Readers' Hotline 3/25/13

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Tisn’t the season
I would just like to remind the Town of Independence that Christmas is over. They still are flying the Christmas decorations up on Main Street. We are almost ready for Easter now. I know this happened again last year but please. The flags are really pretty and they really added to the town. But Christmas is now over so they need the spring flags up. Hopefully they will get that done.

I think I am going to apply for a permit to open a strip club in the area. My reason for this is because of some action I have seen from two men who are frequent patrons at an eating establishment. They grab, touch and make sexual comments to young women who work there. The owner allows this to happen and makes no attempt to stop it. The young women are working hard so they can pay their bills and should not have to put up with this. Maybe, by opening a club, they will leave them alone and can be perverts in a place where those kinds of actions are expected.

Stay out of it
The rec centers have helped thousands of children and adults to be involved with others by participating in games and learning new skills. I’m sure that over the years they have learned how to run the department without any outside help from one who knows nothing about operating the organization. I guess there will always be some parents who think their child has been ignored in some way or another. Learning begins at home. Most coaches at the rec center only have two hours a week to work with a team to teach them to play together as a team. Parents, step up and teach your child how to throw a basketball, kick a soccer ball or hit a baseball. That shouldn’t be too hard. You have them the other 166 hours. Constantly making unfounded accusations and disrupting others can get you banned from  rec center activities. Leave these volunteers and employees alone. Thank you, rec center, for being there.

Helping out
I would like to thank the young woman who paid $20 on my account at Walmart for me. I really appreciated what she did. There are not many people like her and I want to thank her.

Open to all?
Regarding the church that opened at the movie theater, is it reserved or is it available to other churches to use for events? Is it free or is there a paid contract? If it is offered to one group, it should be available to other churches. Does insurance cover if anything happens if it is used for something other than the movie theater?
Editor’s note: Call the theater management and ask them. The theater is available for rent for seminars and other events.

As the World Turns
I was reading these two Hotline articles. The lady didn’t say she wouldn’t wait on you. She said she wouldn’t talk to you. She didn’t say anything ugly. If you are a Christian, you shouldn’t care what she said. You would be praying for her. She didn’t cause you any trouble. She didn’t do anything to you. I work at a pharmacy. Go ahead and tattle. I hate to tell you, she doesn’t have to wait on you. The manager will take her side. People that work in a pharmacy have feelings too. Keep getting your medicine there. I’m sure she doesn’t care. I didn’t read that she wanted you to quit coming but she doesn’t have to talk to you and start acting like a Christian.
Editor’s note: No more calls about the pharmacy situation, please.

How will it work?
When you make the 20 million people appear legal now, where are they going to work? There are no jobs here now. My other question is, the ones that are 62 years and older, when they sign up to draw money, where is their money going to come from? They have never paid a cent into a fund. Who will fund that project?

Not welcome
Regarding the call “prison mix-up” and the economic impact in the area, let me look into my crystal ball. I see families of the prisoners moving into the area and possibly receiving welfare. I see more crime and the people who get out of jail will move in the area, too. More welfare. Great economic impact.

Professional at work
I would first like to say that Janice Vaughn does an unbelievable job as a postal employee. She is the most professional, courteous employee I have ever seen. To those there to actually do post office business, imagine how we feel when we are standing in line behind people that are there to get money orders. Perhaps if the people that were there to get money orders would either a) control their finances well enough to afford a bank account; or b) go to some other establishment to purchase their money orders, she could be able to perform her post office duties a little bit quicker.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Excessive welfare
President Obama wants same-sex couples to have the same benefits as opposite-sex couples. I would agree with him when his same sex couples produce a baby between them. Also, to the person who wrote about the excessive welfare program, and wondered how we got in this situation, it is simple: we got there by voting for too many Democrats.

Go younger
Regarding the Grayson County Schools budget, they need to think about the retirement benefits and what they have paid the ones that have taken retirement and then brought them back in at what they left at. They need to get rid of the ones that are able to retire. Give the younger people a chance to get in there and work. Get rid of the costly people and give the poor people and the working man a decent raise. Give the cafeteria staff back their allowance for clothing or shoes and give the teachers that work so hard that are there for the children, not just a paycheck, not just to look over the kids and tell them what they can and can’t do. I’m sure there are plenty of places we could cut.

Spring is here
I saw in the paper several months ago where the Town of Independence purchased new banners for the spring and fall. That’s all well and good, but the Christmas banners are still up and I am calling on March 15. I have not driven through any other town where I have seen “season’s greetings” and Christmas banners up in March. If the new banners are here, they need to be put up. If not, something needs to be done. It is an embarrassment to the town and to visitors that are driving through Independence.

Iams, I am
The only commercial that I like to see is that one that says, “I am an Iams dog.” The rest of the commercials to me are just plain stupid.

Lonesome duty?
As a concerned taxpayer from Hillsville, it appears to me there are times that there is only one police officer on duty. What I am concerned about is, is the town adequately protected when only one officer is on duty?

Mongo is Irish
Mongo want to wish all Hotline callers Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Mongo know he Irish because every spring Mongo’s teeth turn green. Mongo leave [columnist] Todd Jennings a present. Mongo hope him enjoy with plenty of buttered popcorn. Maybe one day me walk to Dugspur. We watch Johnny Quest and maybe Scooby Doo.

Weak signal
I find it laughable that a sheriff would comment on the promising use of drugs and law enforcement when his deputies carry portable radios that cannot be picked up by dispatchers in certain parts of the county. If he is concerned about keeping his deputies safe, maybe he should first improve radio frequencies in his own county so if a deputy sheriff’s safety is in peril, he can effectively communicate that danger to the dispatcher on his radio.

Making money
As a Carroll County taxpayer, I would like to know more about the growth of the government. Particularly the administration for Carroll County, when they are facing a $1.6 million budget deficit. It seems like they have grown tremendously. I was wondering if somebody could look at exactly how many people are employed in Carroll County under the administrator’s control. It seems to be out of proportion with the growth in Carroll or anywhere else. I hope the supervisors will take a close look at who is generating the revenue and who is simply spending that. We need to concentrate more efforts on generating the revenue, whether it is helping the treasurer’s office or something along those lines. Concentrate the efforts there rather than on the spending.

Looking for help
In regard to the “pay your way” in the March 13-14 hotline, yes I am getting food stamps. Yes, my son gets Medicaid and, yes, I have tattoos and earrings. I also am a recovering alcoholic. I only get to work two days a week and, yes, I need help on my light bill. A lot of help, because I was only getting to work. I pay taxes just as much as everyone else. I pray to God every night for help. How about you? I have no one that can help me on my light bill. I have never used drugs. Yes, I am looking for a new job.