Readers' Hotline 3/28/12

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Pantry was a success

I want to express the gratitude of our community for the mobile food pantry that came to Volney on March 15. The event was a super success. Thanks to all of the great volunteers and the United Company Foundation of Feeding America.



About a week ago I saw on the news about Rush Limbaugh calling that woman all kinds of names up there at Rutgers. She is there in Washington trying to get the government to pay for contraceptives. I salute her. Go for it, sweetheart. Might as well. The government gives money away all over the place. Get it while you can. So she can have sex. As far as that goes, sex is the most beautiful gift God ever gave us. Make the most of it as long as we can do it.


Hard to replace

There was a rumor going around that the Town of Fries is going to replace some employees with contract labor. As a citizen, I checked it out and found it absolutely not true. I was told these employees know so much about this town that when they retire it will be hard to replace them and they would need people with expertise. Contract labor might be the best way to go. You absolutely can’t replace skilled labor with just anyone. Listen to what you hear, people out there, and get it straight.

Editor’s note: Fries has four full-time employees whose health insurance will end June 1 due to a cost-cutting move. Each employee will instead receive a $250 monthly pay increase. The change affects the town clerk, water plant operator and two maintenance men.


Here’s the beef

I’m calling about the [Hotline call] in Wednesday’s edition, “where’s the beef,” talking about a restaurant. The beef is at West Galax Diner. Certified Angus beef. The best in town.


Label reader

I agree with [the call] “read the label.” Beware of what you buy in grocery stores. Some food is made in China and may make you or your family sick. Let’s buy American-made food.


Are worthy

I am calling about where somebody said it is not worthy to give to families digging for money. If they don’t go to church, they don’t need help but they are God’s people and Jesus Christ loves them. We need to help everybody whether they go to church or no. I can’t believe — surely this caller is not a Christian.


Slinging away

Never trust a presidential candidate who is obsessed on slinging on his opponent. He smells much worse from handling it.


Still innocent

About the indictments in the paper — what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I saw four people that are good friends of mine listed in the indictments in The Gazette, that the court has thrown the cases out because they didn’t find them guilty and it is still listed. I don’t think that is right. You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Editor’s note: Stories in The Gazette about indictments routinely carry the statement that an indictment is a formal charge and not a finding of guilt. An indictment can still be obtained if a case is first dismissed in general district court. Defendants who are indicted on a charge still have the opportunity to defend themselves in court proceedings.


Move-in date?

I just wondered when the Fries Fire Department is going to move in to their new building or is that just something else Grayson County is building to sit idle and not used.

Editor’s note: An issue remains with the contractor who claims it is due more money because of delays in the construction project. The firehouse is almost completed and will be opened once issues are resolved. Bids from other contractors are being considered for finishing the firehouse work.


Overdue for closing

In reference to Carroll County’s school money dilemma, I think Gladesboro’s small school should have been closed years ago. If they can close a big school like Woodlawn, that one should have gone a long time ago. Save the money for something else useful.


Supports drug tests

They ought to do drug testing on people on welfare and food stamps. I know a lot of them. I have turned them in and they don’t do a thing about it. I know some people on it. They take the money and buy drugs and alcohol. I know one getting child support for over $500 and the child doesn’t get a penny of the money. It goes to gas, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. If they don’t test, that shows right there they could care less what they do with that food stamp money. Get on the ball. Put them all through that drug test and see how many fail it.


Out of the way

The next time you are traveling the Hebron Road or Pot Rock Road and you meet a woman in a black car or it comes up behind you, you better let her have the road because she is going to take it. She is going to kill somebody one of these days on that road.


Wired in Grant

The Grant community is so grateful for its computer center. The offering of classes in the use of computers is helpful and needed. Thanks to the Wired Road group for making this possible. Do make sure the excellent staff at the center is financially supported for their long hours of work.