Readers' Hotline 3/5/14

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Doing what he can
I’m calling about the constant barrage of criticism about our president. You should be glad that you live in a democracy that you can speak what is on your mind without being prosecuted. In any other country you would be sought out, prosecuted and taken out and shot. This president is doing what he can do for the little guy. I get so sick and tired of every time I pick up this paper, someone has something bad or negative to say. He is not a dictator. Evidently you don’t even know what a dictator is. You are speaking for just a few people saying they don’t want this and they don’t want that. Aren’t you tired of paying your hard-earned money for people that don’t have insurance that can’t afford insurance? So, stop this. This is a free country and freedom of speech is necessary. You can speak all you want to but this is one of the greatest presidents we have ever had.

Be constructive
To the recent comment on the political situation, I would like to point out that the Democrats in Virginia control the governorship, the lieutenant governor, the attorney general and both U.S. senators. If these dumb Republicans would get off their lazy butts and do something constructive instead of sitting back criticizing everything, this country would be in much better shape.

Regular people
I am tired of being discriminated against. As a couple, we work hard, we pay our bills. We feel like we are being discriminated against because we live in a certain apartment complex. Every time we tell somebody we live there, they change their mind. They don’t want to rent to us. We are a male/female couple. We have three children. We are good people. A lot of people say they are discriminated against for being gay or this or that. So are just regular people.

Plowed in
The weather was bad enough. I was appalled when I went to Pridemore Road. A person on a tractor was covering up people’s vehicles on all four sides with snow. What if they had an emergency? Then what? That is not the Christian way.

Barely passing
After reading “Supervisor, treasurer disagree on finances,” I have taken some time to think on the matter and it appears the Carroll County treasurer is doing her job by collecting 98.6 percent with an efficient but understaffed group of people. It is the supervisors’ job and elected duty to determine county needs within the law and determine the cost and pass a budget and stick to it. Then, it is the county’s job to collect these needs. There is a consideration of not collecting 100 percent taxes when adopting a budget. I would not give our board of supervisors a 98.1 percent efficient rating as the treasurer’s office has in collecting theirs. With the board of supervisors in effectiveness, I am not sure they or the county administrator deserve even a passing grade of 75 percent. Are they trying to bring everyone else down to their level by sticking their nose in their business and their offices?

Time to fix it
Galax City School administration, is this how math is taught in Galax schools? You stated that summer break would be shortened by about one week in the balanced school schedule. The model proposes a calendar end date of June 12 with a possible two-week extension for some kids. That equals a minimum of two weeks, up to one month, of lost summer break. Is it time to break out your calculator? Lawrence J. Peters said it best, “There is no stigma attached to recognizing a bad decision in time to install a better one.”

Operators standing by
This is in response to the call about why there is no taxi service in Galax. We just wanted to call and let everybody know the cab company is now able to operate in Galax. If anyone needs one, you can call 236-4725.

Knowing our business
The 5 percent of people so vocal about zoning have located here from out of this area and they want to tell the other 95 percent of Grayson people their business. They say Grayson people are ignorant and dumb farmers who need to be educated to their ways. I say we know our business and we have something those 5 percent will never have and that is common sense and reasoning. There is a woman in our county attacking three of our supervisors, but especially Rosenbaum. She says he is a hypocrite. Really? She sued Grayson County, costing taxpayers, because zoning wouldn’t let her have what she wanted. Now, she wants to keep zoning strict to protect her interest. I have heard how great that comprehensive plan is until I am ready to throw up. That book is a great history lesson, but it lacks any information that gives our county a plan.

Unload first
I was calling about the person that seemed upset because someone got a good chuckle about the guard that was supposedly cleaning a loaded gun in a parking lot and it went off. It must have been one of Barney’s relatives that called in to defend him. Even my 9-year-old knows you unload a gun before you clean it and no one should be cleaning a gun in a public parking lot. And, it was stated that the gun owner knew exactly what he was doing. Maybe the person who called in would like to be in the parking lot when a gun starts going off, but personally I would not. And, yes, I am still laughing, but I laugh even more about their comment.

See for yourself
People need to realize that the Fries Volunteer Fire Department is volunteer. Yes, they could locate Galax and Grayson down in the old fire department. That is fine. They are not volunteer. They can start paying Fries if they want to and then maybe some of the Fries people can quit their jobs and run calls like the others. They have no idea that this past year that Fries was dispatched 518 times and they covered 82 percent of those calls. These people take time away from their families to do all this running. Some of the calls are not even emergencies, but they still go. If they are dispatched, they go. It is awful easy for people to sit back and say they need to do this and do that. Get out and volunteer and see what these people do every day. It is not an easy life. It is very hard.

Taking the wrong road
I am calling about the Obama administration again. He is at it again, folks. I heard on the news where Defense Secretary Hagel wants to cut our military. We cannot afford to cut our military. We need to raise it more because of the evil in this world — Russia and China, North Korea and Iran — places are going to laugh at us. They are going to say, “We‚ve got them now.” Obama wants to take all your arms away. He wants to disarm you. He is a dictator. He is taking this country down the wrong road. If Republicans don’t do something soon, we better be on our knees praying. Please do not support Obama. His healthcare is enough. It’s bad shape. No jobs or nothing. Please pray and let God help us.

Where’d it go?
Does anyone know why Comcast Cable has stopped showing “local on the 8s” in Galax on The Weather Channel? And, if they have a number that people can call and protest and complain about it?

Sea treaty
Obama is on record in favor of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty which is Marxist and would impose a U.N. tax on U.S. citizens and give the United Nations the right to control oil resources off the American coast.

Looking at sin
Smoking is a sin but so is eating [fast food] or at home if you fix fatty, greasy food like bacon, sausage or gravy. Jesus Christ is the only human that has ever been sin-free. That is why God sent him to shed his blood for you smokers, adulterers, liars, thieves and fornicators. God sees all sin the same and cannot look upon it without us being saved and covered in the blood. All these self-righteous people better start looking at themselves and thanking God for His mercy because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, not just adulterers and smokers. Gay people will have to answer for their sin just like straight people, but Christians can’t condone their sin and say it is okay and give them a license to marry. As long as this country condones what God condemns, it will continue to fall.

Sees a dictator
President Obama is a dictator. His goal is to destroy America, and he is, one step at a time.

Taxes don’t help
Has anyone checked the Kroger real estate taxes? That expense might be why they are leaving Galax. A lot of Grayson County property is assessed at two to three times above fair market value. Several recent sales have been one-third of the appraised value. If you look at the Carroll County edge of Galax, it is getting a lot of more development than what the Grayson side of Galax is getting.

Take to the streets
I have seen comments in the Hotline asking people to pray to fix the mess our country is in. Praying is not the answer. We can’t rely on a biblical figure to fix the mess our country is in. It is up to us. It is our country and our responsibility to fix it. We need to protest the government, the banks, the corporations. They are the ones sticking it to us and it is up to us to fix it. Don’t turn to God. Get out in the streets and make things right.

Eye on land?
It sounds like Supervisor Sam Dickson wants to buy someone’s land that owes their taxes.
Editor’s note: Dickson has been pushing for Carroll’s treasurer to provide a list of properties with owners who owe delinquent taxes, so those properties can be sold by the county to recover the lost tax revenue.