Readers' Hotline 3/30/11

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Easy on our elders
I'd like to talk about how some people around here ages 25-45 treat elderly people. I am married to a Christian man in his 70s who loves life in these mountains. Loves to cut his own wood, mow his own grass and put up his own hay, but he can't physically. He has no family close by so he has to depend on buying from strangers, some of whom take huge advantage. Example, a cord of wood like old stumps on the back of a pickup truck, hay bales that you can't stand on and $150 for trimming one little tree broken by the ice storm. I know everybody needs to make a living and it is hard, but you don't have to do it at the expense of our elders. God sees what you do and he forgives you. I am not so forgiving. I'd just like to say that your turn is coming. We all get older. I hope you live a long life and the younger than you generation has more respect for their elders than you do.

Nothing for a rainy day
I've been thinking about Congress trying to reduce the budget, trying to cut back on Social Security and possibly going broke in X number of years. I also have been reading and hearing about some years ago that the Social Security fund was built up so great that Congress dipped into it and spent it for other things. I don't see why they wouldn't be responsible to put it back in our Social Security account and return it so it would be more stable.

Counseling counselors
To the pastors who give counseling, to the ones that go by the Bible and the Word of God, may God bless you. To the ones that go by what happens in their marriage, for example, your spouse goes out on you, don't give bad advice to suit your own anger or sadness to others.

Why bother?
Why is this person wanting to have a new president and wants Obama to drill [for oil]? He is not the one that pushed our economy. If we ever get out of it, it will be a miracle. I don't know why we would need a new one. The ones we've got have done hardly anything and I don't see how you can do anything when it is already destroyed when you get in there.

Report the vandals
I'm calling about vandalism in the Deer Haven neighborhood. Someone or someone's kids is vandalizing the Deer Haven Estate sign and it is getting bad. Somebody knows who is doing it and they need to be responsible for whoever is doing it. There are kids hanging out on the street corners. Don't they have better things to do than vandalize the Deer Haven sign? It looked real nice at one time and now it is half torn up. Someone needs to admit to it or someone needs to go to jail about it. This is ridiculous and it needs to be stopped.

Biting the lip
I was at a local restaurant where I witnessed a female manager verbally attack a table full of ladies and one gentleman and a teenager sketching. She attacked her business, her past, even ridiculed her for being a Christian and the woman bluntly stood up and stood her ground and said, “Yes, I am a woman of God and I am not going anywhere and you will have to arrest me because I have done nothing wrong.” It is time for Christians to speak up and stop this. This woman who was attacking clearly has some severe anger and emotional problems. Pray for her. She owes this person and this whole group an apology. Then, I came to find out this woman she was attacking was a pastor and stood there and took the abuse and only answered to stand her ground and said nothing else. This manager even called the police. Kudos to the woman who wasn't even affected by the police. She remained calm, which was more than I would have done.

A way to relax
Thank you for printing the Hotline. I think it is good that people can let off steam. I especially like the editor's sensible comments.

Unfair system
I'd like to comment on what I read in the paper about the child molester getting 20 years’ probation after molesting a 5-year-old child. Men I know, and I am one of them, that are $2,000 behind on child support are facing a year in jail. There are no jobs and this man gets off with 20 years’ probation. We owe child support and there are no jobs to be had in this area and the system keeps putting us in jail for a year here, a year there, and we can't ever catch up. This is an outrage. I love my children and I know my other friends do and it is not right for this to be going on.

Been there
I'd like to reply to the “no difference” comment. I will assure you that the magistrate does have some authority and so do the police. That's the way my DUI went. I'm sure I know better than anybody. I've been there and I was pretty well harassed but I still have some respect for some of the officers.

Special touch
I'm calling about [a nursing home situation]. My mother has been there for three years and there was a young girl who worked there in laundry. She was wonderful. She had been there about six months. My mother always had clothes when she worked. I found out one day last week that the boss fired her for pretty much no good reason. That is a shame. Now my mother doesn't get her laundry like she should. That is just such a shame.

Asleep at the wheel
Not mentioning names, but no wonder Grayson County Schools are falling apart. I know of [staff] sitting in their truck asleep. They need to start at the top and work their way down and get rid of some of these.

Sounds like burnout
For the person who called in about the teachers in Carroll County — wow. Sounds like someone who may have a major case of burnout. Maybe it is time for you to retire if you are that miserable, angry, frustrated with the school and the principal. Maybe it is time to let someone new, fresh-minded, kind and loving who has a passion to teach and not demand too much of the children. Can I say, buuuurn ouuuut.

Tough case
This call is regarding a recent letter to the editor by Sherry and Kyle Billings. I agree that tragically losing a son is the worst thing a parent can face. However, how can they say that for five years nothing was done? I personally know for a fact the men working at the sheriff's office and state police during that time, worked day and night on this case. For them to say nothing was done is hurtful. People need to be aware that since that tragic day it has been on the minds of many people, especially those who worked so hard to find the suspect.

Not a happy meal
It is terrible when pastors of churches and Christian people can't go out to restaurants and eat without being harassed by management, especially when all that was done was the food was not correct and they asked the clerks to make it right. Then, the manager came out and harassed the church and even threatened to ban them from the building as well as the pastor. The pastor only mentioned that Christians are being persecuted and it is not right. I know you don't publish the names, but our meal was not a happy meal. Management needs to realize they don't need to close early on Sunday nights just because churches choose to go out and want some place to go eat after services and these places really don't want to serve them. They need to rethink, because Christian people support a lot of these food places.

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