Readers' Hotline 3/26/14

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Getting in?
In the March 17 Hotline comment, “back of the line,” talking about people criticizing and judging the gay and lesbian population and that these people are liable to get to the pearly gates and in before we get there. The Bible says we are supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin. But, if this person cannot read the Bible and see where it says you can’t lay down man with man or woman with woman. That is an abomination in God’s eyes. So, if God’s against it, how are they are going to get in the pearly gates?

Face reality
In reference to the “back of the line” comment, you need to get your story straight. There will not be one gay person or one lesbian person in heaven. That’s what the Bible says. I’m sick of people that have your opinion but not the guts to really face reality. When you die, if you have a tongue in your mouth, you will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I’m also calling about the editor making smart aleck remarks when people call in about things he don’t understand, like about area 51. You know I wasn’t talking about aliens. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Paid for
We don’t have to pay the radio stations for listening to the radio. The corporation broadcasters who broadcast their commercials pay the station so we can listen to the radio. But, the TV stations get paid by the commercial corporations, then we have to pay the TV stations, too.

Three votes
It’s amazing there are people still making comments about three Grayson supervisors voting together. Do you not realize there were three supervisors voting together before Brewer, Sexton and Rosenbaum? They were Belton, Sutherland and Maynard. They voted the way the county administrator wanted them to vote [rather than] what people needed or wanted. They are the ones that got this county into so much debt. They got us a new school to the tune of $18 million. Did we need that school? I think not. We had good schools, which they spent money on and then closed. Does that make sense? And, the bull we are being fed, telling us our county is financially stable. Well, any place can look better if you stack the deck and raise the taxes 44 percent.

Give it thought
Good job, Grayson County. Our kids out on icy roads. Our buses out on icy roads. You ought to try following one of them in. Not to mention, our children that are out on icy roads. If you lose a bus driver, half of them have lived their life probably, but what about our kids who are just starting out and you are so worried about the kids’ education. How about caring about their safety just one time. You don’t call school off when we should be off. But when it is raining a little bit outside and you have other things you plan on doing, then schools cancel for the day. Our children need to be thought about more than what they are.

Messed-up enough
Talk about oxymoron. Suggesting that anyone propose legislation to legalize marijuana to bring income to our area is a moron. We don’t want to increase the number of mixed up, messed up people who run away from life by drugs, alcohol or what have you. They need to substitute for working on themselves and facing life.
Editor’s note: As for the economic benefit, the state of Colorado recently reported that it took in $2 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales in the first month of legalization this year.

School referendum
I have a suggestion on the controversy of the Galax school system changing their hours and their time of study. I suggest a general election and let’s let the public decide if they want the school system’s hours to be changed.

Humble ourselves
All this complaining about the state of our nation is just that — complaining. We all know if we, the people of God, humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, then we will hear from Heaven and will hear our land. Good people, it is high time to consider our ways and go to our knees on behalf of our nation. Those who are faithful to God’s word always have his ear. Let’s do our part and humble ourselves before the one who can make the difference. This is a call to prayer.

The End
We are surely almost at the end of time, according to the King James version of the Holy Bible. If people would read that and study it, the Christian people seem like they don’t believe anything anymore. With all the evil in this world, the way the murders, stealings, stealing, homosexuality, rapes, all the things going on in the U.S., whereas it used to be a Christian nation, now look how we have turned away from God. A lot of preachers have deceived the people. They don’t want to go to church anymore. They don’t want to live right. I believe we are at the end of time. I believe the mark of the beast is surely at hand. Before long, the great tribulation is coming. Better wake up.

Fan of hospital
I would like to comment on the people commenting about Twin County hospital. Did they ever stop to think, if it wasn’t there, what would we do? It would be like Kroger. You would want it back like they are doing now. I personally think Twin County offers good service and is a very good hospital.

Stop hating
Would you please stop the hate and bigotry directed toward President Obama and his family as found in your Hotline calls? Is your newspaper that biased that you would print so many negative, hateful, inaccurate comments against our president? This does not speak well of your newspaper or the community.
Editor’s note: It comes with the territory of being a public official, just as it was reflected in Hotline forum comments from years past during the terms of presidents Clinton and Bush. We eliminate some calls that are offensive or personal in nature.

Rotate the blade
Answering “one or the other” concerning the snowplow driver — you say you aren’t exactly sure what we expect these guys to do. What is expected is that they do the job correctly. When it comes to cars parked on the street, that is a tough one, trying to keep snow from blocking cars some. But a trained operator can rotate the blade to keep snow from piling up in the driveway. What good is it for a woman or elderly person to have a cleared street if they can’t get past three feet of snow in their driveway? A little snow in the driveway is one thing, but a blocked one is plow driver incompetency. While the drivers are stuck, waiting to be pulled out, I’m sure they are still on the clock and being paid. Maybe the operators are risking their lives while they do their job, but so do a lot of other people while doing their job. But that doesn’t excuse not doing it correctly.

Think first
One recommendation I would say for people [who call the Hotline] is, write down your comment first. Read over it a couple times before you call them in. That way, they won’t seem as ignorant as they sound when you put them in the paper.

Carroll’s spending
Carroll County wants to spend money on a water park that they are going to lose money on. Didn’t they learn anything from building an airport so the rich boys could park their toys? We are still putting county money in to that. An industrial park when industries are leaving the country like rats leaving a sinking ship. And spending all that money on Wildwood, one of the most expensive patches of scrub brush and locusts anywhere in the state. Didn’t they learn anything? If they want to spend money like Northern Virginia, why don’t they move to Northern Virginia? They don’t seem to have the sense to spend our money.

Still looking
To the editor, I appreciated the response and the printing from singer Sandy David, but I post songs for a singer in music groups on the Internet. I cannot find Sandy David’s song anywhere or her name either on Facebook on a Reverb Nation channel or YouTube. I cannot find it anywhere. I would love to have the song, but I have no idea how to purchase it.
Editor’s note: Sandy did not include any information on purchasing the song. Perhaps the radio station would know more?

Disqualify yourselves
I have a difficult time understanding how the Galax Planning Commission is comprised of seven members, with four who either work for or are directly associated with Galax City Public Schools, yet say they can be objective in making a decision regarding zoning for a new school to be built. They should not be allowed to vote on a matter that is an obvious conflict of interest.

Not justified
I don’t know why Galax is buying property for a new school and talking about a new swimming pool. I don’t know how taxpayers are going to afford this and pay more taxes, because wages aren’t that high in Galax and most people don’t even get to work 40 hours a week. They could use the industrial park to build a school on or even the golf course here in Galax, because we have another golf course they could use.

Fine job
I think supervisors David Sexton, Eddie Rosenbaum and John Brewer are doing a fine job in Grayson County. They are finally getting in there and letting people know what to do. Belton and Sutherland voted against the coyote bounty. Ha, they didn’t get their way this time. I appreciate those guys doing this.