Readers' Hotline 3/21/12

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Many bloodlines
I read in the Hotline about other months and take your pick. I must have hit it pretty good because I am Irish, German, Cherokee and I think I have some Scot in there too. So, who are the true Americans if we are all made up of so many different bloodlines? Who are we?

Team basketball
A local high school basketball team should receive kudos for an excellent season. In regard to the call about the abundance of talent on one local team, I could not agree more. If the focus for the season would have been on team basketball, instead of the promotion of one player, the team would have been better prepared for success at the regional level.

Time on his hands
This call is about the television listings that are no longer part of the newspaper. My son is incarcerated and he really looked forward to getting the guide because they have a TV and don’t show a guide or nothing. They don’t have access to the Internet. He really enjoyed it and now he is missing it.

Burden of proof
I was calling in reference to those calling for drug testing of welfare recipients. It is an absolute shame it got shot down. I recently had to re-do my license, which means I had to go into the DMV with my birth certificate. Would it be so tough for them to ask for a birth certificate from everybody that comes in there to make sure illegal aliens don’t get welfare benefits they aren’t subject to? They are robbing from people that really need it.

Do you want some empty beer cans? Walk the east end of Terrace Lane. Thirty or 40 are on the side of the road.

Nothing’s free
The economy must be worse than I thought if a local restaurant is now charging for water with your meals.

In response to Hotline call “texting away,” check the cell phone records, baby. It was a teacher, not an aide.

Not all that dangerous
I’m calling in regard to the “might blow up” comment. Somebody is misinformed, because we are pumping crude oil through the pipeline they turned down and not gas or fuel oil. It wouldn’t be any more dangerous to the air than driving a regular vehicle. We have to get oil with trucks up and down the road, that will ruin the air. You are getting misinformed by somebody.