as safe places to roost. I wonder if they are trying to tell us something.
Editor’s note: And what might that be?

Humans first
When will people realize there are so many more tragedies in the world than the 10,000 animals being euthanized today? Do these people ever stop to think about the thousands of babies dying in a similar but less than humane way than the dog receives. Every day through abortion, neglect, abuse, starvation, war, disease, and traffic accidents caused by drunken or drugged drivers kill thousands upon thousands precious innocent children. If all you animal lovers would turn your concern and money to help stopping these atrocities, look what a better world we would live in. No animal should ever be placed above human life. Where is your heart?

No welcome mat
I was calling to agree with the article in the paper for “no respect.” I had to go to a police station to pick up an item that was lost during an accident. From the minute I walked in the door, I felt as if they were treating me [in a derogatory manner]. I hope I never have to go in there for any reason again.