Readers' Hotline 3/3/14

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Average Joe
Please give Supervisor Rosenbaum credit for trying to help the average person. The rich already have the rich in offices helping them. One of the supervisors who first instituted zoning, I asked a question, a random question. There weren’t even enough books to go around with the zoning. I just picked a random question. Asked the supervisor about it. “I don’t know,” was the answer. I knew it right away. So, don’t pick on Rosenbaum. I could give you many other instances where the politicians didn’t know what they were doing. Rosenbaum is trying to help the average person.

Disgracing your body
It was in the paper about smokers and being Christian. I would like to ask that person if they had their ears pierced or any kind of body piercing or if they have any kind of tattoos, because if they do, that is like the pot calling the kettle black. Because that is disgracing your body. Before you ask, no, I do not have piercings or tattoos, and yes, I do smoke and I do go to church but I do not claim to be a Christian.

Winter ramblings
My fuel costs just about doubled last month. I guess other countries rate getting the fuel before our people so our cost is higher. It makes no sense. How many of you can travel to California for the cost of a stamp? In this El Nino of 2014, the planes can’t get in the air and the trucks can’t get to the post office. How can you expect your mail to be delivered on time? If there is no mail, the carrier can’t deliver your mail. Because of what they have done to the postal service unfairly, lots of closings, etc., it takes longer for the mail to get to the post office and sometimes it gets to the post office late. Therefore, the carrier has to wait before he can load it in his vehicle. Of course, we will get to you later. Makes sense to me. Don’t forget. They travel in all kinds of yucky weather. Just grateful.

Thanks for the person who found my gold hoop earring in Lowe’s and turned it in. God bless you for being honest.

Why aren’t Carroll County land transfers and court records published as promptly as Grayson County? Please do this promptly.
Editor’s note: There are more entries from Carroll County, so it takes longer for them to be published.

Get to the altar
I believe Christians that smoke get saved. But, also, I believe smoking is a sin. How in the world can you not believe this is sin? You have put on the form of Jesus Christ when you get saved. He said you become Christ-like, so can you imagine our Lord and Savior walking down the street with a cigarette in his mouth? I cannot. People in these denominations need to get sanctified and they will get cleaned up and ready to go to Heaven. You cannot listen to a preacher when you are thinking about that next puff off a cigarette. How quick is he going to get done so we can have a cigarette? Please, get to the altar and get your life straightened out because the Lord is coming soon. Have a good clean life for the Lord and get that temple ready.

After dark
As for the caller that complained of the mail delivery in Pipers Gap being late on Saturdays. I also live in Pipers Gap and it is 6 p.m. and my mail has not been delivered yet, which is not that unusual anymore.

Hidden rebates
Wow, why would Obama want to work with Congress? They are the ones — the 15 of them millionaires — that got the money hidden in the farm bill. They had farms and some got $2 million and some $3 million and all 15 got over $200,000 back rebates. Why would Obama want to work with that kind of Congress? He can’t. He has to go on his own to try to help what is best for the people.
Editor’s note: The caller offers no specifics. The newspaper was unable to confirm the caller’s claims as true.

Bad idea
Year-round schooling in Galax is a bad idea. First of all, parents were not notified. The only notification occurred in The Gazette when an article was published about the grant. for Galax City to research the possibility. Year-round schooling will not improve student achievement if the school system does not improve quality of instruction. Quantity of days means nothing when instruction in the school is not quality. There is too much wasted time, too much goofing off, too much non-necessary watching of movies and too much social time in the school. Parents need to take a look at their school. Go visit. Find out what they are doing. You are going to find that Galax schools need improvement.

Limited input
I’m calling about the editor’s note in the comment of “all year long.” Parents have not been informed about this and a lot have not been asked to participate in group discussions. There was a text sent that there would be a meeting to discuss schedule calendar for the next year. But, it said nothing about major changes. It said nothing that they were even thinking about this. I feel like Galax is trying to not get parents’ input. They are trying to select parents that they want to have input. They have not made this a community decision. I realize the school board has not voted on it, but I have been told they are going to vote on it in April. Letters should have been sent home to kids and that did not happen. It has been handled very poorly.

Who to call?
I was reading the Hotline about the potential year-around school in Galax. Can the Hotline provide who the best person or people we can contact to voice our opinions on this matter?
Editor’s note: Superintendent Bill Sturgill or Assistant Superintendent Rebecca Cardwell can be reached at 236-2911. Or, speak to a member of the Galax School Board. The next school board meeting is March 10, and citizens are welcome to speak to the board there.

Know the plight
Dear Galax City Council members: when considering appointments for school board, please consider candidates that have experience in the educational system. Preferably previous educators that know the plight of the public school teacher, the personality of students and the stringent testing requirements for accreditation. Being an upstanding citizen of the community with children in the system should not be the job requirement. Galax has recently struggled with SOL testing scores. Teachers have been moved from the elementary school and the most qualified teachers have been passed over when hiring. And, questionable hiring practices by the current school board should be a consideration. It should not be who you know or who your parents are. Parents should not be able to pull up court records and see a teacher’s mug shot on the Internet. The most highly qualified candidates should be hired and a member of city council should sit on interviews and review job applications to prevent favorable hiring practices.

Problem solved
I have a solution for the person who can’t get across Pipers Gap Road to their mailbox. If you go to the post office, they have boxes there called post office boxes. Maybe you could get one of those.

Need to know
Carroll County recently employed a long-time newspaper reporter. It might be well for him to start making press releases for the county and sheriff’s department since they are reluctant. The public has a need and a right to know what crimes and things are going on in their county.

Cutting Medicare
Now that Obama, the worst president that has ever been in office that I can remember, is cutting Medicare, what else is that so-called president dictator going to do?
Editor’s note: The caller appears to refer to the Obama administration’s proposed cuts in Medicare payment rates for managed-care plans, which the New York Times reported serve more than one-fourth of all beneficiaries.

Welcoming store
We are so glad to get the old TNT store back together. The owners that are running it now are great people. The best people I have ever seen to own a store. They have the best help and the best food. We are so glad to have them there.

Wish them well
I love my Kroger store and the employees. I will miss them like crazy. The people who are acting so silly should wish them well and back off. Where were they when Kroger needed them the most? The store belongs to Kroger and if they were making a huge profit and want to close it, so what. Wish them well and move on.

Musical Mongo
Mongo back. Guess what, Todd Jennings. Mongo play accordion. Mongo play outside Horton’s Supermarket for donations of bubble gum. Me play for you. You listen. (Music playing, singing to a tune). Me love Todd Jennings and me love Hotline, too.

Slow Saturdays
I know the mail up here on Pipers Gap Road is heavier during the weekdays, but I still can’t understand why the mail is so late up here on Pipers Gap Road on Saturdays.